American Airlines (AA) is the major carrier in the United States with its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. It is known as the world’s largest airline in terms of fleet size, revenue passenger mile and passengers served.

AA operates from 10 major hubs located at different airports across the US which are Charlotte, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas–Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, New York–JFK, New York–LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor and Washington–National.

Talking about the fleet details, American Airlines currently operates over 900 aircraft including Airbus A319, A320, A321, A321 Transcon, A321neo, Boeing 737-800, 737 MAX, B777-200, B777-300ER, B787-8, B787-9 Dreamliner, CRJ-700/900 and ERJ-145/170/175.

Cabin Services offered by AA include Flagship First, Flagship Business, Business Class, First Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class. Today, we will explore American Airlines Business Class with all the important details.

About American Airlines Business Class

American Airlines offers Business Class service on short-haul international flights that include flights between the United States and Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mexico and select South American cities. This service is provided to offer the optimum level of service and premium travel experience.

AA Busines Class also includes flights to and from South America on aircraft (Airbus A319, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 MAX 8) without lie-flat seats.

American Airlines Business Class Amenities

AA Business Class passengers receive various amenities with the highest level of service and comfort. A premium travel experience is offered by the Business Class cabin service.

Some major amenities provided by AA Business Class

  • Priority Check-in, Faster Security Screening and Boarding
  • Priority Baggage Handling
  • Five Star Service with ultimate premium assistance
  • AA Flagship Lounge and Admirals Club Access
  • Wider seats with extra legroom
  • Premium Dining with varieties of food menu
  • In-Flight High-Speed WiFi 
  • InFlight Entertainment
  • Complimentary Pillows and Blankets
  • Loyalty Benefits with AAdvantage Status

American Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit


AA Business Class offers an amenity kit that includes a pouch with a Dental Kit, Ear Plugs, a pen, Hand Cream, a sleeping eye mask and a pair of socks. These products are provided to all Business Class and Flagship Business Class passengers on any American Airlines flight.

Recently, AA in partnership with D.S. & Durga and Shinola introduced new onboard amenity kits for premium cabin customers. The pouch or amenity bag is designed by Shinola (a luxury design brand) exclusively for AA. Likewise, Lip Balms and Lotions are manufactured by New York-based famous perfume manufacturer D.S. & Durga are also included in the amenity kit.

American Airlines Business Class Seats

American Airlines Business Class features wider seats with extra legroom for enhanced comfort and a premium travel experience. You can find lie-flat seats on premium and wide-body aircraft inducing Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner.

american airlines business class seats aviatechchannel

For instance, Business Class seats on Boeing 777 are incredibly big and spacious providing a great amount of personal space. However, aircraft like Airbus A319, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 MAX 8 don’t offer lie-flat beds.

American Airlines Business Class Entertainment

Every passenger on AA Business Class seats can enjoy free in-flight entertainment service with a free library of movies, TV Programs, shows, music and much more. They can also stream all these to their smartphone, tablet or laptop devices.

American Airlines’ in-flight movies and TV shows are updated monthly to provide a wide range of entertainment programs for passengers.

american airlines business class in flight entertainment aviatechchannel

Passengers can enjoy the award-winning Apple TV+ channel and Apple Music for free with AA flights. With Apple TV+, they can enjoy various movies and TV shows whereas Apple Music offers more than 90 million songs with 30,000 playlists and original content from famous artists.

American Airlines Business Class Headphones

As an AA Business Class passenger, you will get high-quality noise-cancelling headphones manufactured by Bang & Olufsen (B&O). This headphone is comfy and super fancy and the audio quality is amazing.

aa business class noise canceling headphones aviatechchannel

American Airlines Business Class Baggage Allowance

American Airlines passengers can check up to 10 bags on domestic, transatlantic and transpacific flights whereas only 5 checked bags are allowed on flights to and from Mexico, Caribbean, Central American, South America and Brazil.

As an AA Business Class passenger, you can check up to 2 bags for free with a maximum weight of 70 lbs (32 kgs) and a dimension of 62 inches (158 cm). If you have excess charged bags, the weight limitation is 50 lbs (23 kgs). 

Furthermore, you can carry 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag. The personal item may include a purse or small handbag whose dimension must not exceed 18 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches (45cm x 35cm x 20cm). Such items must fit under the seat in front of you. Likewise, the Carry-on bag must not exceed 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (56cm x 36cm x 23cm) and must fit in the sizer at the airport.

In the case of oversized and overweight bags, please refer to the table below for pricing.

Applicable Charges for Oversized Bags

Between U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada62 in / 158 cm – 126 in / 320 cm$200
Mexico / Caribbean / Central America / Guyana / Suriname62 in / 158 cm – 126 in / 320 cm$200
South America (except Guyana / Suriname)62 in / 158 cm – 126 in / 320 cm$150
Europe, Israel, Qatar62 in / 158 cm – 126 in / 320 cm$150
China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand62 in / 158 cm – 126 in / 320 cm$200
Important Note: AA doesn’t accept checked bags over 126 inches (320 cm). The above prices are subject to change for which you need to check the AA Baggage Policy for the latest changes.

Applicable Charges for Overweight Bags

DESTINATION51 lbs (23kgs) – 70 lbs (32kgs)71 lbs (32kgs) – 100 lbs (45kgs)
Between U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada$100$200
Cuba$200Not Accepted
Mexico / Caribbean (excluding Cuba) / Central and South America$100$200
Europe, Israel, Qatar$100Not Accepted
China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand and Australia$100$450 (Not accepted to/from Australia)
Important Note: AA doesn’t accept checked bags over 100 lbs (45kgs). The above prices are subject to change so, visit the airline’s official site for the latest updates.

