United Airlines is one of the major airline companies in the United States that operates flights to large networks across the globe. The airline has its headquarters in Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois and operates from 8 hubs located at different airports in the country.

United flies to domestic and international routes from Washington–Dulles, San Francisco, Newark, Los Angeles, Houston–Intercontinental, Guam, Denver and Chicago–O’Hare

Talking about the fleet details, United Airlines currently operates over 850 aircraft including Boeing 787-8/787-9 Dreamliner, Boeing 777-200/300ER, Boeing 767-300ER/400ER, Boeing 757-200/300, Boeing 737-700/800 and Airbus A319/A320. Bombardier CRJ-200/550/700 and Embraer E170/175 are operated by United Express (regional carrier).

United features United Polaris Business, United Premium Plus, Premium Transcontinental, United First, Economy Plus, Economy and Basic Economy. Today, we are going to explore United Airlines Business Class with all the important details.

So, let’s get started.

About United Airlines Business Class

United Business Class is known as the premium cabin service that is available on flights between the United States and Latin America or the Caribbean and the select U.S. transcontinental flights.

For international flights, United Airlines has switched to United Polaris for an international premium cabin travel experience. So, United Business Class is for domestic flights and United Polaris for international.

United Business Class features extra-spacious premium seats specially designed for enhanced comfort and convenience. The seats are equipped with two-tone leather, a six-way adjustable headrest and a padded articulating seat cushion. 

Let’s explore more about the Business Class below.

United Airlines Business Class Benefits

Premium Cabin Travel experience is the key attraction of United Business Class. Your overall travel will end in a more relaxed travel experience along with the following amenities.

  • Business Class passengers get Premier Access which provides priority boarding and designated Premier Access Check-in counters for hassle-free check-in processes.
  • Passengers can check up to two standard-sized bags for free.
  • Business Class Passengers’ bags are handled with special attention and arrive at the baggage claim area early.
  • Passengers receive extra comfort and convenience with the United Business seat that comes with contoured two-tone leather, a six-way adjustable headrest and a seat cushion.
  • You can find storage spaces for your personal items and a new tray table design.
  • A Universal AC Power Plug and USB Charing ports are available.
  • A granite-topped extendable cocktail table is also available.
  • Passengers can enjoy United Private Screening, DIRECTV, Audio Entertainment and United Wi-Fi.
  • United offers varieties of in-flight food and beverages.

United Airlines Business Class Seats

united airlines business class seats aviatechchannel

United Business Class seat configuration is based on the aircraft type and design. For instance, there are 50 Business Class seats on United Boeing 777-200ER with a 2-2-2 configuration.

The premium and extra-spacious Business seats come with beautifully contoured two-tone leather, a six-way adjustable headrest and a padded articulating seat cushion that cradles you while reclining.

You can find a Universal AC power plug to charge your electronic devices. Every business class seat offers Saks Fifth Avenue Blanket and Pillow for more convenience along with noise-reducing headphones.

United Airlines Business Class Flat Beds

United Bussiness Class seats are designed to offer extra space and more comfort. Passengers can recline the seat or turn it into a full flatbed with over 6 feet of sleeping space.  

united airlines business class lie flat bed aviatechchannel

United Airlines Business Class Free WiFi

There is an in-flight Wi-Fi service available on United Airlines flights however, it is not free. Even Business Class passengers are required to purchase United Wi-Fi to stay connected during travel.

Passengers can purchase monthly and yearly United Wi-Fi Subscriptions, Wi-Fi Day Pass or purchase onboard.

United Airlines Business Class Baggage Allowance

United Business Class offers two standard-sized bags for free with a weight limitation of 70lbs (32kgs). The allowed maximum dimension of the bag is up to 62.0 linear inches (157cm) L+W+H per bag. In addition to that, passengers can bring a carry-on and a personal bag.


In case of additional, overweight and oversized bags, you can refer to the table below for additional costs.

Third or Additional BagsUp to 62 linear inches (157 cm) and 50 pounds (23 kgs)$150 per bag
Oversized Bags63 to 115 linear inches (160 to 292 cm)$200 extra per bag
Overweight Bags51 to 70 lbs (24 to 32 kg)71 to 100 lbs (33 to 45 kg)$100 extra per bag (51-70lbs)$200 extra per bag (71-100lbs)
Important note: United Airlines doesn’t accept bags exceeding 115 linear inches (292cm) and 100lbs (45kgs) as checked baggage.

United Airlines Business Class Entertainment

With United Business Class, passengers can enjoy United Private Screening, DIRECTV, Audio Entertainment, United Wi-Fi, In-flight Magazine, Food and Beverages and much more.

United Private Screening comprises the main screen, seatback on-demand and personal device entertainment. With that, passengers can have access to lots of movies, TV shows, documentaries and famous programs.

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Business Class passengers receive DIRECTV as a complimentary entertainment service with which they can enjoy more than 100 channels of live television throughout the entire flight. Likewise, they can enjoy pop music, relaxation mixes and various other music with Audio Entertainment. 

