Have you ever looked up at the sky and dreamed of traveling the world? Imagine getting paid to do just that, all while providing exceptional service to passengers on board a flight. If this sounds like a dream job to you, then you may want to consider becoming a Flight Attendant for United Airlines.

As one of the largest airlines in the world, United Airlines offers exciting opportunities for individuals who are passionate about travel, customer service, and safety.

In this article, we will explore the steps required to become a United Airlines Flight Attendant and provide tips on how to succeed in the highly competitive application process. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff as we guide you through your journey to becoming a United Airlines Flight Attendant.

Before knowing the requirements, processes, salary, and other information on becoming a United Airlines Flight attendant, let us find out some basic information about the airline.

About United Airlines

United Airlines is a major airline company headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. As per the fleet size, the carrier is the third-largest airline in the world operating flights to numerous domestic and international destinations.

United Airlines operates flights to almost 238 domestic and 118 international destinations in 48 countries from its hub at maintained at 8 different airports in the United States.

The hub airports are:

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport 
  • Houston-Intercontinental 
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Newark
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Washington Airport
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Talking about the fleet, United Airlines operates its flight with over 834 aircraft manufactured by the Boeing Company and Airbus. Boeing 737, Boeing 787, and Airbus A320 are the major aircraft operated by the airline. Besides, the airline has already ordered Boeing 737 MAX 10, and Airbus A321neos.

How to become a United Airlines Flight Attendant?

You are required to fulfill educational, physical, and various other skills to apply for a United Airlines Flight Attendant job.

So, let’s find out the requirements to join United Airlines as a Flight Attendant.

Minimum Requirements for United Airlines Flight Attendant

  • The required minimum age is 21 years
  • Applicants must obtain authorization to work in the United States without restriction
  • Authorization to travel worldwide is also required
  • Applicants mustn’t possess any visible tattoos or piercings
  • Must be motivated, and committed to offering excellent service
  • Customer Service experience is a plus point
  • Knowledge of good grooming is a must

Physical Requirements

  • A good level of health and fitness is required
  • The minimum height requirement is between 5ft and 2 inches
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) must be normal
  • Applicants must be able to succeed in medical tests that include sight and hearing tests
  • Swimming capability up to 50 meters is required

Processes for applying for United Airlines Flight Attendant

Candidates need to go through various processes to join the United Airlines Flight Attendant job. 

  • First, you must find flight attendant vacancies on United Airlines’ official website. If you meet the requirement mentioned in the vacancy announcement, you can apply online by filling up the application form.
  • After screening your application form, the Human Resources department or the concerned authority of the airline will select you for further steps, including an initial interview and final evaluation.
  • United Airlines’ concerned department conducts an initial interview at one of the major cities where the airlines operate.

The candidates passing the initial interview will be called for final evaluation in the Executive offices either in Chicago or Houston. The final evaluation is done to verify all the capabilities including physical examination, skill tests, aviation product knowledge, and much more.

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United Airlines Flight Attendant Training Program

After passing the final evaluation, you will be eligible for an 8-week initial flight training program at the United Airline’s Flight Attendant Training Center in Chicago, Illinois. The training is free and accommodation is also provided.

The training program covers various aspects of flight attendants including training flights, classroom work, homework, aviation product knowledge, and so on. 

The main focus of the initial flight attendant training program is to provide aircraft familiarization, food and beverage service, emergency procedures, and first-aid training.

As a participant of the United Airlines Flight Attendant Training Program, you need to pass the written examination and practical evaluation to get your dream to fly a reality.

United Airlines Flight Attendant Work Schedule

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The newly selected flight attendants at United Airlines are assigned reserve flying status which means they must be able to fly at all times with on-call issuance. The airline can notify flight attendants within as little as 4 hours for the reserve flying.

United Airlines Flight Attendant Salary

As per the airline policy, a fresh United Airline Flight Attendant can earn an average of $23.23 per hour. More earning opportunity is also available for hard-working cabin crews.

