Alaska Airlines is among the major airlines in the United States and operates flights to various destinations. It is the sixth-largest airline in North America in terms of passengers flown, fleet capacity, and the number of destinations covered. The official headquarters of Alaska is located in SeaTac, Washington. 

The airline currently operates flights via five operating bases: Los Angeles, Anchorage, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle/Tacoma. Also, San Diego and San Jose are the focus cities.

As per the fleet is concerned, Alaska Airlines currently owns over 329 aircraft consisting of Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737-9 MAX, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-900. Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-700, Bombardier Q400 and Embraer 175.

There are four types of cabin services offered by Alaska and they are Saver Fare, Main Cabin, Premium Class, and First Class. Today, we will discover Alaska Airlines Premium Class with its features, seating experience, baggage allowance, in-flight entertainment, food, and much more.

About Alaska Airlines Premium Class

Premium Class is the second-highest level of cabin service offered by Alaska Airlines after First Class. Premium Class is specially introduced as an enhanced version of Main Cabin featuring priority boarding and added legroom.

With Premium Class, passengers can relax comfortably with extra legroom, board and deplane early, enjoy complimentary beverages and get early access to overhead storage.

Now, let’s explore more about Alaska Premium Class cabin service.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Benefits

Being a new benchmark for accessible luxury, the Premium Class cabin service on Alaska flights offers various perks and benefits.

Spacious Seats with Extra Legroom

Premium Class seats on Alaska flights offer 4 inches more legroom than standard Main Cabin seats due to which passengers enjoy more comfort during their flight.

Priority Boarding and Deplaning

Premium Class passengers board, access overhead bin space, and deplane early.


Complimentary Drinks

As a Premium Class passenger, you can enjoy various complimentary beverages including hot, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic drinks.

Free in-flight entertainment

You can enjoy free in-flight entertainment on Alaska Airlines flights with free movies and TV shows.

Pre-order Food

Premium Class customers can pre-order meals including a limited number of fruit & cheese platters available on flights above 1,100 miles.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Seats

alaska airlines premium class seats aviatechchannel

Premium Class seats on Alaska Airlines are built to offer extra legroom of up to 4 inches more than the standard Main Cabin seats. The seats are equipped with a redesigned practical cup holder that can handle your complimentary drinks.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Seat Map

The seating chart or arrangement depends upon the aircraft type and requirements of the airlines. Alaska Airlines operates a fleet manufactured by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer. So, the seating arrangement is different on various aircraft models.

Let’s look at the seating chart of the Boeing 737-800.


Alaska Airlines B737-800 series aircraft is equipped with 147 Recaro leather seats with added personal space, Boeing’s award-winning Sky interior, in-flight internet, power outlets, and so on. Talking about the seating arrangement, it features 12 First Class seats, 30 Premium Class seats, and 117 Main Cabin Seats.

Premium Class seats on B737-800 are arranged in 3-3 configurations as you can see in the seating layout in the image above.

alaska airlines airbus a320 214 seatmap aviatechchannel

Likewise, if you observe the Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-214 seating configuration you will find 12 First Class, 24 Premium Class and 114 Main Cabin seats. The Premium Class seating configuration is 3-3.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Baggage Allowance

Alaska passengers can carry 3 checked bags for free with a weight limitation of 50 lbs (23 kgs) and a maximum dimension of 62 inches (157 cms) including Length+Width+Height if they are flying within the state of Alaska as per the airline baggage policy.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Checked Bags

As a Premium Class passenger, you are required to pay US$30 for the first bag, US$40 for the second bag, and US$100 for the third bag. Each bag must not weigh more than 50 lbs (23 kgs) and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 62 inches (157 cms) including Length+width+height.

The passengers are required to pay an additional charge of US$100 per bag if they carry more than 2 checked bags. Also, US$100 is applicable to those passengers carrying overweight bags (51-100 lbs) and US$100 for bags with a linear dimension of 63 inches to 115 inches. 

(If a checked bag falls into more than one fee category (piece number, oversize, overweight), only the higher, single fee is charged.)

Alaska Airlines doesn’t accept baggage exceeding 100 pounds and/or 115 linear inches (Length+Width+Height) on passenger flights. In that case, customers are required to contact Alaska Air Cargo for assistance.


Alaska Airlines First Class Carry on Luggage

Alaska Airlines passengers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item (a laptop bag, briefcase or purse) for free. The size or dimension limits of the carry-on bag are 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches including the wheels and handles.

Passengers are required to measure their carry-on bag carefully before flying with Alaska and this can be done by using bag sizers at the airport locations. Also, they must ensure prohibited and restricted items are not included in the carry-on bag.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Lounge Access

Alaska Airlines Premium Class passengers don’t get complimentary access to the Alaska Lounge. Alaska Lounge services are only accessible if passengers have a valid membership card, same-day pass, or earned emerald and sapphire membership.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Food

Premium Class passengers are not provided with complimentary food however, they can enjoy various meal options by pre-ordering via the airline’s official site or mobile application. They are required to purchase foods available on flights over 7,83 miles.


