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Ever wondered if you can enjoy a refreshing drink while soaring through the skies with Alaska Airlines?

In this blog, we’re diving into the details to answer the burning question: Is alcohol served on Alaska Airlines?

Do they serve alcohol on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines does provide alcohol onboard, but only the beverages they offer can be consumed; bringing your alcohol, even if purchased at the airport, is not permitted due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

The alcohol served by Alaska Airlines, available in both First Class and Main Cabin with some variations, includes beer, wine, spirits, and mixers. These drinks can be purchased individually or as part of a meal or beverage package.

Bringing your alcohol is not allowed for onboard consumption, even if unopened, and must be checked in your luggage if it meets specific requirements, such as being less than 24% alcohol by volume, in its original retail packaging, and up to 5 liters per person or package.

It’s important to note that alcohol service may be limited on certain routes or flights, and Alaska Airlines reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who appears intoxicated. The minimum drinking age on all flights is 21.

Types of Alcohol Served on Alaska Flights

The types of alcohol served on Alaska Airlines vary depending on your flight class and route, but here’s a general overview:

First Class:

  • Beer: Often featuring local brewery options like New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Ale or Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing Hazy IPA.
  • Wine: Typically a selection of red and white wines, sometimes from specific regions like Browne Family Vineyards Generations Red Blend or Domaine St. Vincent Sparkling Wine.
  • Spirits: Popular choices include Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Bacardi Rum, Aviation Gin, Tito’s Vodka, and Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka.
  • Specialty cocktails: Occasionally offered, like Straightaway Margarita or Straightaway Oregon Old Fashioned.

Main Cabin:

  • Beer: A smaller selection compared to First Class, usually one or two popular options like New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Ale.
  • Wine: Often limited to a basic red and white wine.
  • Spirits: A more limited selection compared to First Class, might include Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, Tito’s Vodka, or Bacardi Rum.
  • Hard cider: On some flights, like those to/from Hawaii, Schilling Hard Cider Local Legend Semi-Sweet might be available.

Alcohol Policies of Alaska Airlines

In the lively buzz of a plane cabin, the air sprinkles with laughter and the gentle clink of glasses toasting to new adventures ahead. Alaska Airlines, renowned for its proactive customer service, readily offers complimentary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages for purchase (beer, wine, spirits).

However, it’s a little more nuanced in First Class – here, lucky passengers are treated to complimentary beer, wine, and hand-crafted cocktails.

The Big Question: Can You Bring Your Alcohol?

For those of us who love a certain brand of gin to toast our journeys or perhaps wine from a favorite vineyard, there’s always the query: ‘Can I bring my alcohol?’ Now, Alaska Airlines does allow you to pack alcohol in your luggage (below 24% alcohol volume – limitless, between 24-70% alcohol volume – limited to 5 liters per passenger).

However, does this mean you can whip out your personally curated whiskey midflight? Hmmm. That’s not quite the scene. You see, Federal Aviation Regulations firmly say ‘no’. The crew are the only ones who can serve drinks when you’re cruising above the clouds, ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers.

Minors and Alcohol

With a brand name resonating with responsibility, Alaska Airlines adheres strictly to the age-old American adage – “nobody under 21 serves or sips alcohol”. Minors, even if they travel alone, are strictly prohibited from purchasing alcohol onboard.

When the inflight party ceases

Yes, as we wanderlust-fueled folks understand, all parties must come to an end. As you approach your adventurous destination, the crew will offer last call service about an hour before landing. After that, seat back, relax and daydream about the awaiting adventure.

Navigating the world of travel policies ensures smoother skies, so next time you find yourself buckled in aboard Alaska Airlines, you’ll be well aware of the “bar above the clouds”. Here’s to raising a proverbially alcohol-free glass to in-flight wisdom and safe travels!

Variety of Alcoholic Beverages

Saddle up, wanderer souls! Dive right into the enthralling topic of the divine nectar – Alcohol, available on board, flying high with Alaska Airlines. Sky-high, endless cloud beds, and your favorite tipple – a combination that will charm even the stoic hearts!

The allure of craft cocktails and brewed beers during air travel is nothing less than enchanting. In this fine-stringed tune of journey and joy, Alaska Airlines excels in offering a perfect symphony of taste. With a smart selection of spirits, you can count on an elevated experience even before reaching the altitude.

While you soar above the clouds, the airline raises the spirits high – with a finely sifted inventory of brews and ‘boozes’. Unwind your senses with a robust line-up of beer, localized to your flight route – Alaskan Amber Ale, Fremont Lush IPA, Kona Longboard Island Lager, or terminal gravity IPA, are just the tip of the iceberg! Pair it with the enigmatic cloudscape, and you’ve got a perfect feast for the senses.

Ensconce into the warmth of the wine world with their eclectic range of red, white, and sparkling varieties. Whether you are a connoisseur puffing with a Pinot Noir or a Sparkling wine aficionado, Alaska Airlines’ beverage program caters to all taste buds. From a diversity of wine regions, you get to savor a touch of Napa Valley, a kiss of Columbia Valley, and everything in between!

As you rest amidst the tranquil noise, the airline’s selection of spirits adds a dash of vibrancy. From Bailey’s Irish cream to the smoky Jim Beam, the palate celebrates the myriad tones of mixed drinks. A sip of Bombay Sapphire or Ketel One vodka while cruising around the sky illuminates the soul and paves the path to new stories, new friendships, and new experiences.

The journey with Alaska Airlines allures beyond mere transport; it is a quest for the soul. The mixed palette of captivating tastes truly reflects the ethos of travelers – variety, curiosity, and joy. Tread on a quest for flavor, soar high into the sky – enjoy aboard Alaska Airlines, explore new facets of life, and create some unforgettable stories.

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