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Whether you’re planning your dream vacation or you’ve just returned from an unforgettable journey with Emirates, we understand that sometimes you may have questions or need assistance.

That’s why we’ve crafted this simple and easy-to-follow guide to help you connect with Emirates Customer Service.

What is the best way to contact Emirates customer service?

To get in touch with Emirates customer service, the ideal method depends on your particular requirements and preferences. Consider the following options:


  • Help Center: Emirates provides a comprehensive Help Center on its website (link) where you can find answers to common questions and self-service options for managing your booking. This is suitable for straightforward inquiries or if you prefer resolving issues independently.
  • Live Chat: For further assistance, utilize the live chat feature on the Help Center for real-time communication with a customer service representative.


  • International Toll-Free Numbers: Emirates offers toll-free numbers in various countries. Find the relevant number for your country on their website (link). This option is beneficial when you prefer direct communication, especially for complex or urgent inquiries.
  • US Numbers: If you’re calling from the US, contact Emirates at 1-800-777-3999 for voice calls or 1-888-320-1576 for text telephone (TTY).

Social Media:

  • Twitter: Reach out to Emirates via their dedicated customer service Twitter account (@emirateshelp) through direct messages for a quick response.
  • Facebook: While Emirates has a Facebook page where you can send messages, note that Twitter might be more efficient for customer service inquiries.


  • Contact Form: Fill out a contact form on the Emirates website (link) for non-urgent inquiries when you need time to gather necessary information.

Additional Tips:

  • Have your booking reference number or ticket number ready to facilitate quick access to your information.
  • Clearly and concisely state your inquiry. The more specific you are, the faster they can assist.
  • Exercise patience, as customer service lines may be busy, requiring you to wait on hold.

How do I contact Emirates customer service in the US?

If you’re located in the US and need to get in touch with Emirates customer service, you have several avenues:


  • For voice calls, dial the toll-free number: 1-800-777-3999.
  • If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, use the Text Telephone (TTY) by dialing 1-888-320-1576.


  • Explore the Help Center on the Emirates website (link) for answers to common questions, booking management, and real-time assistance through the live chat feature.
  • For less urgent inquiries, fill out a contact form on the website, making sure to include your booking reference number or ticket number.

Social Media:

  • On Twitter, send a direct message to @emirateshelp for assistance.
  • Alternatively, you can message Emirates on their Facebook page, though Twitter may be more efficient for customer service inquiries.

How do I communicate with Emirates?

The most effective way to get in touch with Emirates varies based on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following options, taking into account different factors:


  • For immediate assistance, opt for the phone:
    • US Toll-free: Call 1-800-777-3999 (voice) or 1-888-320-1576 (text telephone).
    • International Toll-free: Locate the specific number for your country on their website: Emirates Customer Service.
  • For non-urgent matters, utilize the website:

Communication Method Preference:

  • Phone: Direct communication with a representative.
  • Website: Convenient self-service options and live chat.
  • Email: Detailed communication but with a slower response.
  • Social Media: Send quick messages via Twitter (@emirateshelp) or Facebook (Messenger).

Additional Options:

  • Live Chat: Accessible on the Help Center during select hours.
  • Twitter: Send direct messages to @emirateshelp.
  • Facebook: Send messages through their Facebook page.
  • Emirates Offices: Visit in person if located near one.

How long do Emirates take to reply to complaints?

Emirates’ response time to complaints varies based on factors like complaint complexity, communication method, and current workload. General expectations are:

  • Simple complaints: Within a few days.
  • Moderate complaints: 1-2 weeks.
  • Complex complaints: Up to 4 weeks or longer.

These are estimates, and actual response times may vary. To expedite resolution:

  • Clearly state your complaint with relevant details.
  • Follow up politely if there’s no response within the expected timeframe.
  • Be patient, recognizing that complex issues may take time to resolve.

Do Emirates have an email address?

Emirates does not provide a single, publicly available email address for general inquiries or complaints. However, various email contact options are available based on your specific needs:

For Specific Issues:

  • Refund Requests: Submit a refund request form on the Emirates website, which automatically generates an email to the relevant department.
  • Tax Invoice Requests: Utilize the tax invoice request form on the website, which also triggers an email.
  • Feedback or Complaints: Complete a complaint form on the website, sending an email detailing your concern to Emirates.
  • Data Access Request Form: If you wish to access your personal data stored by Emirates, submit the Data Access Request Form.

For General Inquiries:

  • Contact Form: Fill out a general inquiry form on the website, initiating an email to Emirates customer service.
  • Local Emirates Offices: Some local Emirates offices may have their own listed email addresses on the Emirates website.

Does Emirates have WhatsApp?

Emirates does provide support through WhatsApp! This serves as a convenient channel for travelers seeking assistance before, during, and after their flights. Here are the details:

WhatsApp Number:

  • US Toll-free: +1 800 777 3999
  • International: Regional WhatsApp numbers can be found on the Emirates website or by reaching out to their local office.

Can I chat with Emirates?

Absolutely! You have several options to connect with Emirates, depending on your preferences and needs:

  1. Website Live Chat:

For real-time communication with an Emirates representative, the website live chat is the most convenient option. Visit the Emirates Help Center: Look for the “Live Chat” button and initiate your conversation.

  1. WhatsApp:

Ideal for those who prefer a familiar and easily accessible platform. Send a message to Emirates’ WhatsApp number:

  • US Toll-free: +1 800 777 3999
  • International: Find regional numbers on the Emirates website or by contacting their local office.
  1. Social Media:

Send a direct message to @emirateshelp on Twitter or their Facebook page. While it may not be as efficient as live chat or WhatsApp for complex inquiries, it can be useful for quick questions.

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