We all expect and want to get the world free from this difficult situation. So we are responsible for now to have
great patience to sustain ourselves and have a positive determination towards our working culture.

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industry and many sectors are interrelated with it. In today’s context, the majority of people are employed in this industry and still high in demand. Some of the countries are fully dependent upon this industry for their economic growth and development. The whole world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic situation and trying to overcome this critical issue reliably whereas the tourism industry currently having a difficult situation resulting in a harsh time for a successful business.

Where the tourism industry is badly affected?

The industry covers a large area with billions of dollars of investment in different sectors i.e. Hotels Resorts, Restaurants, Airlines, Travel Agencies, Entertainments, Events Management, Fun parks, and so on. The people engaged in those sectors are compelled to shut down their places resulting in no business at all creating a jobless


Is it resulting in huge unemployment?

Yes, several people were jobless and had to leave their job because of the current situation. The pandemic crisis has resulted in many travel businesses losing significant revenue and laying off staff, while some have continued shouldering the ongoing costs for the uncertain future.

Where it stands now?

The tourism industry bearing huge loss financially is having different problems in surviving in this epic environment. The daily operations cannot be started without efficient precautions and proper management. The main thing is to reduce the crowd in the area and maintaining social distancing in the workplace. Tourists are also scared of the Corona virus and skipping their travel plans for a year which directly affects this tourism industry.

Are tourists willing to travel as the situation is getting normal?

Most of the travelers who were planning to visit different places are bound to skip their plans because of the Covid-19. In today’s context, most frequent travelers are looking for budget travel and try to reduce their overall expenses during their visit is a specific and pre-planned budget trip. For now, it is really difficult to acquire the minimalistic budget traveling as the increase in Airfares, Hotel Rooms, Dining rates, etc. Also, people are concerned about their health and still terrified by this pandemic environment resulting million people died; want to step behind and stay at home.

What are the precautions needed to be followed for resuming the tourism industry?

The tourism industry is focusing seriously to take different measures to start their business. Most of the hotels and restaurants are adopting the social circle method where the circle is drawn on the floor in distance for maintaining social distancing. The workers must be trained about personal hygiene and methods to prevent the virus from conducting seminars. The hospitality industry needs to have a motto “To protect yourself and to protect others” to run their operations. Both the workers & Tourists must be aware of the condition and follow it strictly for self-benefit.

How long will it take to get normal?

Well, it is very hard to point the certainty of the normal tourism industry in the coming days but as far now seeing the current scenario it might take a while to overcome this situation can be extended a year for recovery. The traveling is possible only when the Transportation facility resumes normally. The transportation companies are closed and it’s even more difficult to open up the main gateway channel for tourism. Hence it’s still unknown to have a time frame for a proper continuation of the tourism industry as normal before.


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