The flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation has started using NAVBLUE Flight Planning (N-FP) from October 29th, 2020. The airline was using the Conventional Computerized Flight Plan system before the introduction of N-FP.

Nepal Airlines, the all-Airbus aircraft operator, signed an agreement with NAVBLUE in May 2020 to make use of N-Flight Planning to optimize and enhance the flight operations. The N-FP operations went live on October 29th, 2020 after conducting trial runs for a couple of months.

Nepal Airlines is already using NAVBLUE’s Navigation+, Flight Data Analysis (FDA), Flysmart feature as well as N-RAIM and now also started using N-Tracking since August 2020. With N-Flight Planning it will be able to plan and operate on the safest routes in a highly optimized manner and further reduce operations costs.

N-Flight planning provides an approximate 33% cost-reduction as compared to present Flight Planning System charges.


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1. Reduce Cost of Operations

Multidimensional, cost-optimizing models produce the most cost-efficient flight plans, savings in fuel, and time related expenses (crew, maintenance).

2. Optimise Flight Plans further

All necessary information, including real-time weather forecast, are fed to the N-Flight Planning algorithm to produce optimal and compliant plans.

3. Cut IT Cost

The web-based or hosted environment allows faster implementation as well as remote or on-site training. Get a lower Total Cost of Ownership and quicker Return on Investment.

Capt. Deepu Raj Jwarchan, Director- Flight Operations at Nepal Airlines said: “From our experience with NAVBLUE, we appreciate the quality and cost-efficiency of their products. N-Flight Planning will help Nepal Airlines to reduce costs even further and optimize our flight operations. This is a great enhancement for us, and we look forward to continuing and further strengthening our relationship with NAVBLUE in the years to come’’.



Nepal Airlines currently owns two wide-body Airbus A330 and two narrow-body Airbus A320 and conducts flights to various international destinations from its base at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.


NAVBLUE is a services company, fully owned by Airbus, dedicated to Flight Operations & Air Traffic Management Solutions. The company benefits from Airbus expertise and resources, enjoying access to the in-depth expertise of an aircraft manufacturer. This allows NAVBLUE to provide reliable, accurate and efficient air transport solutions.