Do you have a passion for the aviation field and want to excel as an aircraft engineer? If it is so then you have a couple of options to fulfill your dream. You can become an aerospace engineer, an aeronautical engineer, or an aircraft maintenance engineer in Nepal.

In this article, we will cover all the details on becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal(AME) including the requirements, training procedures, cost, scope, salary, vacancy, and other aspects of the AME.

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) deals with regular maintenance, defect rectification, aircraft avionics, electrical, electronic equipment, instrument maintenance, and base maintenance. To become a certified AME, you must obtain License from the aviation authority after getting trained by an approved organization.

The best course for AME is EASA Part 66 and in the case of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal, it is known as NCAR Part 66. EASA stands for European Aviation Safety Agency and NCAR stands for Nepalese Civil Airworthiness Requirements.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Category


The AME training course is divided into three categories namely Category A, Category B, and Category C. Category A is known for Aircraft Technician, Category B is known for Aircraft Engineer while Category C represents Base Maintenance Engineer.

Category A

Category A license holder AME technician is authorized to conduct scheduled line maintenance and rectify simple defects of the aircraft. This is the basic job of an aircraft engineer and requires less complexity.

Cat A is divided into three sub-categories which are as follows:

A1 – This sub category covers Turbine Engine Airplanes

A2 – This sub category covers Piston Engine Airplanes

A3 – This sub category covers Turbine Engine Helicopter

A4 – This sub category convers Piston Engine Helicopter

Category B

Category B license holder AME Engineer is certified for aircraft structure maintenance, avionics, electrical, mechanical, powerplant maintenance and also has the authority to issue a certificate of release to service. This category is further divided into three sub-categories: B1, B2, and B3.


B1 certified AME engineer is allowed to conduct maintenance of aircraft structure, powerplant, mechanical, electrical systems, and also the simple test of the avionics systems. This sub-category is also divided into four sub-categories which are as follows:

B1.1 – covers Turbine Engine Airplane

B1.2 – covers Piston Engine Airplane

B1.3 – covers Turbine Engine Helicopter

B1.4 – covers Piston Engine Helicopter


B2 certified AME is authorized to conduct aircraft structure, parts maintenance, powerplant, mechanical, electronic, avionics system maintenance and also issue a certificate of release to service.


B3 certified engineer is only allowed to conduct the maintenance of non-pressurized light aircraft.

Category C

Category C is the highest level of AME as it requires ample experience and expertise. Cat C licensed engineers are responsible for the base maintenance of the aircraft like C-Checks, D-Checks, and complete overhaul. Besides, the Cat C engineer has the authority to supervise the Cat A technicians and Cat B engineers.

How to choose AME Category?

If you are interested in becoming a Technician then, Cat A is the best option however, in the case of the advanced role and for engineering level, Cat B is suitable. Cat C requires experience of more than 3 years with a Cat B license so, Cat A or Cat B is the starting option for aircraft maintenance engineers.

While undergoing Cat A course, students can complete the theory modules of Cat B and then upgrade to the Cat B license after fulfilling the maintenance experience requirement.

Requirements to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal

Age Requirement

You must be 18 years when applying for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal. Training can be taken if the age is below 18 years however, the required age must be fulfilled while obtaining an AME license.

Educational Requirement

The minimum educational qualification to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal is a 10 +2 Science pass with Physics and Mathematics. Those who hold Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautics, Mechanical, or Electronics Engineering can take the NCAR Part 66 examinations and become licensed aircraft maintenance engineers.

Choosing Training Institutes


Students can choose foreign institutes while they also can study Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal. There are some aviation institutes in Kathmandu which provide EASA Part 66 AME course in collaboration with foreign training organizations.


If you have less budget then you can study AME here in Nepal however, foreign training organizations are best in terms of authenticity and practical maintenance experience.

Training Duration

The training duration of the EASA Part 66 AME course depends upon the Categories. Category A requires almost 2.5 years whereas Category B takes 3 to 4 years for completion. These stats also vary with the training organizations and the country where they operate in.

Students will get both the theory and practical training simultaneously during the course period. Practical experience is mandatory for an AME license so, institutes provide live aircraft maintenance opportunities in EASA Part-147 approved training organization and EASA Part-145 approved maintenance organization. In the case of Nepal, it must be NCAR Part-147 approved training organization and NCAR Part-145 approved maintenance organization.

How to apply for AME Course?

If you opt to study Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal, there are some colleges here in Kathmandu offering EASA Part 66 course. Aviotrace Nepal School of Technology (ANST) and Northern Light Academy of Aviation and Technology (NAAT) are the two colleges that offer AME course. You can visit these colleges, get appropriate information and initiate an aircraft maintenance engineering course.

Students need to fulfill all documentation requirements and apply for the visa after getting an offer letter from foreign institutes. You can seek help from education consultancies in Kathmandu for applying for an AME course in foreign countries.

Training Cost

EASA Part 66 AME course is expensive than other engineering courses. It costs more than Nrs.15 lakhs for Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal whereas the cost surpasses Nrs.30 lakhs in foreign countries due to visa charges, accommodation, practical charges, and other miscellaneous costs. The cost also varies with the Categories as Cat B is expensive than Cat A.

Scope of AME in Nepal


If you hold a valid AME license, there is a good opportunity in private airlines of Nepal. You can also directly apply for Nepal Airlines and Nepali Army if you hold Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics, Mechanical, or Electronics Engineering.

Private airlines are expanding their fleet size and new airlines will certainly arrive in the future. So, the scope of an aircraft maintenance engineer is good in Nepal as it is one of the vital and mandatory jobs in the aviation industry.

What is the salary of an AME?

The salary of a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal starts from Nrs.50,000 per month for fresher candidates and the amount increases once the experience and expertise furnish. The salary varies from airline to airline.



Airlines publish vacancies for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Nepal on their official website, social media pages, and newspapers. Vacancy of Nepal Airlines and Nepali Army is also published officially. Candidates can apply for the AME post if they fulfill all the requirements.

This is everything you need to know about pursuing your career as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer in Nepal. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us through our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) or mail at [email protected]

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