United Airlines is one of the major carriers in the United States with its headquarters in Willis Tower, Chicago. It operates flights to a large network of domestic and international destinations from 8 different operating hubs.

Chicago O’Hare, Denver, Washington–Dulles, San Francisco, Newark, Los Angeles, Houston–Intercontinental, and Guam are the primary hubs for United Airlines. 

At present, United Airlines operates more than 830 aircraft including Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 777, Boeing 767, Boeing 757, Boeing 737, and Airbus A319/A320. Besides, the regional carrier United Express flies Bombardier CRJ-200/550/700 and Embraer 170/175 series aircraft.

United features United Polaris Business, United Premium Plus, Premium Transcontinental, United First, Economy Plus, Economy, and Basic Economy. Today, we are going to explore United Airlines Premium Economy Class which is also known as United Premium Plus with all the important details.

United Airlines Premium Economy Class

United Airlines Premium Economy Class is the perfect choice for more convenient seats with extra space. United Premium Plus is the standard name for Premium Economy Class that is introduced to offer more space, comfort, and amenities to valuable passengers.

A roomier seat, dedicated overhead bins, and large entertainment screens are some of the major attractions of the United Premium Plus. In addition, customers on select long-haul international flights receive extra amenities.

United Premium Plus is now available on Hawaii routes, premium transcontinental flights, and select long-haul international routes.

United Airlines Premium Economy Benefits

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United Airlines Premium Economy (United Premium Plus) is known for offering more spacious seats with extra legroom, elbow room and recline. It offers a new experience and enhanced convenience to the passengers.

Some major amenities offered by United Premium Plus

  • Spacious seats with extra legroom, elbow room, and recline
  • Individual Power Outlet and USB Charger Ports
  • Adjustable Leg Rest and Foot Rest
  • Plush seats designed for Comfort
  • Upgraded Dining and Free Alcoholic Beverages on select long-haul international flights
  • Complimentary Hot Entree, Fruit dessert, and free alcoholic beverages on select domestic flights on Premium Transcontinental Routes.
  • Larger Entertainment Screen 
  • Noise-Reducing Headphones
  • Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding

Furthermore, United Premium Plus passengers enjoy additional amenities listed below.

  • Two Free Standard Checked Bags
  • Premier Access
  • Discounted United Club Access on select long-haul international routes
  • Reserved Overhead Bin Space for carry-on bags

United Airlines Premium Economy Seats

United Airlines Premium Economy (United Premium Plus) seats are located closer to the front of the aircraft and offer additional space with extra comfort. The seats are made using plush material for more comfort.

Individual Power Outlet, USB Charger Ports, Adjustable Leg Rest, and Footrest are the additional features available on Premium Plus seats. Each seat features premium noise-reducing headphones, a Saks Fifth Avenue Blanket, and Pillow.

United Airlines Premium Economy Baggage Allowance

As a United Premium Plus passenger, you can carry luggage with 50lbs (23kgs) weight with up to 62.0 linear inches (157cm) – Length + Width + Height. This baggage allowance is for general and non-members in Premium Economy Cabin. 

For instance, if you are a Premier Gold Member in Premium Economy Cabin, the baggage allowance is 70 lbs (32 kg).


In case of additional, overweight and oversized bags, you can refer to the table below for additional costs.

Third or Additional BagsUp to 62 linear inches (157 cm) and 50 pounds (23 kgs)$150 per bag
Oversized Bags63 to 115 linear inches (160 to 292 cm)$200 extra per bag
Overweight Bags51 to 70 lbs (24 to 32 kg)
71 to 100 lbs (33 to 45 kg)
$100 extra per bag (51-70lbs)
$200 extra per bag (71-100lbs)
Important note: United Airlines doesn’t accept bags exceeding 115 linear inches (292cm) and 100 lbs (45 kg) as checked baggage.

United Airlines Premium Economy Lounge Access

United Airlines Premium Economy offers discounted United Club access to passengers flying on select long-haul international routes. As a United Premium Plus flyer, you will receive a United Club trip pass that provides access to all available United Club locations at the departure airport, connecting airport, or arrival airport in select locations (applicable for one direction of travel).


Passengers buying United Premium Plus fares and flying fully on United and United Express (regional carrier) can purchase a discounted trip pass on the airline’s official website whenever available and also during booking flights via the United app. 

United Club access on arrival airport is only accessible to eligible passengers who are connecting to another flight or have already made a domestic connection to the destination airport.

United Airlines Premium Economy International

United Airlines Premium Economy (United Premium Plus) is specially introduced for select long-haul international flights. 

Travelers receive upgraded dining options on custom dinnerware with flatware and a cloth napkin on select long-haul international flights. In addition, they can enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages.

United Airlines Premium Economy Cancellation Policy

United Airlines Premium Economy including the Premium Cabin Seating offers is non-refundable. However, unscheduled events like flight cancellation due to weather, technical glitch, oversold flight, change to a different flight and so on are exceptions.

As per United Airlines Refund Policy, passengers can receive a waiver of change or cancellation fees if their ticket was purchased through United in the last 24 hours and the purchase was completed one week or more before the originally scheduled departure flight.

