“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one-page”

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one-page” once said by a famous philosopher Augustine of hippo. Why traveling has become so much relevant nowadays? Is a foreign land just another land or does it offer something that someone’s home doesn’t? Without further ado, here are some of the things why I think travel is imperative in life.

1. Travel is the most advanced form of education:

travel education

If you want to get smarter quicker, go traveling. Many new sorts of interconnected bits of knowledge are merged in a travel experience. People get to see new places, new cultures, and new ways of life that are exotic from where you belong. Traveling experience gives you a detailed insight that you cannot get otherwise. The people traveling always develop a more profound understanding of life.

2. It exposes you to new ideas

travel idea

Most of the things today that we believe are conditioned upon how the media portrays it, just because people are from different geography, that they have different skin colors, and worship different gods doesn’t suggest that the people don’t have emotions as we do. In our traveling experiences, we found that most people are welcoming and they will share with you what they have. So traveling can change your entire worldview.

3. Travelling makes you independent

travel independent

In this day and age parents are becoming more overprotective about their children. Traveling is very crucial for your personal growth. It helps you to be self-sufficient. Traveling makes you feel who you are, Exploring the world changes your whole mindset and makes you more confident.

4. It takes you out of your comfort zone

travel comfort zone

Traveling is all about leaving the order and venturing towards the unknown. Getting out of your regular life, and traveling towards the unknown is not easy. How far into the unknown are you willing to go?  The more further you go the more it gives you a detailed insight into life. 

5. It inspires you

travel inspire

One of the main reasons that people travel is just because life on the road is marvelous. You load up the gear and hit the road to go spend times with the people that inspire you in the places that inspire you. The last thing you want from coming back from your trip is to have never spoken to anyone new and heard their inspiring stories.

6. It helps to reduce stress

travel stress

Life is complicated, with so much pressure on ourselves sometimes it takes a lot for us to get going. Somehow getting away from it for some time helps us overcome our stress. When you are on a vacation it gives you freedom from your restless schedule, freedom for your responsibilities, and freedom from your anxieties for some time. Despite justifying ourselves of whatever we are stressed out about we could just go on an adventure and escape it for some time.

7. Making memories

travel memories

Memories are one thing that money can’t buy. At some point in life, we will just find ourselves left with just our memories. Memories are probably the last things that we give up before we die. People who travel have the most amazing memories to share because they have met people, they have seen places, they have been through amazing experiences, and they have stories to tell.

8. It makes you more social


In today’s digital world, people are busy making friends on social media rather than in real life. This has made our generation excessively boring. Traveling makes you go outdoors and have a real-life conversation with people, this helps you develop your social skills. Travelling teaches you to be social, talk to people you don’t know, and learn from them.

Traveling makes you feel who you are and provides a fantastic opportunity to learn new things. While traveling, you are exposed to the world and you just don’t learn about new places and new people you also learn to relate with them. 

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Manoj Karki
Manoj Karki is contributing as a travel content writer at AviaTech Channel. Professionally, he is a Senior Test Automation Engineer, and currently works/lives in Finland. He has traveled almost all European Countries, and major U.S. cities. He loves both aviation, and travel so, shares valuable content with our readers.


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