Delta Air Lines is among one of the oldest airlines in operation and is also one of the biggest airlines in the United States. Delta has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and flights to various destinations across the globe with more than 860 aircraft.

At present, Delta operates with  Airbus A350, A220, A319, A320, A321, A321neo, A330, Boeing 737-900ER, B717, B737, B757, B767, Bombardier CRJ-200, CRJ-700, CRJ-900, Embraer E170 and ERJ-175.

Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York–JFK, New York–LaGuardia, Salt Lake City, and Seattle/Tacoma are the major operating bases for Delta Air Lines.

Talking about fare classes or cabin services, Delta offers Delta One, Premium Select, First Class, Comfort Plus, and Main Cabin. Today, we will particularly focus on Delta First Class with its features, benefits, baggage allowance, entertainment, food, and much more. 

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About Delta First Class Cabin Service

Delta First Class cabin service is specially designed for domestic flights and is also available for select international flights. With First Class, passengers receive various amenities and superior service including Sky Priority.

First Class passengers are served by a dedicated Delta Flight Attendant assigned to the First Class Cabin. The seats offer extra legroom and enhanced comfort throughout the entire flight.

With the short introduction, let’s learn more about the Delta First Class Cabin Service.

Delta First Class Benefits

Following are the major perks and amenities offered by the Delta First Class.

Sky Priority Service

With Sky Priority Service, passengers benefit from expedited check-in and security screening to reach their gate faster. Also, they will be invited to board first and enjoy the First Class experience.

Two Free Checked Bags

Delta First Class passengers can carry 2 free checked bags with a weight of 50 lbs (23kgs) on each bag.


Spacious Seat with Extra Legroom

First-class seats offer up to 8 inches of extra legroom compared to the Delta Main Cabin seat. In addition, the seats feature up to a 5.4 – inch recline.

Personal Service with Dedicated Flight Attendant

Every Delta First Class passenger gets personalized service including a hearty snack from a dedicated flight attendant. 

Productivity Tools

Passengers can keep their personal devices powered up during their entire flight with the availability of built-in power outlets.

Complimentary Earbuds

If you forgot your headphones on the Delta First Class flight, don’t worry because you will get complimentary earbuds manufactured by Billboard.

Delta First Class Amenity Kit

Delta First Class Cabin Service doesn’t offer an amenity kit however, passengers get complimentary earbuds from Billboard.

Delta First Class Seats

Delta First Class seats are spacious and offer additional legroom up to 8 inches. With that, passengers enjoy enhanced comfort throughout their entire flight. Also, the seats recline up to 50 percent more than the standard main cabin seat.

delta first class seats aviatechchannel

A 5.4-inch recline feature adds extra comfort and a premium travel experience. There are built-in power outlets to keep devices powered up. Furthermore, passengers can enjoy an 11-inch seatback in-flight entertainment screen on select flight routes.

Delta First Class Baggage Allowance

Delta First Class Checked Baggage

Delta First Class passengers can bring 2 checked bags for free with a weight limitation of 70 lbs (32 kgs) on each bag. Each bag must not exceed a dimensional limitation of 62 inches (157 cm) including Length + Width + Height. You can carry up to 3 checked bags for free with 70 lbs (32 kgs) weight per bag if you are a Medallion member.

Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members and various other qualifying membership holders receive additional baggage allowance. Passengers can visit Delta’s official site and use Baggage Estimate Calculator to check baggage allowances and fees. 

You must select Origin, Destination, Fare Class, Date of Purchase, Date of Travel, number of passengers, Medallions Status and Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Membership details to estimate baggage allowance and fees. After mentioning all these details, you can click the Calculate Estimate button which will display all information for your baggage requirements.

As per the Excess and Overweight Baggage policy, Delta allows up to 10 checked bags per passenger however, it might be limited due to aircraft weight limitations. Passengers are required to pay additional fees for excess and overweight bags.