United Airlines Premium Economy Review

United Premium Plus passengers can use the Premier Access line for a faster check-in process. The seating configuration and design depend upon the aircraft type. For example, United Airlines Boeing 777-200 has 3 rows of Premium Plus with 24 seats in a standard 2-4-2 configuration.

The airline uses Collin Aerospace MiQ seats for the Premium Economy. In the seat, you will get an amenities kit along with a Saks Fifth Avenue Blanket and Pillow. The legroom and extra space offered by the Premium Plus seats are great. A footrest is available on each seat offering additional comfort.

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In front of your Premium Plus seat, you can find a large entertainment screen, coat hook, book holds, seat pocket with headphones, remote for in-flight entertainment, controls for seat recline and leg rest, Universal Power outlet, USB Charging port, headphone jack, and handy storage area.

Talking about the food, United Premium Plus offers salad, ice cream, nuts, bread, and the main dish. You can enjoy a welcome meal, assorted mid-flight snacks, and pre-arrival dining service on select long-haul international routes. A beverage snack is also served with the initial beverage service. 

You can choose among two entree choices (chicken katsu or Portobello Mushroom and Caramelized onion ravioli) served with a salad, bread, butter, and dessert. You need to keep in mind that the menu will rotate monthly and vary based on the route and time of flight.

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In addition, you can enjoy complimentary beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages. This option also varies by flight. 

You can also use in-flight Wi-Fi however, charges might be applicable. For instance, you are required to pay $5 per hour on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 Premium Plus flight. 

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In a nutshell, United Premium Plus offers greater comfort with a premium seating design, extra legroom, footrest, standard blanket and pillow, an amazing entertainment system, and much more. In the case of food and beverages, we can’t actually decide the rating because it depends upon the taste and requirements of passengers. But in general, the food offered by Premium Plus is above average.

United Airlines Premium Economy Vs Economy Plus

The main difference between United Airlines Premium Economy (United Premium Plus) and Economy Plus is the Premium Plus offers more spacious seats with extra legroom, elbow room, and reclination features. Premium Plus also offers a larger entertainment screen than Economy Plus.

On the other hand, Premium Plus passengers receive additional perks in-flight and at the airport. Those passengers also receive two free standard checked bags along with discounted United Club Access and Premier Access on select international routes.

Another contradictory feature is the United Premium Plus passengers enjoy an enhanced dining experience with complimentary alcoholic beverages.

United Airlines Premium Economy Vs Business Class

United Business Class is more expensive than United Premium Economy (United Premium Plus) as it offers high-comfort seating with fully flat seats, recliner seats, a wide choice of fine dining and beverages, advanced in-flight entertainment, priority check-in, dedicated cabins, additional baggage allowance and much more.

United Business Class is introduced to offer a high level of luxury with high-quality features and amenities whereas the Premium Economy is specially meant for enhancement in comfort during overall travel.

United Airlines Premium Economy Vs Economy

United Airlines Premium Economy offers more amenities and comfort than Economy Class and is also expensive. If you are considering the price, the Economy ticket is much cheaper than Premium Economy. But, if you are looking for good comfort and food options, you can go for Premium Economy (United Premium Plus).

Premium Economy or Premium Plus offers Loyalty Program via the United MileagePlus Frequent Flyer program with which you can earn more miles. Besides, as a Premium Plus passenger, you receive an additional luggage allowance with two free checked bags.

Talking about the Lounge Access, Premium Economy passengers get discounted United Club Access on select international routes and Premier Access too.

Conclusion on United Airlines Premium Economy

As we come to the end of this informative article, we discovered United Airlines Premium Economy Class with amenities, seating design, features, review, baggage allowance, comparison with other classes, and much more.

In conclusion, United Airlines Premium Economy undoubtedly emerges as a commendable choice for travelers seeking an elevated flying experience that bridges the gap between economy and business class. With its array of thoughtful amenities, enhanced comfort, and attentive service, United Airlines has successfully created a product that resonates with those who value both value and refinement in their journeys.

The carefully designed seating, additional legroom, and enhanced in-flight entertainment options make United Airlines Premium Economy an enticing proposition for both leisure and business travelers. The dedicated cabin section provides a tranquil environment, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to embrace their endeavors.

Moreover, the airline’s commitment to culinary excellence is evident in the delectable menu offerings, ensuring that every aspect of the journey is a delightful experience. The convenience of priority boarding and baggage handling further contributes to a seamless and stress-free travel encounter.

If you’re planning a long-haul flight, United Airlines Premium Economy is a great way to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

For more detailed information on Premium Economy, you can visit the United Airlines official website

FAQs on United Airlines Premium Economy

What does United Premium Economy include?

United Premium Economy offers various amenities including enhanced seats with extra legroom, elbow room, and footrest, upgraded dining options with alcoholic beverages on select long-haul international routes, a larger entertainment screen, discounted United Club Access, Premier Access, and much more.

Does United Premium Plus get Lounge Access?

United Premium Plus customers get a discounted United Club Access available at various locations along with Premier Access.

Is United Premium Economy the same as Premium Plus?

United Premium Economy is also called United Premium Plus so, it is the same as Premium Plus.

What is the difference between premium economy and business class in the United?

United Business Class focuses on offering a high level of luxury with high-quality features and amenities whereas the Premium Economy is specially meant for enhancement in comfort during overall travel.

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