Buddha Air is one of the leading private carriers of Nepal and has become the trademark of trust and safety. The journey of Buddha Air began on October 11, 1997, with a single Beechcraft B1900D aircraft. Today, the airline owns 16 aircraft and flies to at least 15 national and international destinations per day.

Buddha Air Nepal Fleet Details

11 X ATR 72-500

BUDDHA AIR ATR 72-500 ‘9N-AJS’ at Tribhuvan Int’l Airport, Kathmandu
AircraftEngine ModelYear of ManufactureAircraft Reg. No.MSNMTOWDate of Operation
ATR 72-500PW127F/M19979N-AJO53522500 KGJuly 2, 2010
ATR 72-500PW127F/M19979N-AJS53122500 KGSept. 1, 2011
ATR 72-500PW127F/M19999N-AJX57822500 KGSept. 26, 2012
ATR 72-500PW127F/M20079N-AMD73522500 KGMarch 4, 2017
ATR 72-500PW127F/M20079N-AMF76422500 KGMarch 02, 2018
ATR 72-5002x PW100/15020079N-AMU75922500 KGAugust 05, 2018
ATR 72-5002x PW100/15020079N-AMY75122500 KGApril 03, 2019
ATR 72-500PW127F/M20079N-ANI77222500 KGOctober 3, 2019
  • Manufactured by Avions De Transport Regional (ATR), a joint venture of France and Italy
  • Powered by Pratt & Whitney PW127 engines
  • 72-seater aircraft featuring optimum comfort and absorbent panels, carpets
  • Best cost-efficient regional aircraft
  • Environment-friendly with emission of less than 50% carbon dioxide per passenger

3 X ATR 42-320

buddha air nepal atr 42 320 aviatech channel
BUDDHA AIR ATR 42-320 ‘9N-AIM’ at Pokhara Airport, Nepal
AircraftEngine ModelYear of ManufactureAircraft Reg. No.MSNMTOWDate of Operation
ATR 42-320PWC PW12119959N-AIM38816700 KGSeptember 20, 2008
ATR 42-320PWC PW12119959N-AIN40316700 KGSeptember 17, 2008
ATR 42-320PWC PW12119969N-AIT40916700 KGMay 14, 2009
  • Manufactured by Avions De Transport Regional (ATR), a joint venture of France and Italy
  • Twin turboprop aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney PW121 engines
  • 47-seater aircraft featuring large overhead bins, comfortable and spacious cabins

2 X Beechcraft B1900D

buddha air nepal beechcraft 1900d aviatech channel
BUDDHA AIR BEECHCRAFT 1900D at Pokhara Airport
AircraftEngine ModelYear of ManufactureAircraft Reg. No.MSNMTOWDate of Operation
B1900DPWC PT6A-67D19979N-AEEUE-28617,120 LBSSeptember 30, 1997
B1900DPWC PT6A-67D19989N-AEWUE-32817,120 LBSSeptember 28, 1998
  • Manufactured by Raytheon Aircraft Company (now Beechcraft, Textron Aviation Beechcraft) based in USA.
  • Powered by Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprop engines
  • 19-seater aircraft with wide seats, low noise level, full stand-up cabin and air conditioning for optimum cabin pressure.

Buddha Air Flight Status

Buddha Air operates flights to domestic destinations and also operates occasional flights to Varanasi, India. The current flight schedules are displayed in the table below.

Daily 8 flights
Scheduled from morning to afternoon
40 minutes
Daily 6 flights
Scheduled from morning to afternoon
25 minutes
Daily 5 flights
Scheduled between 8:30 am to 5:15 pm
45 minutes
Daily 9 flights
Scheduled between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
35 minutes
Daily 9 flights
Scheduled from morning to afternoon
25 minutes
Daily 5 flights
Scheduled from morning to evening
50 minutes
Daily 3 flights
Scheduled between 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
1 hour 15 minutes
Daily 1 flight
Departure time is 07:30 am
Arrival time is 08:40 am
1 hour 10 minutes
Daily 4 flights
Scheduled between 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
30 minutes
Daily 6 flights
Scheduled between 7:45 am to 5:00 pm
20 minutes
Daily 1 flight
Departure time is 10:20 am
Arrival time is 10:55 am
35 minutes
Daily 1 flight35 minutes
Daily 3 flights
Scheduled from morning to afternoon
40 minutes
Weekly 3 flights
(Schedule subject to change)
20 minutes
Daily 1 flight
(Schedule subject to change)
20 minutes
Daily 1 flight
Scheduled from morning to afternoon
15 minutes
Weekly 3 flights (Sun, Wed, Fri)
Departure time is 11:45 am
Arrival time is 12:05 am
20 minutes
Weekly 3 flights60 minutes
Daily 1 flight
Scheduled from morning to afternoon
30 minutes
Weekly 2 flights
Departure time is 17:00 pm 
Arrival time is 17:40 pm
55 minutes

Buddha Air Ticket Price

Buddha Air Ticket price keeps on changing due to various circumstances. Sometimes the price increases due to an increase in aviation fuel price whereas decreases in incase of the festive season or during any discount scheme offered by the airlines.