To stay connected, Business Class customers can use United Wi-Fi however, certain charges are applicable. United Wi-Fi is available for purchase on the majority of aircraft. Besides, passengers can spend time reading an in-flight magazine that covers various topics like culture, lifestyle, food, drinks, sports and so on.

Business Class passengers can enjoy various complimentary food and drinks throughout their flight.

United Airlines Business Class Food

United Business Class Food and Beverages vary according to the route and flight duration. At present, Business Class passengers on United Airlines receive an entree, salad and salad dressing, bread and mixed nuts together, along with a sealed, single-serve individual ice cream cup for dessert service.

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Passengers can also enjoy various drinks and beverages including beer, wine, liquor, premium spirits and liqueurs, non-alcoholic drinks and much more. 

United Airlines Business Class Lounge Access

United Business Class passengers can receive United Club and United Polaris Lounge Access however, there are certain exceptions.


Business Class Passengers on Premium Transcontinental Flights (Flights Between New York/Newark-Los Angeles and New York/Newark-San Francisco) can access United Club locations at the origin and destination. Likewise, Business Class passengers on a Star Alliance member airline can also access United Club at the Departure airport during international business class flights.


Furthermore, United Business Class passengers on long-haul international flights can have access to United Polaris Lounge at the Departure airport.

United Airlines Business Class International

United Business Class seating and service are almost identical for both domestic and international flights. However, international routes with Business Class offer more amenities including food, beverages, United Club Access, United Polaris Lounge Access and much more.

United Airlines Business Class Cancellation Policy

United Airlines Business including the Premium Cabin Seating offers is non-refundable. However, unscheduled events like flight cancellation due to weather, technical glitch, oversold flight, change to a different flight and so on are exceptions.

As per United Airlines Refund Policy, passengers can receive a waiver of change or cancellation fees if their ticket was purchased through United in the last 24 hours and the purchase was completed one week or more before the originally scheduled departure flight.

United Airlines Business Class Review

United Business Class experience may vary as per the flight route, aircraft type and flight time. Today, let’s explore the United Business Class review on a premium transcontinental flight from San Francisco (SFO) to New York–JFK airport on the Boeing 767-300ER aircraft.

Business Class passengers travelling from SFO to JFK can access United Club at SFO which provides premium seating, an amazing ramp view and delicious food and beverages. 

The Business Class seats on United B767-300ER can be found in three different layouts with 1-1-1 and 1-2-1 configurations. You will get enough leg space and storage space for extra comfort and convenience. Furthermore, the seats can be turned into a fully flat position to assist a sound sleep.

Every passenger on the Business Class seat gets an amenities kit along with noise-cancelling headphones, a Saks Fifth Avenue blanket and a pillow. Besides, you can find storage spaces for your personal items, a Universal AC power port, USB Charging Port, large entertainment screen seat adjustment controls and so on.

united airlines business class food review aviatechchannel

The in-flight entertainment is impressive with options to choose from lots of movies and TV programs. You can also stream these movies to your mobile device. Talking about the in-flight Wi-Fi, you can access United Wi-Fi to stay connected throughout your flight for which you need to pay applicable charges. You can enjoy various complimentary food and beverages at United Business Class.

In a nutshell, United Business Class offers great service including good food, amazing in-flight entertainment, comfy seats, United Lounge Access and assistance from the flight crew.

United Airlines Business Class vs Premium Economy

United Airlines Business Class offers more comfort and an excellent travel experience than the Premium Economy. Business Class is more expensive than Premium Economy as it features fully flat seats, recliner seats, a wide choice of dining and drinks, advanced in-flight entertainment, Premier Access, Priority Check-in and Boarding, dedicated cabin, extra baggage and much more.

United Airlines Business Class vs First Class

United Business Class and United First Class are somewhat identical and offer quite similar amenities and services. The main difference between these two classes is availability.

United First Class is only available on flights throughout the United States including Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. On the other hand, Business Class is available on flights between the United States and Latin America or the Caribbean and some U.S. transcontinental flights.


As we come to the end section of this informative blog, we explore United Airlines Business Class with seat information, amenities, availability, baggage allowance, review, food and beverages, comparison with other classes and much more.

For more in-depth information and availability, you can visit the United Airlines official website.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is United Business Class the same as First Class?

United Business Class and United First Class are somewhat the same and offer quite similar amenities and services however, the major difference between these two classes is the availability.

What is included in Business Class on United?

Business Class on United Airlines include Lounge Access, free checked baggage, varieties of food and beverages, in-flight entertainment, flatbeds, added comfort and convenience, premium service and much more.

Does United Airlines have flatbeds in Business Class?

All United Airlines Business Class seats can turn into a full flatbed with over 6 feet of sleeping space.  

Does United have lie-flat seats in Business Class?

Business Class seats on United Airlines can be reclined or turned into a fully flatbed position with more than 6 feet of sleeping space.

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