Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is one of the major international airports in the United States that serves the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. The airport sits at an elevation of 36 ft (11m) AMSL, and is the primary hub for American Airlines, and UPS. Besides, it is also a focus city for Frontier Airlines.

Over 18 commercial airlines including domestic, and foreign carriers operate regular flights to and from PHL covering various domestic, and international destinations.

If you are traveling via PHL Airport, you might be searching for the best, and cheap airport parking in Philadelphia. To assist you, we have prepared this article that could be helpful for finding the best parking spots. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Airport Parking in Philadelphia

Airport Parking in Philadelphia

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) offers parking lots, garages, offsite parking, bicycle access, economy parking, AAdvantage Aviator Parking, and other parking options. The airport parking facilities are handled by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Visitors, and passengers can use short-term parking, garage parking, long-term parking, charging stations, and also access various offsite parking spots located nearby the airport.

Philadelphia Airport Parking Garage, and Lots

There are lots of parking spaces available in the PHL airport that include Short Term Parking, Garage Parking, and Economy Lot Parking.

The Short Term, and Garage Parking spaces are located on the Ground Level, and Upper Levels of the airport terminal respectively. Vehicles exceeding the height of 6’2” are not allowed in the short term, and garage parking. Besides, overnight parking is not permitted in Short-Term Parking.

Philadelphia Airport Parking Rates (Garage Parking, and Short-Term Parking)

TIMEShort-Term Parking (Ground Level)Garage Parking (Upper Levels)
Up to ½ hours$5$5
Up to 1 hour$7$7
Up to 1.5 hours$9$9
Up to 2 hours$12$12
Up to 2.5 hours$14$14
Up to 3 hours$17$17
Up to 3.5 hours$20$20
Up to 4 hours$28$28
Up to 24 hours$48 $28
Daily Fee (Per 24 hours, 96 hours, and more)$48$20
Note: Oversized specially equipped vehicles for wheelchairs that are unable to enter the garages will be charged the less expensive Garage rate in C, D, E or F Short-Term (ground level of garages) for visits less than 24 hours.

Philadelphia Airport Parking Rates for AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard holders

There is also an exclusive, and special discount for AAdvantage members holding AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard. The AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard parking area is located within Garage B on the lower level at the PHL Airport parking facility.

Mastercard holders receive up to 20% lower rates for standard short-term parking at the airport.

AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard Parking
TIMEShort-Term Parking (Ground Level)
Up to ½ hours$4
Up to 1 hour$7
Up to 1.5 hours$7
Up to 2 hours$9
Up to 2.5 hours$11
Up to 3 hours$13
Up to 3.5 hours$16
Up to 4 hours$22
Up to 24 hours$38 
philadelphia airport parking map aviatechchannel
Airport Parking in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Airport Economy Parking Lot

The Economy Parking at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) was closed previously but now has reopened with limited availability. The economy parking lot at PHL can be accessed via the entrance on Island Avenue. 

The availability is limited so, the Economy Parking lot offers service on a first come, first served basis. Passengers receive complimentary shuttle bus services for drop-off and pick-up at all PHL terminals 24 hours a day.

Economy lot also offers some complimentary services such as flat-tire service, battery jump starts, auto lockout service, and lost vehicle locator. The flat rate of parking at the Economy lot is $15.00 daily (up to 24 hours) including all applicable taxes, and fees.

Vehicles exceeding 9,000 lbs GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), buses, trailers, and semis are not allowed to park in the Economy Parking lot.

Philadelphia Airport Parking Availability

There are lots of parking spaces available at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). You can check the availability of the parking lots via the airport’s official website.

How to find cheap Parking at Philadelphia Airport?

We have already explored the parking rates at PHL Airport, however, if you are searching for cheap parking options, you might need to search for offsite parking nearby the airport area.

You can find various short-term, and long-term private parking lots located in close proximity to Philadelphia Airport. Colonial Airport Parking, WallyPark, The Parking Spot, Express Park South, Smart Park, Park n Fly, Jet Stream Parking, and Park & Jet Airport Parking are some of the major off-site parking near PHL.


Find Cheap Parking rates with Airport Parking Reservations

For the best, and cheaper rates, you can search for nearby parking spaces that offer amazing deals. Airport Parking Reservations is one of the useful websites to find great deals on airport parking.

Just visit and select departure airport along with Parking Check-in and Check-out date. Once you click the ‘Search’ button, the system will display various parking offers. In addition to the cheap parking options, Airport Parking Reservations also provides the best value with Hotel and Parking Package.

airport parking reservations aviatechchannel
Airport Parking in Philadelphia

In this example, we are selecting Philadelphia Airport (PHL) as our Departure airport with a check-in date of October 5 and October 20 for the check-out. After clicking the ‘Search’ button, you will find parking places with a discounted rate.

cheap parking at phl airport aviatechchannel
Airport Parking in Philadelphia

Here in the screenshot, PHL Park & Ride is offering a 44 percent discount which makes it $8.99 per day from $15.99. It is just 4 miles away, and provides free shuttle services to the airport. 

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Conclusion on Airport Parking in Philadelphia

We explored parking options with rates, parking types, and availability at the Philadelphia International Airport. The parking locations available at the airport are Garage Parking, Economy Parking Lot, AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard parking area, and various offsite parking spaces. 

For cheaper airport parking, you can visit the Airport Parking Reservations to get amazing deals. 

FAQs on Airport Parking in Philadelphia

How much does it cost to park at Philadelphia International Airport?

The airport parking rates at Philadelphia International Airport range from $5 per ½ hour to $48 per day depending on the parking locations. The daily fee for Short-term parking is $48 while it is $28 for Garage Parking.

How much does it cost to park at Philadelphia Airport for a week?

If you park your vehicle at Garage Parking for a week, the total cost would be $196. You can get cheaper rates at offsite parking locations.

Where do you park when flying out of Philadelphia Airport?

If you are flying out of Philadelphia Airport, you can park your vehicle at Garage Parking as short-term parking lots don’t allow overnight parking. Besides, you can park at nearby offsite parking spaces for cheaper rates.

Is the Philadelphia Airport Economy Parking open?

The Economy Parking lot at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) was closed previously however, it is reopened now with limited availability. The economy parking lot serves on a first-come, first-served basis.

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