You need to check the flight status, availability, and the Buddha Air Ticket Price on the company’s official website.

Buddha Air Contact

You can contact Buddha Air with the reference displayed in the table below.

ReservationTelephone Reservation: + 977 1 5970900 (Hunting Line)
Online Reservation: + 977 1 5522694 (Ext. 141)
Email: [email protected]
Buddha Air Headquarter
Tel: + 977 1 5521015,
Fax: + 977 1 5537726
Email: [email protected]
Cargo Office
Sinamangal Kathmandu
Tel: + 977 1-4477321
Email:[email protected]
Kathmandu AirportTel: + 977 1 4499680, 4491384
Sinamangal Sales OfficeTel: + 977 1 4477320
Marketing Department (Head office)Tel: + 977 1 5521015, 5522694
Fax: + 977 1 5537726
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Royal Club (Frequent Flyer Program)Tel: +977 1 5521015 (Ext. 114, 130)
Email: [email protected]
BUDDHA HOLIDAYS / PACKAGESTel: + 977 1 5521015 (Ext. 109 / 119)
Fax: + 977 1 5537726
Email: [email protected]
Technical DepartmentTel: + 977 1 4993400
Fax: + 977 1 4993190
BharatpurCity Sales: 056-524975, 056-528790
Fax: 056-528790
Email: [email protected]
Airport: 056-520581
DhangadhiTel: 091-417445, 091- 416446
Email: [email protected]
Airport: 091-575288
BiratnagarSales Office: 021-460744, 021-460790, 021- 460797
Airport: 021 – 460478
Email: [email protected]
BhadrapurTel: 023-455218, 023-455219
Fax: 023-455218
Email: [email protected]
Airport: 023-452180
NepalgunjTel: 081-531745, 081-530745
Email: [email protected]
Airport 081-565077
PokharaTelephone: 061-465997 / 465998
Fax: 061-465997
Email: [email protected]
Airport : 061-464997
SimaraCity Sales Birgunj: 051-533229, 533230
Airport: 053-521562
Fax: 051-533230
Email: [email protected]
JanakpurTel: 041-420522, 420094
Fax: 041-525894
Airport: 041-590721
Email: [email protected]
TumlingtarTel: 029-575115, 575135
Airport: 029-575225
Email: [email protected]
Rajbiraj OfficeCity Office: 031-522408 , 031-522409
Email: [email protected]
BhairahawaSales Office: 071576893 / 071573893
Airport Counter: 071507093
Cargo Counter: 071507192
Email: [email protected]
Surkhet StationSales office: 083-522542
Airport: 083-525769
Email: [email protected]
Varanasi (India)Telephone: +91-0542-2501105
Mobile / WhatsApp: +916386535738

Initiators of Buddha Air Nepal

Mr Surendra Bahadur Basnet was among the few aspirant entrepreneurs who made influence through various senior positions in government jobs. Buddha Air was established under the influence of Mr Basnet and his sons; Mr Birendra Bahadur Basnet (elder son) and Mr Shivendra Bahadur Basnet (youngest son).

Mr Birendra Bahadur Basnet was always fascinated by entrepreneurship and was involved in his own export company whereas Mr Shivendra Bahadur Basnet was a helicopter pilot.

The father-sons effort to establish an airline company to address the need and growing demand for air transport became a game-changer.

Buddha Air Future Plan

Buddha Air has an ambitious plan to initiate international flights with jet aircraft in near future. The Managing Director Birendra Bahadur Basnet has already revealed this plan which might get into action right after the operation of the new Pokhara Regional International Airport.

The airline has already initiated talks with Airbus and Boeing officials on the selection of aircraft (Airbus A320 or Boeing 737). Likewise, Buddha Air is also planning to operate STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) flights with Twin Otter or Cessna aircraft.

Besides, the company will be expanding its fleet and manpower to cater the increasing demand of domestic as well as international flights.

The journey of Buddha Air Nepal

Buddha Air’s first-ever flight was an hour-long mountain flight to Mount Everest. On 11 October 1997, Captain RK Sharma and American Pilot Captain Kevin St. Germain flew Buddha Air’s first batch of 16 passengers on flight BHA 100 onboard the Beech craft 1900 D.

The aircraft with registration ‘9N-AEE’ took off from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, and continued for an hour-long mountain flight.

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