Air Canada is the flag carrier, and the largest airline in Canada. It is also among the founding members of the Star Alliance (the world’s largest global airline alliance.)

The flag carrier currently operates flights worldwide along with Air Canada Express (a regional subsidiary), and Air Canada Rogue (a lower-tier secondary brand).

Explore Air Canada Narita Terminal Guide (Latest)

Air Canada operates from its major hubs in Calgary, Montreal–Trudeau, Toronto–Pearson, and Vancouver. Besides, Halifax and Ottawa are the focus cities.

Talking about the destinations, Air Canada operates flights to all domestic destinations, transborder routes, and major international destinations. Narita is one of the regular international routes. 

Today, we are going to explore Air Canada Narita Terminal with all essential terminal information.

Which terminal at Narita is Air Canada?

Air Canada currently operates from Terminal 1 South Wing 4F (international). All departures, and arrivals are handled from this terminal.

Narita International Airport (NRT) is among the two major airports in Tokyo City, Japan. NRT is the busiest airport in the country in terms of international passenger, and cargo traffic.

NRT is the primary hub for Japan Airlines, ANA, Jetstar Japan, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Peach Aviation, Polar Air Cargo, Spring Airlines Japan, and ZIPAIR Tokyo.

Narita Airport is equipped with two asphalt runways with the designation RWY 16R/34L, and RWY 16L/34R. The airport infrastructure holds three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.

All three terminals facilitate domestic as well as international flights.



Air Canada allows pets to travel both in the cabin and in the baggage compartment.

However, you need to adhere to the Air Canada Pet Policy to travel safely with your pets.

Narita Airport Ground Transportation Facility

  • Rail: Narita Sky Access Line, Keisei Line, and JR Line are the Rail services available at Narita Airport. Air Canada passengers need to use Narita Airport Station to access these rail services.
  • Public Bus: Air Canada passengers can access public bus services operated by various companies at Narita International Airport (NRT).
  • Taxi: Narita Airport offers two types of taxi services for passengers: standard public taxis with metered fares and fixed-fare taxis that operate between the airport and Tokyo.
  • Terminal Shuttle Bus: Passengers can use the free terminal shuttle bus to travel between terminals at Narita Airport.

Air Canada Narita Terminal Map

air canada narita airport terminal map aviatechchannel

Air Canada Narita Terminal Departures

All Air Canada departures from Narita International Airport are handled from Terminal 1, South Wing. 

Baggage Services, Lounge, Transportation, Currency Exchange, Internet, Beauty Salons, Pet Hotel, Parking and other basic terminal services are available at Terminal 1 at NRT.

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Air Canada Narita Terminal Arrival

Like departures, all Air Canada arrival flights at Narita are also operated from Terminal 1. 

Air Canada Flights from Narita Airport

The flag carrier primarily connects Narita with Montreal-Trudeau, Toronto-Pearson, and Vancouver in Canada. Besides, it also operates flights to various international routes worldwide.

Does Air Canada have a lounge at Narita?

Air Canada doesn’t offer its Maple Leaf Lounge or any other airport lounge services at Narita Airport. However, customers can enjoy delicious food, and beverages at various restaurants located in NRT Terminal 1.

restaurants in narita terminal 1 aviatechchannel

The following table shows the list of some popular restaurants with their location in Terminal 1.

ANA Festa2nd Floor (Terminal 1, South Wing)
Cafe & Bar Avion3rd Floor (Terminal 1, Main Building)
Fujiya5th Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)
FaSoLa Cafe Coffee & Beer3rd Floor (Terminal 1, South Wing)3rd Floor (Terminal 1, No. 4 Satellite)
Homemade Udon Noodles KINEYAMUGIMARU5th Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)
IPPUDO3rd Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)
Japanese Grill & Craft Beer Tatsu3rd Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)
McDonald’s3rd Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)4th Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)
Ramen Ichikakuya5th Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)
Meat Dishes Yakisuki Yanma4th Floor (Terminal 1, Central Building)

In addition to the restaurants, there is also a pay lounge available on the 3rd Floor of the Central Building in Terminal 1. Customers can pay to access the lounge known as ‘Narita TraveLounge’.

The cost for the Narita TraveLounge is ¥ 1,229 for adults (12 years or older), and ¥ 610 for children (6-11 years old).

narita travelounge service at nrt aviatechchannel

The major amenities offered by the Pay Lounge include

  • Coffee, and Beverages
  • Charging ports for each seat
  • Telephone Booth
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Meals, and Alcoholic Beverages (Available for an additional fee)

Parking facility at Narita Airport

Passengers, and visitors arriving at Narita International Airport can park their vehicles at terminal parking spaces. The available on-site parking spaces at the airport include Parking P1, P2-NB, P2-NA, P2-N, P2-S, P3, and P5.

Parking spots P1, and P5 are located near Terminal 1 so, Air Canada customers can use these lots.

parking at narita airport temrinal 1 aviatechchannel

Hourly, and daily parking rates are applicable at the parking facility at NRT Airport as shown in the table below.

Up to 3.5 hours¥260 per 30 minutes¥210 per 30 minutes
After the first 3.5 hours up to 24 hours¥2,100 (Fixed charge)¥1,570 (Fixed charge)
After the first 24 hours up to 120 hours (2nd to 5th day)¥260 per 30 minutes
(Maximum of ¥2,100 per 24 hours)
¥210 per 30 minutes
(Maximum of ¥1,570 per 24 hours)
More than 120 hours (After the 6th Day)¥10,500 up to 120 hours + ¥530 per 24 hours¥7,850 up to 120 hours + ¥530 per 24 hours
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Conclusion on Air Canada Narita Terminal

The national flag carrier of Canada operates flights to many international destinations of which Narita International Airport (NRT) is one of them.

air canada boeing 787 8 dreamliner at narita airport aviatechchannel

Air Canada connects Narita with major Canadian destinations and various international routes.

Let’s conclude our topic with some key points.

  • Narita International Airport (NRT) is among the two major international airports in Tokyo, another one being the Tokyo Haneda Airport.
  • NRT is equipped with three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.
  • Air Canada operates from Terminal 1, South Wing at Narita. All departures, and arrivals are handled from this terminal.
  • There is no Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge service at NRT however, customers can enjoy food, and beverages including delicious Japanese Cuisines at restaurants located in Terminal 1. Besides, they can also access the ‘Narita TraveLounge’ by paying the applicable fee.
  • Terminal Parking space is available at NRT. Air Canada passengers can use P1, and P5 parking lots as these lots are located near Terminal 1.

FAQs on Air Canada Narita Terminal

Is Air Canada always Terminal 1 at Narita?

Air Canada primarily operates from Terminal 1, South Wing at Narita International Airport (NRT). However, there might be terminal changes due to various factors so, passengers need to check their flight status.

Where does Air Canada land in Narita?

Air Canada arrival flights are handled from Terminal 1, South Wing at Narita Airport.

Is Narita Terminal 1, and Terminal 2 connected?

Terminal 1, and Terminal 2 at Narita Airport are not directly connected. So, customers need to use the terminal shuttle bus service to move between Terminals 1, and 2.

Which terminal is at Narita airport for international flights?

Terminal 1 (South Wing), Terminal 2 (South Wing), and Terminal 3 (South Wing) are allocated for international flights to and from Narita Airport.

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