Delta Air Lines is one of the biggest carriers in the United States that operates more than 5,500 daily flights to various domestic and international destinations. It is also recognised as one of the world’s oldest airlines in operation.

Delta has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and operates its flights from 9 different hubs located at airports across the country.

Airbus A350, A330, A321, Boeing 737-900ER and B737 are among the top fleet in operation at Delta. Talking about cabin services, the airline currently offers Delta One, Premium Select, First Class, Comfort Plus and Main Cabin.

With every fare class, Delta passengers enjoy various amenities including in-flight entertainment. Delta Inflight Wifi is one of the amazing features that you can enjoy throughout your entire flight.

In this article, we will discover Delta Inflight Wifi with its features, cost, connection processes and much more.

Introduction to Delta Inflight Wifi

People get bored easily today if they don’t have access to entertainment like the internet and television. Keeping this in mind, almost every airline company across the globe offer inflight wifi and other entertainment facilities.

Delta Air Lines offers Inflight Wifi in partnership with Gogo and Viasat that allows passengers to stay connected, use email and surf the web. The majority of the fleets operated by Delta are equipped with inflight Wifi.

Wi-Fi TechnologyAvailable On
KA from Viasat – New high-speed Wi-Fi technology with video streaming capability from pushback to parkSelect Airbus A321, Boeing 737-900 and Boeing 757-200
2Ku from Gogo – High-speed internet available from aircraft pushback to park.Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, Boeing 757-200 (select), Boeing 757-300, Airbus A220, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321 (select), Airbus A330-900 and Airbus A350
Ku from Gogo – Available above 10,000 feet and beyond and over water on international flights.Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Boeing 757-200 (select), Boeing 767-300 and Boeing 767-400
Air-to-Ground – Available above 10,000 feet and beyond on short-haul flights.Bombardier CRJ-700, CRJ-900, Embraer E-170, E-175 and Boeing 717

Delta Inflight Wifi Gogo

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Delta Air Lines has partnered with Gogo which is an inflight internet company and entertainment provider. Gogo offers products and services for both airlines and passengers.

The inflight Wifi offered by Delta Air Lines is accessible to all passengers during their entire flight. As per the airline, the wifi is fast, reliable and has good streaming quality.

Viasat Inflight Wifi Delta

Besides Gogo, Delta Air Lines has also partnered with Viasat for a total of 313 aircraft. Viasat inflight Wi-Fi is available on over 250 Delta routes and covers 40 per cent of mainline aircraft including 127 A321ceos, 130 Boeing 737-900s and 56 select Boeing 757-200s.

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The new Viasat Wifi is faster and features a fast-streaming Viasat Ka-Band Wi-fi technology. As per the report published by Delta, over 17 million devices were connected on 200,000 flights with Viasat-equipped aircraft since June 2021.

“New Wi-Fi on Delta is faster and more reliable than ever before,” said Glenn Latta, Managing Director – In-Flight Connectivity. “We’ve put this connection through countless tests and scrutinized every detail to ensure customers are getting speed and reliability that exceeds their expectations.”

Viasat is one of the popular internet companies that use advanced technology and allows video streaming from aircraft pushback to parking.

Delta Inflight Wifi Cost (Day Pass, Monthly & Annual Plan)

Delta Inflight Wifi is not available for free so, passengers are required to purchase a day pass or monthly plan. The pricings of all available plans are displayed in the table below.

Day PassStarting from $16All Delta Wi-Fi-equipped flights
Monthly Domestic Plan$49.95Only on domestic flights within the United States, Canada and Mexico (Subject to Network Coverage availability)
Monthly Global Plan$69.95All Delta Wi-Fi Equipped Flights
Annual Airlines Plan$599Yearly access on domestic flights equipped with Gogo Inflight Wi-fi

Delta Wifi Free Messaging

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Delta Air Lines passengers can connect to the Delta Inflight Wifi and use the Free messaging service without paying for a day pass or subscriptions. They can use their smartphone, tablet or laptop and text for free using iMessage, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The only limitation is that the free messaging allows text and emojis only.

Delta Inflight Wifi Day Pass 

If you don’t want to purchase subscriptions, you can go for the Delta Inflight Wifi Day pass whose pricing starts at $16 for a 24-hour domestic flight and $28 for international flights.

How do I connect to Delta Wi-Fi?

