Choosing a good flight school might be difficult for those wanting to pursue a career as a professional pilot. There are lots of flight schools or pilot training institutes available worldwide that offer different flight training programs.

The United States is one of the most chosen countries for pilot training because it features top-quality flight schools with a wide range of courses for both domestic and international students.

Florida, Texas, Arizona, and San Diego are some of the top destinations for flight training programs. Likewise, Las Vegas (a city in the state of Nevada) is also one of the best and ideal places for flight training.

In this blog, we have presented the best flight schools in Las Vegas including their location, available training programs, and tuition fees. If you are planning to take your pilot training course in Las Vegas, this blog might be helpful.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Top 11 Flight Schools in Las Vegas

We have tried to include all the flight schools in Las Vegas with their brief introduction, offered flight training courses, tuition fees, and more.

ATP Flight School

ATP Flight School is one of the top flight schools in Las Vegas and is also known as the largest flight school in the United States with over 71+ training centers. 

Flight Schools in Las Vegas

With over 35 years of professional flight training experience, ATP is producing competent pilots and fulfilling the demands of regional and major airlines since its establishment. It was founded in 1984 and currently features 71 training centers in different cities.

ATP Flight School holds 71 training centers and one of them is located in Las Vegas.

ATP offers professional commercial pilot training and an airline-sponsored career track from zero experience to 1,500 hours at its flight training center in Las Vegas. ATP has established airline hiring partnerships with 38 regional airlines so that, Airline Career Pilot Program students can receive industrial experience as soon as possible.

Full-financing and fixed-cost pricing are available to those students enrolled in the ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program. ATP Flight School is claimed to have the highest ratio of airline placements in comparison to other flight schools in Nevada.

Flight Training Program Cost at ATP Flight School

Starting with Zero Experience$91,995
Starting with Credit for Private Pilot$71,995
Private Pilot Finish-Up$9,995
100+ Hour Multi-Engine OptionAdditional $11,000
ATP CTP$3,795 (7 Days)
Airbus A320 7-Day Type Rating$8,495

Vegas Aviation

Vegas Aviation is one of the best flight schools in Las Vegas that offers flight training, aircraft maintenance services and aircraft rentals. It owns a total of four Cessna C172N equipped with Garmin G5 EFIS displays and Garmin 430W GPS.

vegas aviation las vegas aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

The available training programs at Vegas Aviation are Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII), Multi-Engine Add-on, Complex Endorsement, High-Performance Endorsement, and Multi-Engine Instructor.

Flight Training Program Cost at Vegas Aviation

Cessna 172N$160
Beechcraft Duchess (Multi-Engine Training)$425
Flight Instruction$55

Airwork Las Vegas

Airwork is among the best flight schools in Las Vegas that features a variety of flight training programs ranging from Private Pilot Certification to Airline Career Program.

airwork las vegas aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

Airwork offers training programs for airplanes and helicopters. The available courses are Private Pilot Certificate, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII), Airline Transport Pilot, and Biennial Flight Reviews.

Flight Training Program Cost at Airwork Las Vegas

Private PilotStarting at $8,600 (Airplane)Starting at $12,600 (Helicopter)
Commercial Pilot Certificate (including PPL, IR, CPL, CFI, and CFII)Starting at $54,400 (Airplane)Starting at $77,000 (Helicopter)

Fly Accelerated

Fly Accelerated is a flight school in Las Vegas that specializes in offering a flight training course in the accelerated format. Its approach is different compared to the regular flight school.

fly accelerated flight school las vegas aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

Fly Accelerated typically offers private pilot license and Instrument Rating programs. Besides, it also provides Commercial Pilot Course, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII). 

Students enrolled at Fly Accelerated can expect to complete their Private Pilot License course within 10 to 14 days under normal conditions. Adverse weather, aircraft technical issues, or other unscheduled events might cause delays.