Excess and Overweight Baggage Fee within the United States

3rd Checked BagUS$150 
4th-10th BagUS$200 each
Overweight BagUS$100 for 51-70 lbs (23kgs-31.75kgs)
US$200 for 71-100 lbs (32kgs-45.36kgs)
Oversized BagUS$200 for 63”-80” (161-203cms) – Length + Width + Height)
Important Note: Bags exceeding 100 lbs (45.26kgs) and larger than 80” (203cms) are strictly prohibited on all Delta Flights.

Excess and Overweight Baggage Fee For International Flights

Within the United States and CanadaUS$150 for 3rd Checked Bag
US$200 each for Bags 4 to 10
Between U.S./Canada and the CaribbeanUS$150 for 3rd Checked Bag
US$200 each for Bags 4 to 10
Between U.S./Canada/Mexico and Central America (Excluding GUA, SAL & SAP)US$150 for 3rd Checked Bag
US$200 each for Bags 4 to 10
Between U.S./Canada and MexicoUS$180 for 3rd Checked Bag
US$200 each for Bags 4 to 10
Within Mexico, Central America and the CaribbeanUS$125 for 3rd Checked Bag
US$200 each for Bags 4 to 10
Between U.S./Canada and San Pedro SULA, SAP, SAL, San SalvadorUS$200 for Bags 3-10
Between U.S./Canada and Guatemala City (GUA)US$200 for 3rd Checked Bag
US$285 each for Bags 4 to 10
Between South America (Excluding flights BSB-MCO/MIA & FOR-MCA/MIA) and U.S./Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central AmericaUS$200 each for Bags 3-10
Between North/Central/South American and Europe/North AfricaUS$285/CA$330/€240 each for Bags 3-10
Between Asia and EverywhereUS$200 for Bags 3-10
Between U.S./Canada/Mexico and TahitiUS$285 for Bags 3-10
Between Brazil and EverywhereUS$200 for Bags 3-10
All other international flightsUS$200 for Bags 3-10

Delta First Class Carry On

Delta Air Lines passengers can bring 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item for free which may include a laptop bag, a purse, a personal kit or any item of similar size. These bags must fit underneath the seat in front.

A briefcase, small backpack, camera bag, diaper bag, purse, laptop bag, or other similar kinds of personal belongings can be carried as personal items. Besides, passengers can carry a jacket, umbrella, food or drink purchased past the security checkpoint, duty-free merchandise, special items including wheelchairs, strollers, child safety seats and so on as free items in addition to their usual carry-on items.

Like checked bags, carry-on bags also have certain weight and dimension requirements. Carry-on bags must fit underneath the seat in front and the dimension must not exceed 45 linear inches (114 cm) combining Length + Width + Height. Likewise, individual length, width and height must not exceed 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (56cm x 35cm x 23cm) respectively.

There is no maximum weight limitation on Carry-on bags except for Singapore (SIN), Beijing (PEK), and Shanghai (PVG). Carry-on bags must not exceed 15 lbs (7 kgs) weight for SIN whereas they must not cross 22 lbs (10 kgs) for PEK and PVG.

Passengers must not bring prohibited or dangerous items in their carry-on bags. Liquids, pastes, gels and aerosols are allowed to a maximum of 3.4 ounces or 100 millilitres. 

Delta First Class Entertainment

Delta First Class Cabin Service features an 11-inch seatback in-flight entertainment screen on many available flight routes. Passengers can enjoy movies, TV Shows, games, music, and various other entertainment programs.

delta first class in flight entertainment aviatechchannel

Delta First Class Free Wifi

On the other hand, passengers can also connect to Delta Wi-Fi and surf the internet on their personal devices.

Passengers can connect to Delta Wi-Fi and book, change or check their flight status for free without purchasing a Delta Wi-Fi plan. Additionally, they can message via iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp for free.

However, to surf the internet, they must purchase a Wi-Fi subscription for which they can pay for Wi-Fi passes on board or ahead of their trip.

The Wi-Fi pass pricing starts at $8 per flight but passengers can purchase a monthly domestic plan for $49.95 and a monthly global plan for $69.95.