Premium Class Food Menu available for Pre-order

783+ milesLesserEvil Himalayan Gold Popcorn ($2.00)
SpudLove Sea Salt Potato Chips ($2.00)
Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Almonds ($3.00)
Mediterranean Tapas Picnic Pack ($6.50)
Northwest Deli Picnic Pack ($6.50)
Kid’s Choice Picnic Pack ($6.50)
1,100+milesSignature Fruit & Cheese Plater ($8.50)
Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich ($8.50)
Fresh Start Protein Platter ($9.50)
Ginger Garlic Beef Wrap ($9.50)
Charcuterie Platter ($9.50)
Evergreens Salad ($9.50)
alaska airlines premium class food and drinks aviatechchannel
Alaska Airlines Premium Class Food and Beverages

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Drinks

Though Premium Class passengers don’t receive complimentary food, they enjoy complimentary drinks including wine, beer and other beverages on flights over 350 miles.

The available beverages and alcohol services are listed in the table below.

Starbucks Pike Place Roast Coffee
Starbucks Decaf Via
Teavana Royal English Breakfast Tea
Teavana Mint Majesty Herbal Tea
Boxed Water
Diet Coke
Ginger Ale
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Bloody Mary Mix
Tonic Water
Passion Orange Guava Juice (Available on Flights to/from Hawaii)
Anchor Brewing West Coast IPA
Full Sail Brewing Session Cerveza Lager
Intrinsic Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Intrinsic Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc
Domaine St. Vincent Sparkling Wine
JD Whiskey
Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Scotch Whisky
Cruzan RumGin
Tito’s Vodka
Five Farms Irish Cream

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Review

Alaska Airlines Premium Class is indeed a value-added proposition. Passengers appreciate the ample legroom, making long flights more bearable, and the personalized service that contributes to an overall sense of well-being. Moreover, the upgraded dining options and complimentary beverages are highlighted as strong incentives for opting for the upgrade.

However, you might find negative reviews, or mixed opinions related to Premium Class when flying with Alaska.

Let’s look at a review posted by a TripAdvisor user on Alaska Premium Class.

In a TripAdvisor review, the reviewer recounts their decision to upgrade to Alaska Airlines Premium Class from a saver fare of $99. Their concern about limited bin space and the allure of extra legroom prompted them to make the upgrade, a decision they label as their “best decision ever.”

The reviewer found the additional 4 inches of legroom to be noticeably comfortable, and though they didn’t partake in the complimentary alcoholic beverages, they appreciated the free snacks. The benefits of early boarding, ample bin space, front-of-economy seating, and overall spaciousness justified the cost for them.

Despite a flight with numerous children and pre-boarding whining, the flight itself was undisturbed, allowing the reviewer to sleep – a rare feat for them. The flight attendants received high praise for their friendliness, and the speedy baggage delivery contributed positively to the experience. The review confirms the author’s positive opinion of Alaska Airlines and suggests that obtaining an Alaska Airlines Visa credit card earlier could have added the perk of free baggage for them and their companions.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class vs First Class

First Class is the top-most cabin service offered by Alaska Airlines followed by the Premium Class. Both these classes offer enhanced comfort with extra legroom however, First Class seats look more luxurious.

First Class passengers get complimentary food and beverages including snacks, meals, breakfast, dessert, wine, beer, vodka, hot drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, and much more whereas Premium Class passengers are provided with complimentary beverages only and they need to purchase meal options.

Premium Class passengers don’t get complimentary access to Alaska Lounge but First Class passengers get Lounge access and are served by a dedicated flight attendant. Talking about the baggage allowance, First Class passengers can carry up to 2 checked bags for free whereas Premium Class passengers are required to pay $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second bag, and $100 for the third bag.

Conclusion on Alaska Airlines Premium Class

Alaska Airlines Premium Class cabin service is the enhanced and extended version of the Main Cabin service that offers up to 4 inches of extra legroom, priority boarding, complimentary beverages, and early access to overhead storage.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Whether or not Alaska Airlines Premium Class is worth the upgrade depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are tall or have long legs, the extra legroom in Premium Class can be a major plus. The complimentary drinks and priority boarding are also nice perks. However, if you are on a tight budget or don’t mind the standard economy class experience, then the upgrade may not be worth it for you.

The question that lingers in the minds of prospective passengers is whether the upgrade to Alaska Airlines Premium Class is truly worth the investment. The answer, as with any upgrade, varies based on individual preferences and circumstances.

If comfort, personalized service, and an enhanced culinary experience are paramount to your journey, then the upgrade is likely to align perfectly with your expectations. Additionally, for those seeking a taste of luxury without committing to a First Class fare, Premium Class offers an enticing compromise.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Premium Class worth it on Alaska Airlines?

Premium Class offers up to 4 inches of extra legroom than the standard Main Cabin class. Passengers get priority boarding, deboarding, and early access to overhead storage. In addition, they enjoy complimentary beverages including beer, wine, and cocktails.

What is the difference between Premium and First Class on Alaska Airlines?

The major difference between the Premium Class and First Class on Alaska Airlines is the features and benefits. First Class offers spacious seats with luxurious design and passengers are served by a dedicated flight attendant. Another major difference is that Premium Class passengers get complimentary drinks only whereas First Class passengers get complimentary food and beverages also.

What do you get for Premium on Alaska?

You will get 4 inches of extra legroom, priority boarding, early deplaning, complimentary beverages and early access to overhead storage bins with Alaska Airlines Premium Class.

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