Atlanta Airport (ATL) is one of the important airports in the United States that primarily serves Atlanta, the capital, and most populous city of the U.S. state of Georgia. The official name of the airport is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

ATL Airport is a primary hub for Delta Air Lines, and also a focus city for Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. It is one of the busiest airports in the world, and is served by domestic as well as international carriers.

If you are traveling through Atlanta Airport, you might be searching for the airport parking facility. We have prepared this detailed blog on airport parking in Atlanta with parking rates, lots, and other important details.

Airport Parking in Atlanta

There are lots of on-airport parking spaces at Atlanta Airport including North Economy, South Economy, Cellphone Lot, International Parking, and Lot C. The parking facility is available 24/7 at the domestic, and international terminals.

Passengers also get shuttle service at the international park ride deck. The availability of parking spaces at Atlanta Airport can be checked through the official website. All parking facilities including EV charging stations are served on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Airport Parking in Atlanta

The airport online parking reservation is available at International Hourly, International Park & Ride, and ATL West Deck. Visitors, and passengers can pre-pay, and reserve a guaranteed space for one-time parking stay. Customers must book prior to 24 hours before arriving at the designated parking spot.

Gold Reserve Parking at Atlanta Airport

There is also a special parking service for those travelers parking at least 12 days per year. The specialized parking service is known as Gold Reserve Parking which doesn’t require you to wait in line to take a ticket or look for a parking space. A separate and reserved parking area is assured for you.

Gold Reserve Parking space can be found adjacent to Terminal North, and Terminal South on the ground level of the parking deck. You can become a Gold Parker by securing your Gold Reserve Membership.

Talking about the rates, you need to make an advanced payment of $200 while setting up your account. You also need to pay a $25 or $40 parking transponder fee. There is an annual minimum usage fee of $408 which is charged to all Gold parkers in the month of January every year.

North Gold, and South Gold parking transponder also allows access to the International Gold Reserve located at the International Terminal. 

Gold Reserve Parking is specially designed for overnight parkers. The hourly parking fee is $3, and increases to a maximum of $34 per 24-hour period. 

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Airport Parking in Atlanta

Atlanta Airport Parking Rates

ATL West Deck$16
ATL Select$10 (Uncovered)
$14 (Covered)
$28 (Oversized)
Park Ride Lot C$10
International Hourly$36
International Park Ride$14
Note: The above rates are subject to change. The vehicles currently in the lot will pay the rate at the time of entry.

Atlanta Airport Domestic Parking Rates

The domestic parking services at Atlanta Airport include Hourly (Short-term) Parking, Daily Parking (Covered Deck), Economy Parking, ATL West Parking, ATL Select (Uncovered), Covered, and parking for Oversized Vehicles.

Hourly Parking (Short-Term)Closest to each terminal entrance (North, and South Hourly Parking Lots)$3.00/hr – 1st hour
$3.00/hr – 2nd hour
$4.00/hr – 3rd – 6th hour
$36.00/day after 6 hours
$36.00/day each additional day
Lost Ticket Fee = Maximum Daily Rate Plus Duration of Stay
Daily Parking (Covered Deck)Directly across from each terminal (4-level overnight parking)$3.00/hour
$19.00/day maximum
Lost Ticket Fee = Maximum Daily Rate Plus Duration of Stay
Economy ParkingNext to the Parking Decks (North, and South)$3.00/hour
$14.00/day maximum
Lost Ticket Fee = Maximum Daily Rate Plus Duration of Stay
ATL West Parking4199 Skytrain Way, College Park, GA 30337$3.00/hour- 1st – 3rd hour
$16.00/day after 3 hours
$16.00/day each additional day
Lost Ticket Fee = Maximum Daily Rate Plus Duration of Stay
ATL Select (Uncovered)1800 Sullivan Rd. College Park, GA 30337$3.00/hour- 1st – 3rd hour
$10.00/day after 3 hours

Rates for Covered, and Oversized Vehicles

Covered$3.00/hour- 1st – 4th hour
$14.00/day after 4 hours
Oversized Vehicles$6.00/hour- 1st – 4th hour
$28.00/day after 4 hours
Lost Ticket Fee = Maximum Daily Rate Plus Duration of Stay

Atlanta Airport International Parking Rates

The international parking facility at Atlanta Airport offers hourly parking, and international park ride (covered deck) services.

International HourlyNear Check-in, and arrivals (over 1,100 parking spaces)$3.00/hr – 1st hour
$3.00/hr – 2nd hour
$4.00/hr -3rd – 6th hour
$36.00/day after 6 hours
$36.00/day for each additional day
Lost Ticket Fee = Maximum Daily Rate Plus Duration of Stay
International Park Ride (Covered Deck)Maynard H. Jackson, Jr Boulevard, just west of Loop Road (2,400 parking spaces)$3.00/hour
$14.00/day maximum
Lost Ticket Fee = Maximum Daily Rate Plus Duration of Stay

How to find cheap airport parking in Atlanta?

For the best, and cheaper rates, you can search for nearby parking spaces that offer amazing deals. Airport Parking Reservations is one of the useful websites to find great deals on airport parking.

Just visit and select departure airport along with Parking Check-in and Check-out date. Once you click the ‘Search’ button, the system will display various parking offers. In addition to the cheap parking options, Airport Parking Reservations also provides the best value with Hotel and Parking Package.

airport parking reservations atl aviatechchannel
Airport Parking in Atlanta

In this example, we are selecting Atlanta Airport (ATL) as our Departure airport with a check-in date of October 6 and October 23 for the check-out. After clicking the ‘Search’ button, you will find parking places with a discounted rate.

cheap airport parking in atlanta aviatechchannel
Airport Parking in Atlanta

Here in the screenshot, PreFlight Airport Parking is offering an 18 percent discount which makes it $10.75 per day from $13.00. It is just 1.7 miles away, and provides free shuttle services to the airport. 

Conclusion on Airport Parking in Atlanta

We explored parking options with rates, parking types, and availability at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The parking locations available at the airport are North Economy, South Economy, North Cellphone Lot, South Cellphone Lot, International Parking, Gold Reserve Parking, and much more.

For cheaper airport parking, you can visit the Airport Parking Reservations to get amazing deals. 

FAQs on Airport Parking in Atlanta

How much does it cost to park at Atlanta Airport?

The parking rate at Atlanta International Airport (ATL) ranges from $3 per hour to $36 per day depending on the parking lots. You can find cheaper rates at the nearby offsite parking locations.

Where should I park at Atlanta Airport?

For domestic flights, you can use the domestic parking facility (Terminal North, and Terminal South) at Atlanta Airport. Likewise, you can use International Parking (International Terminal) for international flights.

How much is long-term parking at Atlanta Airport?

The long-term parking at Atlanta International Airport (ATL) ranges from $19 per day to $36 per day.

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