You can either purchase Delta Inflight Wifi and surf the internet without any limitations or can simply connect and use free messaging without any charges.

how do i connect to delta wifi aviatechchannel

Connect to Delta Wi-Fi (Use Free Messaging or purchase a Wifi pass)

Step 1: Connect to

You can find Delta Wifi on the Wifi settings of your device. Turn your Wi-Fi on and connect to the Delta Wifi.

Step 2: Access the Wi-Fi Portal

Once you connect with, you will be redirected to the Wi-Fi Portal. If this doesn’t happen, simply type ‘’ in your internet search bar and you will reach the Wi-Fi portal.

Step 3: Choose Free Messaging or Purchase a Wifi pass)

After accessing the Wi-Fi portal, you have options to choose Free Messaging or purchase a Wi-Fi pass. 

Delta Inflight Wifi Not Working (Solutions)

If your Delta Inflight Wifi is not working, you can check the settings on your device or seek assistance from the flight attendant.

You can go through some checks listed below to see if it works.

  • Ensure your device is on Airplane mode and is connected to
  • If you are not redirected to the Wi-Fi portal after connecting, you can type ‘’ in your browser which will take you to the portal.
  • Check the network settings on your device to find out any issues.

Delta Inflight Wifi Multiple Devices

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Passengers can connect any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone to the Delta Inflight Wifi from Viasat or Gogo network if they have purchased a Wi-Fi day pass or subscriptions. However, they are not allowed to use Wi-Fi on more than one device simultaneously.

Multiple devices can be connected to the Delta Inflight Wifi but all connected devices don’t get access to the internet service simultaneously. 

Is Wifi Free on Delta One?

Delta One is the premium cabin class offered by Delta Air Lines that provides various amenities and perks to the passengers. Is Wifi Free on Delta One?

Well, you can use Delta Inflight Wifi for free messaging, booking & changing flights or checking flight status. However, to surf the internet, passengers need to purchase their Wi-Fi subscription for which they can pay for Wi-Fi passes on board or ahead of their trip.

The Wi-Fi pass pricing starts at $8 per flight but passengers can purchase a monthly domestic plan for $49.95 and a monthly global plan for $69.95.

Can I Purchase Delta Wifi Inflight?

You can purchase Wi-Fi passes and subscriptions on board using the Wi-Fi portal after connecting to 

Besides, subscriptions can also be purchased ahead of your flight.

Does Delta Offer free Wifi on international flights?

Delta Inflight Wifi is not free on international flights but you can use it for free messaging, checking flight status and booking & changing flights without paying for a Wi-Fi pass or subscription.

Delta Inflight Wifi Review

Getting high-speed internet at a higher altitude is not that easy due to various technological factors. However, Delta has partnered with Viasat to offer the fastest Wi-Fi service high up in the sky.


As per the speed test conducted on one of the Delta Flight at 32,000 ft above sea level, the report showed a Download speed of 55.9 Mbps and an upload speed of 8.13 Mbps. These speed calculations are not bad speeds for an aircraft up that high in the sky.

At present, Viasat Wi-Fi is available only on Airbus A321ceo, Boeing 737-900ER and Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Delta will replace Gogo with Viasat technology on all aircraft soon.


If you are planning to fly with Delta, you can enjoy Delta Inflight Wifi offered in partnership with Gogo and Viasat technology. Both these companies feature reliable internet however, Viasat is equipped with the latest technology that can provide high-speed internet along with streaming capability from aircraft pushback to park.

You can purchase a Wi-Fi pass or subscriptions on board or before your trip. Besides, you can use Delta Inflight Wifi for free messaging via iMessage, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Not only that, you can book, change flights and check your flight status.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect to Delta Wi-Fi?

To connect to Delta Inflight Wifi, you need to open your network settings and connect to ‘’ which will take you to the Wi-Fi portal where you can choose Free messaging or purchase a Wi-Fi pass or subscriptions.

How much is Delta Wi-Fi per day?

The Delta Wi-Fi day pass pricing starts at $16. Besides, passengers can also purchase a 1-hour Wi-Fi pass for $8.

How do I get free Wi-Fi on Delta?

You can use Delta Inflight Wifi for free messaging, flight booking & changing and checking flight status. For that, you need to connect to which will redirect to the Wi-Fi portal where you will have the option to choose Free Messaging.

Can I watch Netflix on Delta?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on Delta Air Lines as it supports the Netflix platform and allows you to stream Netflix’s content to your devices.

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