If you choose to train with Fly Accelerated, you will finish your training with a much higher total flight time. It is the fastest, safest, and most affordable path to learning flying and becoming a professional pilot. 

Las Vegas Flight Academy

Las Vegas Flight Academy (LVFA) is a simulator training academy in Las Vegas as it offers different courses than other flight schools. This flight academy delivers dry and wet training for Boeing 737-300 and Boeing 737-800 on the Level D full flight simulators.

las vegas flight academy aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

The wet training courses offered by LVFA include B737 Type Ratings and B737 Recurrent Training. LVFA will add more simulators in the near future to facilitate type ratings and recurrent training.

Talking about the training, B737 pilots are trained by experienced former airline and military instructors who have logged over 20,000 flying hours. You need to contact LVFA via email to know the full details, training cost, and enrolling procedures.

West Air Flight Training

West Air Flight Training is an FAA Part 61 approved flight school located in Las Vegas that allows domestic and foreign students to train with flexibility. Students can train at their own pace in the most cost-efficient manner.

west air flight academy las vegas aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

Students can pay as they start each lesson and there are no hidden costs, upfront costs, or deposits required. At present, West Air owns five trainer aircraft so, the scheduling issue is minimal. Trainees can schedule well in advance.

The hourly aircraft rental for the Basic Cessna 172 is $155 per hour. Likewise, the instructor’s basic training rate per hour is $50. West Air offers discounts for payments made with cash or check. Besides, there is a special discount for military personnel.

702 Helicopter Training and Pilot Flight School

702 is also one of the best flight schools in Las Vegas that offers both Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing training.

The fixed wing training is conducted with Cessna 172 and the available training course is Private Pilot Certificate with Ground Instruction and Discover Flights. The total cost of the PPL Package with Cessna C172 is $12,000 while it is $13,000 with C182.

702 flight school las vegas aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

Robinson R22 and R44 are used for rotor-wing training at 702. The total cost of obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate with R22 is $17,000 including unlimited ground class. Likewise, the PPL package for R44 is $26,000 with an unlimited ground course.

All in Aviation

All in Aviation is a Platinum Cirrus Training Center in Las Vegas that offers various training programs in Cirrus and Cessna Aircraft. Transition training is also available at this flight school.

all in aviation flight school las vegas aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

All in Aviation specializes in Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot Training, and Instrument Ratings. Other programs include Cirrus Transition Training, Basic Transition, and Advanced Transition.  

Chennault Flying Service

Chennault Flying Service (CFS) is one of the flight schools in Las Vegas that offer various pilot programs ranging from private pilot to professional pilot programs. CFS is also associated with Liberty University with which students can obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation within 2 years.

chennault flying service las vegas aviatechchannel
Flight Schools in Las Vegas

CFS offers training in both twin-engine and single-engine aircraft and the available courses are Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating, Airline Transport Pilot, Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing, Accelerated Career Pilot Program, and Instructor Pilot Training.

CFS recently introduced an Accelerated Career Pilot Program to allow students to get an opportunity to work in the right seat of a Honda Jet aircraft. Trainee students can become co-pilots for the Honda Jet in 6 months. This is made possible through the partnership with Cirrus Aviation. The Accelerated training includes PPL, Instrument Rating, CPL, Multi-engine Add-on, and up to 251 hours of total flight time.

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Other Flight Schools in Las Vegas

Flyright Aviation Inc

Location: North Las Vegas

Available Training Programs: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor, Engine Class Add-ons, Endorsements, and license conversions. 

Light Sport Aviation

Location: North Las Vegas Airport

Available Training Programs: Sport Pilot Certificate


As we come to the end of this article, we discovered 11 Flight Schools in Las Vegas city with available training programs and tuition fees. Las Vegas is one of the ideal destinations for flight training as it offers favorable weather and diverse geography.

If you are planning to pursue your career as an airline pilot, you can select flight training programs offered by various flight schools in Las Vegas or other cities. However, you need to research well and compare flight schools before selecting one. 

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