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Every day, men and women in uniform serve our nation with selfless sacrifice, effortlessly braving various challenges in their line of duty. In recognition of their noble service, a vast number of airlines across the globe graciously offer particular perks to military personnel and their dependents.

Among these incentives is the military baggage waiver – a provision for free baggage. Let’s find out the airlines offering complimentary baggage for military personnel.

Identifying Airlines with Military Baggage Waivers

For our globe-trotting comrades in the military, travel isn’t just an exciting escapade, but a lifestyle. It’s an encompassing tableau of their personal and professional journey, where balancing utility and savings becomes a thrilling tightrope walk.

Airlines extending some form of complimentary baggage allowance for military personnel include:

  1. JetBlue: Provides a 5% discount on flights and offers 5 free checked bags for active duty military, veterans, and their dependents.
  2. Southwest Airlines: Presents exclusive fares and allows 2 free checked bags for active duty military, veterans, and their dependents. Additional bags may be subject to fees.
  3. United Airlines: Grants an additional checked baggage allowance at no cost to active duty military and their dependents on select fares. The specific amount may vary depending on the fare and destination.
  4. Lufthansa Airlines: Offers an extra checked baggage allowance at no charge to active duty military and their dependents on specific routes. The allowance varies depending on the route and fare.
  5. Delta Air Lines: Extends discounts on checked baggage fees for active duty military and their dependents. The discount amount varies based on the fare and destination.
  6. American Airlines: Depending on the destination, active-duty US military with ID receive up to five bags at 100 lbs each when traveling on orders, or three bags at 50 lbs each for personal travel.
  7. Air Canada: Canadian and US military personnel enjoy enhanced baggage allowances on Air Canada, Rouge, and Express flights. They can check up to three bags at 70 lbs each.
  8. Alaska Airlines: Supports the military by offering a free baggage allowance for active duty U.S. military members traveling on official orders. This includes up to five checked bags at no additional cost, providing a significant benefit for military personnel.
  9. Frontier Airlines: Offers free checked baggage for active duty military members traveling on orders. This includes up to four bags, providing a practical solution for military travel needs.
  10. Spirit Airlines: Active duty U.S. military members traveling on orders can check up to two bags for free, providing a budget-friendly option for military travel.
  11. Hawaiian Airlines: Two free checked bags for on-duty military personnel traveling on official orders.

Requirements to get Military Offer

Eligibility: These policies generally pertain to active-duty personnel possessing a valid military ID. Certain airlines may also extend these benefits to retired personnel, veterans, and dependents.

Travel Orders: When journeying on official orders, the allowance for free bags may see an increase.

Weight and Size Restrictions: Comparable to standard baggage regulations, limitations on weight and size are applicable.

Documentation: Ensure readiness to present your military ID and travel orders (if applicable) during the check-in process.

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, several major airlines recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by military personnel, and they demonstrate this appreciation by offering free baggage allowances for eligible travelers. The specific policies and the number of bags allowed vary by airline, so military members need to be aware of the details when planning their trips.

By taking advantage of these offerings, military personnel can experience more seamless and cost-effective travel, allowing them to focus on their duties and responsibilities.

Which airline has free baggage for military?

Delta, American, United, and Hawaiian are among the airlines that extend generous free baggage allowances to active military personnel, whether they are on official duty or traveling for personal reasons.

These allowances typically range from 3 to 5 checked bags, each subject to specific weight and size limits. Similar perks are available for members of the Canadian military when flying with airlines such as Air Canada.

Does Delta Airlines give free baggage to military?

When traveling on official orders with Delta, you can bring up to 5 bags, each measuring 80 linear inches, free of charge. For personal trips, Delta allows 3 bags, with dimensions of up to 62 inches each, to fly for free.

Dependents may also be eligible for complimentary baggage based on their travel orders. It’s essential to pack thoughtfully and present your valid military ID during check-in. With Delta, rest assured that they have your back—and your luggage—covered.

Can military check bags for free on American Airlines?

Hey, if you’re flying with American Airlines and you’re on duty, get ready to take off with a bunch of bags! You can bring up to 5 big bags (each weighing 100 pounds) when you’re on official orders.

If it’s a personal trip, you still get to bring 3 bags, but each should weigh around 50 pounds. And guess what? It’s all for free, though there are some size limits. Enjoy your flight!

Does United Airlines give military free baggage?

Whether you as a military personnel traveling for work or fun, you can pack up to 5 bags for free on official trips via United flights. Each bag can be as heavy as 100 pounds, and when you add up the length, width, and height, it should be no more than 115 inches.

If it’s a personal trip, you still get 3 free bags, and each can weigh up to 70 pounds, with a total size of 62 inches. If you have a family with you, they might get some freebies too—just check with United for the details.

Does Frontier give free bags to military?

When military personnel fly with Frontier, they can pack without worries. You get 2 free checked bags, and each can weigh up to 50 pounds and be 62 inches in size.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for official duty or personal fun—you still get the same awesome deal. And guess what? You also get a free carry-on and personal item! Oh, and here’s a cool thing: if your first two checked bags are a bit bigger or heavier, Frontier won’t charge you extra fees.

Does JetBlue have free baggage for military?

Active members of the U.S. military flying with JetBlue get some great travel benefits! If it’s for leisure, they can bring along 2 checked bags for free, and each bag can weigh up to 50 pounds.

Plus, they get a 5% discount on the base fare with the “MIL” class. But if it’s duty calling, it gets even better—they and their dependents traveling together can bring a total of 5 checked bags for free, and each bag can weigh up to 99 pounds.

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