Besides basic salary, flight attendants get the following benefits working with United Airlines.

  • Flexible Working hours
  • Proper Basic Salary
  • 410 (k) Program
  • Travel Opportunities and discounts for airline staff and their families
  • Employee Discount Scheme
  • Health service plans
  • Various Bonus including Productivity and Attendance bonus
  • Training and career development opportunities

United Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform

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United Airlines Uniform Standards

  • Wear only current uniform articles issued by United-approved vendors.
  • The fit of the uniform must reflect a professional appearance. Extreme styles are not permitted.
  • Unapproved alterations, such as cuffs or tapering of the uniform pants, are not permitted.
  • The uniform must be clean, pressed, neat, and in good repair.
  • Follow the specific care instructions included on the label inside each garment.
  • Basic undergarments are required and must be an appropriate color.
  • Personal hygiene must be maintained. Perfumes and colognes must be applied sparingly.
  • The uniform or any identifiable part of the uniform may not be worn into an establishment where
  • alcoholic beverages are sold or served. This rule does not preclude entering an establishment for a meal
  • service when other suitable places are not available.
  • Tattoos must never be visible while in uniform.
  • Chewing gum when in uniform is not permitted.
  • International uniform appearance standards apply when the premium cabin service is United Global
  • FirstSM and/or United BusinessFirst®. Domestic standards apply when the premium cabin service is United
  • First®, United Business® and on p.s.® flights. Refer to Cabin Classes in the FAIM or P&P manuals.
  • Compliance with these standards is the responsibility of each flight attendant. The final compliance
  • direction is determined by Inflight Services leadership.

The latest news on United Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring

Despite the heavy impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry, various airlines started laying off their staff. Pilots, Cabin Crews, engineers, flight dispatchers, ground handling workers, and many other staff lost their jobs following the adverse impact of the pandemic.

In such a scenario, United Airlines has become the latest airline to begin recruiting new flight attendants. In August 2021, the airline sought as many as 800 trainee flight attendants. Currently, United Airlines is regularly recruiting new Flight Attendants.

The job vacancies are available at the hub airports in Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Newark, San Francisco, or Dulles, Washington.

United Airlines requires full proof of COVID-19 vaccination so, you need to be ready with your vaccination proof to apply for the United Airline Flight Attendant job.

Conclusion on Becoming a United Airlines Flight Attendant

Becoming a United Airlines Flight Attendant is a rewarding and exciting career path for those who are passionate about aviation, travel, customer service, and working in a team-oriented environment. To become a Flight Attendant at United Airlines, you must meet the minimum requirements, complete the application process, and successfully pass the interview and training phases.

Aspiring Flight Attendants should be prepared to demonstrate excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to safety and customer service. It’s important to research the airline’s culture and values, dress professionally, and be confident and enthusiastic during the hiring process.

With dedication and perseverance, becoming a United Airlines Flight Attendant can lead to a fulfilling career with opportunities for personal and professional growth. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of becoming a United Airlines Flight Attendant and embark on a rewarding journey in the aviation industry.

How much does United Airlines Flight Attendant make?

Newer United Airlines Flight Attendant make almost $24 per hour. The salary gets increment with experience and various training.

Is it hard to become a United flight attendant?

If you are a passionate person to pursue a career as a flight attendant, nothing is complicated. You need to go through various examinations and training throughout your selection journey. Obviously, the tests are difficult however, you can pass easily if you have greater enthusiasm.

Do flight attendants have a good life?

Yes, flight attendants do have a good life but it depends upon your perception. If you enjoy your life as a traveler, and explorer, and serve passengers with kindness, you have a great life ahead.

Is United a good airline to work for?

United Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world that operates flights with over 800 aircraft.

Is it hard to become a Flight Attendant for United Airlines?

Becoming a Flight Attendant for United Airlines can be a competitive process, and it requires meeting several qualifications and completing a rigorous training program. However, whether it is “hard” or not depends on individual circumstances and personal qualifications.

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