Alaska Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States with its headquarters in SeaTac, Washington. It operates flights to various destinations in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, and Canada with a fleet capacity of over 300 including Boeing 737, Airbus A320, and Embraer E175 aircraft.

At present, Alaska operates from major hubs including Seattle/Tacoma, Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco. Besides, San Jose and San Diego are the focus cities.

Alaska offers Mileage Plan Elite Status loyalty program to its loyal customers, and frequent flyers. There are four levels of this program which are MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold 100K.

Today, we will discuss ‘How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold?’ in this informative blog. We will go through the requirements to qualify for the MVP Gold status, and also explore all the benefits.

What is Alaska Airlines MVP Gold Status?

Big airline companies offer loyalty programs to their frequent flyers, and loyal customers. Such programs are designed to enhance the travel experience by providing various amenities.

Alaska Airlines has its own loyalty program which is known as a Mileage Plan Elite Status that consists of four levels including MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold 100K.

MVP Gold is the third-highest level of the Mileage Plan Status that features various perks such as complimentary checked baggage, Alaska Lounge Discount, Priority travel services, complimentary upgrades, and much more.

We will explore all the benefits of MVP Gold but before that, let’s find out the requirements to qualify for this level.

How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold? (Requirements)

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Elite Status can be achieved in three ways as listed below.

  • Earning Eligible Miles while flying on Alaska Airlines, Oneworld Alliance, and Global Partner Airlines
  • Achieving Eligible Segments Flown on Alaska Airlines, Oneworld Alliance, and Global Partner Airlines
  • Matching Status with another airline
How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold? (Requirements)

The following table shows the requirements to qualify for Alaska Airlines MVP Gold status.

Eligible Miles Earned on Alaska Airlines, Oneworld Alliance, and Global Partners40,000
Eligible Segments flown on Alaska Airlines, Oneworld Alliance, and Global Partners60
Qualification via Eligible Miles or segments (must include a minimum number of flights marketed and operated by Alaska Airlines)6

As per the table above, Alaska customers are required to gain at least 40,000 eligible miles or fly at least 60 segments on Alaska Airlines, Oneworld Alliance, or its Global partners. Among these flights, 6 of them must be marketed and operated by Alaska Airlines.

Members who fly 1,000,000 miles on Alaska are granted MVP Gold status for life.

The miles, or segments earned by the passengers must be achieved in a calendar year. For example, the minimum number of Alaska flight segments to earn or retain status for 2023 must be flown in the calendar year 2022.

How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold? (An illustration Video)

Besides, passengers flying with Oneworld Partner airlines can also earn MVP status via Status Match Challenge. They can verify their earned frequent flyer status, and gain the equivalent Alaska Mileage Plan status for 90 days. 

Bonus miles, complimentary upgrades, priority boarding, and complimentary checked baggage are the top benefits of the Status Match Challenge. So, what are the member airlines eligible for Status Match Challenge? The following table shows the Oneworld Priority Status equivalent to the Alaska Mileage Plan status.

Air CanadaAltitude 50K
American AirlinesAAdvantage Platinum
Delta Air LinesGold Medallion
Frontier Airlines50K
Hawaiian AirlinesPualani Platinum
Southwest AirlinesA-List Preferred
United AirlinesPremier Gold

If you have achieved a status level equivalent to MVP Gold on any airlines listed in the table above, you can upload a screenshot of your elite status with that airline, and gain amenities of Alaska Airlines MVP Gold status. 

Passengers can visit this page on Alaska’s official website, and submit their screenshot along with other required details.

What are the benefits of Alaska MVP Gold?

MVP Gold Benefits (How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold?)

With Alaska MVP Gold status, passengers receive earning benefits, flight benefits, airport benefits, and service benefits.

Earning Benefits100% Elite Bonus Miles
Flight BenefitsFirst Class Upgrades at the time of booking (Y, B, H, or K fares)
Premium Class Upgrades at the time of booking (Y, B, H, K, M, L, V, S, or N fares)
First and Premium Class Upgrades on Alaska non-qualifying fares (72 hours before departure)
Companion upgrades to First Class, and Premium Class
First Class Guest Upgrades (Max. 4 per year)
Complimentary Premium Beverage, or Chocolate in Main Cabin
Airport Benefits Priority Travel Services
2 Free Checked Bags
Preferred Seating
Alaska Lounge Membership discount
Standy and waitlist for full flights
Service BenefitsPriority Call routing in call centers
Elite Leave for new parents
Complimentary same-day flight changes
Oneworld PriorityOneworld Sapphire

Earning Benefits (Elite Bonus Miles)

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold status holders receive a 100% bonus on base miles earned. For instance, passengers earn 500 base miles, and a 100% MVP Gold bonus if their flight with Alaska covers 500 miles.