Delta First Class Access to Sky Club and Lounge Access

Delta First Class passengers don’t get free access to any Delta Sky Club locations yet, they can obtain Delta Sky Club Membership, Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card Membership, Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card Membership and various other qualifying memberships to access the Sky Club.

Delta First Class Food

Delta First Class passengers can enjoy various food and beverage options depending on the flight route and distance. Regardless of flight distance, they can always receive complimentary Starbucks coffee, wine, beer, and spirits.

The food options depending on the flight distance are illustrated in the table below.

Short Flights (900 miles)First Class Meal Boxes
Medium – Long Flights (900 miles – 2,299 miles)Chef-Curated Breakfast on departures for 5 AM to 9:45 AM flights
Lunch on 9:46 AM to 3:59 PM flights
Dinner on 4 PM to 8:59 PM flights
Selection of Snacks
Longer Flights (over 2,300 miles)Fresh Meal Service 24 hours a day including a selection of snacks
delta first class food aviatechchannel

Delta First Class Drinks

Delta First Class passengers can enjoy various complimentary drinks including wine, beer, spirits, and Starbucks Coffee.

For alcoholic beverages, the age of passengers must be over 21 years.

Delta First Class vs Delta One

Delta First Class is one of Delta’s cabin services specialized for domestic and select international flight routes. Delta One is the most premium and highest level of cabin service available on long-haul international flights and select domestic flights.

Delta One offers a premium luxury travel experience featuring a 180-degree flat-bed seat, dedicated overhead bin space, artisan-made amenity kit, in-flight bedding, chef-curated premium meals, premium beverages, Delta Sky Club Access, and much more. In comparison, Delta First Class offers limited benefits including 5.4-inch reclinable seats with extra legroom, personalized service, food & beverage options depending on flight distances, and so on.

Delta First Class vs Premium Select

Delta First Class is available for domestic and select international flights whereas Delta Premium Select (also known as Premium Economy) is designated for select long-haul international flights.

First Class seats are reclinable up to 50 percent but Premium Select seats recline up to 75 percent offering more comfort. Seats on First Class cabin feature extra legroom while Premium Select seats are equipped with adjustable footrest, leg rest and headrest.

Talking about amenity kits, First Class passengers don’t get an amenity kit but Premium Select passengers receive TUMI Amenity Kit. Passengers enjoy fine dining along with complimentary drinks on Premium Select. On the other hand, First Class passengers get food and beverage options depending on the flight distance.

Delta First Class vs Comfort Plus

Delta Comfort Plus offers up to 4 inches of extra legroom while First Class features up to 8 inches more. As per the availability, First Class is specialized for domestic and select international routes. Comfort Plus is available for domestic and international flights.

Delta First Class passengers don’t get an amenity kit however, Comfort Plus offers an amenity kit on long-haul international flights.

As per the food is concerned, First Class Cabin service offers food options based on flight distance. Comfort Plus provides premium snacks and meals on long-haul international and select domestic flights.

Conclusion on Delta First Class

We have reached the end section of this article where we discovered benefits, seating experience, baggage allowance, food & beverage options, comparison, and much more related to the Delta First Class Cabin Service.

In a nutshell, Delta First Class is specially designed for domestic and select international flights. The key features of this cabin service are extra legroom, enhanced comfort, complimentary food & beverage options and Sky Priority Service.

FAQs on Delta First Class

What does Delta First Class serve?

Delta First Class serves complimentary drinks including Starbucks coffee, wine, beer and spirits. Talking about food, it depends on the flight distance.

Is First Class on Delta worth it?

If you are looking for a semi-premium cabin experience at an affordable cost, you can go for Delta First Class.

Is Delta 1 or Delta First class better?

Delta 1 is the highest level of cabin service featuring the most luxurious and premium travel experience on Delta flights whereas First Class is equipped with limited features.

How much bigger are Delta First Class seats?

Delta First Class seats are spacious and offer extra legroom up to 8 inches.

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