American Airlines Business Class International

American Airlines Business Class is specially designed for short-haul international flights between the United States and Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico and select South American cities.

For long-haul international flights, there is an AA Flagship Business Class with ultra-premium flying experience. Flagship Business Class offers enhanced amenities and high-level services on international flights between the United States and Europe, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and South America.

American Airlines Business Class Meals

American Airlines has partnered with the James Beard Foundation (a premier culinary organization) to offer a premium dining experience to the premium cabin passengers. Business Class customers can enjoy a variety of dishes prepared by a group of honoured chefs.

As per the airline, the foods offered are healthy, delicious and customized to meet the taste of the valuable customers.

american airlines business class food menu aviatechchannel

The meal options offered by American Airlines in Business Class depend upon the region and length of the flight. For example, Business Class flights between the U.S. and Canada, Caribbean, Central and select South America offer Snack baskets on 500-899 miles flights, meal service on flights over 900 miles and snacks on all flights without snack baskets or meals.

For Hawaii and Flagship Transcontinental flights, Business Class customers enjoy meals designed by Sam Choy (James Beard Award Winner and Creator of Pacific Rim Cuisine).

In addition to the delicious foods, premium cabin passengers including the Business Class can enjoy a variety of beers, wines and spirits. The wine offered by the airline comes from an extremely selective process as part of their award-winning wine program.

American Airlines Business Class Lounge Access

American Airlines Business Class passengers can receive access to the Flagship Lounge on qualifying same-day international or transcontinental flights. For non-qualifying flights, they can access AA Admirals Club lounges.


With AA Flagship Lounge, passengers enjoy Chef-inspired meals, premium wine, personalized service, expansive seating, a speciality cocktail bar, shower suites and much more. 

American Airlines Business Class Admirals Club

AA Business Class customers on a qualifying international, transcontinental or eligible domestic flight can access the Admirals Club. With the Club access, customers can enjoy various amenities including snacks, house drinks, made-to-order specialities, personal travel assistance, shower suites, a business centre, free digital magazines, newspapers, food and beverages, full meals, and premium drinks and much more.


American Airlines Business Class Cancellation Policy

AA Business Class tickets are non-refundable however if you wish to cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchase you can get a full refund. For that, you must have booked at least 2 days prior to the departure date.

The refund will be provided in full amounts with some reductions including sale-imposed non-refundable taxes and service charges for booking via reservations.

Customers purchasing tickets through a travel agency or other booking source are required to contact the respective ticket issuer for a refund.

American Airlines Business Class Review

The Business Class cabin service experience may vary according to the flight route, aircraft type and flight time. Let’s review the American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Business Class.

On the ground, you will benefit from the speedy check-in, priority boarding and security screening at the airport. On a qualifying international, transcontinental or domestic flight, you will get access to the AA Flagship Lounge where you can enjoy various amenities. Delicious food, beverages, personalized service, and shower suites are some major services offered.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER is designed with four-cabin configurations including 8 First Class seats, 52 Business Class seats, 28 Premium Economy Seats, 28 Main Cabin Extra seats and 188 Main Cabin seats. 

Talking about the Business Class seats, you will find big and spacious lie-flat seats with enhanced comfort and leg space. The seat adjustment controls are easily accessible and easy to use. Besides, there is plenty of storage space for your personal belongings.

The food and beverage service depends upon the flight route and flight time. You can enjoy various complementary foods and beverages. Food quality is above average however, the taste might differ according to the passenger’s choice. 

In a nutshell, American Airlines Business Class offers a premium travel experience with spacious and comfy seats, high-level service, Lounge Access, priority check-in and boarding, delicious food and beverages and much more.

American Airlines Business Class vs Flagship Business

The amenities and services offered by American Airlines Business Class and Flagship Business look identical however, there are some differences between these two.

AA Business Class is specially designed for providing a premium international travel experience on shorter international routes between the United States and the Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and select South American cities whereas Flagship Business Class is introduced for long-haul international and transcontinental flights.

Business Class is available with lie-flat seats except on Airbus A319, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 MAX 8. On the other hand, all Flagship Business Class feature lie-flat seats and is only available on Boeing 777-200, B777-300, B787-8, 787-9 Dreamliner and Airbus A321 Transcon (A321T).

Talking about the food, AA Business Class delivers a regular menu with award-winning wines whereas Flagship Business Class features a multi-course meal with award-winning wines and exclusive dishes prepared by elite chefs from the James Beard Foundation.


As we come to the end of this article, we discovered American Airlines Business Class with features, amenities, baggage allowance, seating, food and beverages, reviews and much more.

For more details information on American Airlines Business Class, you can visit the airline’s official website.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Business Class same as First Class on American Airlines?

American Airlines Business Class and First Class look identical however, First Class offers more comfort along with premium food and beverages.

What does business class mean on American?

Business Class on American Airlines means a premium international travel experience on short-haul international, transcontinental or qualifying domestic flights.

Does American Airlines have lie-flat seats in Business Class?

American Airlines offer lie-flat seats in premium aircraft like Boeing 777-300ER and 787 Dreamliner however, aircraft including Airbus A319, Boeing 737-800 and B 737 MAX 8 don’t offer lie-flat seats.

Do you get free drinks in Business Class on American Airlines?

As a Business Class passenger on American Airlines, you will get complimentary drinks including wine, beer and spirits.

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