The base miles are always equal to actual miles flown with a minimum of 500 base miles earned on Alaska-marketed and operated flights. The elite bonus miles are calculated from the base miles earned.

Flight Benefits

MVP Gold Status members get various benefits on flights including complimentary premium beverage, First Class Upgrades, Premium Class Upgrades, and Companion Upgrades.

First Class Upgrades at the time of bookingY, B, H, or K fares
Premium Class Upgrades at the time of bookingY, B, H, K, M, L, V, S, or N fares
First, and Premium Class upgrades on Alaska non-qualifying fares72 hours before departure
Companion Upgrades to First ClassAvailable on all fares except Saver Fares
Companion Upgrades to Premium ClassAvailable on all fares except Saver Fares
Complimentary Premium Beverage or Chocolate in Main CabinAvailable on most flights over 350 miles
Important Note: Complimentary First Class upgrades are booked in U service class, and may not be available on all flights. It is also not available on heavily discounted fares including bulk or industry tickets. Likewise, Premium Class, and First Class upgrades are booked in X class of service, and are not available on Saver Fares.

Airport Benefits

The benefits offered by MVP Gold status at the airport include Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, 2 Free Checked Baggage, Preferred seating, Express Security Line (at Select Airports), Standby & Wait List for full flights, and Alaska Lounge Membership Discount.

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold Baggage Allowance

How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold? (Baggage Allowance)

MVP Gold members can carry 2 free checked baggage with a weight limit of 50 lbs (23 kg) on each bag. The maximum allowed dimension on the checked bag is 62 inches or 157 cm (Length + Width + Height).

Service Benefits 

The service benefits of MVP Gold Status are priority call routing in call centers, Elite Leave for new parents, and complimentary same-day flight changes (not available on Saver Fares). 

Oneworld Priority

Mileage Plus MVP Gold members are also entitled to ‘Oneworld Sapphire’ status. 

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold Benefits on American Airlines

MVP Gold passengers can enjoy additional benefits on top of Oneworld Priority benefits when flying with American Airlines as a Mileage Plan member.

Passengers holding MVP Gold status are provided complimentary access to select extra legroom seats (Main Cabin Extra seating) on American Airlines Flights. These seats can be accessed at the time of booking.

The extra legroom seating is subject to availability, and there is no waitlist for Main Cabin Extra seats. Those passengers flying on Basic Economy fares are not eligible for extra legroom seats.

Conclusion on How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold

We have reached the end of the blog where we discovered ‘How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold Status?’. We are pretty sure you have understood all the requirements to obtain MVP Gold. Besides, all benefits were discussed.

MVP Gold is the third-highest level of the Mileage Plus status level that requires at least 40,000 qualifying miles, or 60 flight segments with Alaska Airlines, Oneworld partner airlines, and Global partners.

Let’s conclude with the major benefits of MVP Gold.

  • 100% Elite Bonus Miles
  • First Class, and Premium Class Upgrades
  • Priority Travel Services
  • Alaska Lounge Membership Discount
  • Complimentary same-day Flight Changes
  • Oneworld Sapphire Status
  • Complimentary Premium Beverage

FAQs on How to get Alaska Airlines MVP Gold

What do you get with MVP Gold?

Alaska MVP Gold Status offers various benefits such as complimentary upgrades, 100% Elite bonus miles, Alaska Lounge membership discount, complimentary premium beverage, priority travel services, and much more.

Do Alaska MVP Gold members get free drinks?

Alaska MVP Gold Status members can enjoy a complimentary premium beverage that is available on flights over 350 miles. 

What is MVP Gold Guest upgrade?

Guest upgrades are electronic upgrade codes provided to MVP Gold members to use to upgrade friends or family members who are not traveling with them, or for their own use for an immediate upgrade when not purchasing a qualifying fare.

Does MVP Gold get access to Alaska Lounge?

MVP Gold members are not offered complimentary access to Alaska Lounge however, they receive a special discount on Alaska Lounge annual membership.

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