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You might be wondering whether flights happening around the globe can be tracked or not. Have you heard about flight tracking applications and software? If not, such applications can be used to track live and real-time flights.

What about tracking flights on specific airlines? Well, you can track active flights by using the flight status services provided by the respective airlines. Some airlines might not offer flight status services and in that case, you can use flight tracker applications for live and real-time tracking.

In this particular blog, we will explore the topic ‘How to track a flight on American Airlines?’.

First of all, let’s find out what flight tracking really means.

What is Flight Tracking System and its function?

Flight Tracking System is a service that uses various technologies for tracking active flights, airport activity and aircraft movement. 

There are various flight trackers available in the market that allows you to track real-time information about flights and thousands of aircraft flying across the globe.

Some famous flight tracking services include:

  • FlightRadar24
  • FlightAware
  • RadarBox
  • VariFlight
  • Plane Finder

To use these flight tracking services, you need to subscribe to their service by paying a monthly or yearly fee. You can also use these services for free with certain limitations.

Now that we have explored some basic details on the flight tracking system, let’s move ahead and learn to track a flight on American Airlines.

How to track a flight on American Airlines?

American Airlines offers Flight Status services which you can access through the airline’s official website or the mobile application. 

This service allows you to track flights in two ways:

  • Inserting Destination airport, arrival airport and flight date
  • Using Flight Number

If you are just wanting to check the status of your flight, you can use the following services available on the American Airlines official website. Otherwise, you need to use flight tracking services like FlightAware, RadarBox, FlightRadar24 for real-time and live flight tracking. We will discuss this topic also in the section below.

Using Departure, Arrival and Flight Date Information

Let us assume you are tracking an American Airlines flight from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta to Washington Dulles International Airport. To track active flights in this route, you can follow the steps below.

  • First of all, visit the American Airlines Flight Status site where you will find the option to search flights by cities and flight number.
american airlines flight status service aviatechchannel
  • You can select the departure airport by typing the location. For instance, you can write Atlanta and you will find an option for ATL – Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson, GA.
  • In the third option, select the flight date and click the ‘Search’ button. After clicking, you will find all the flights departing from Atlanta and arriving at Dulles.
american airlines flight status tracking aviatechchannel
  • If you require more information, you can click the Check Status link through which you will be able to see the departure time, arrival time and aircraft time.
american airlines flight status alerts aviatechchannel

In this photo, you can see that American Airlines Flight 2770 is awaiting takeoff from Atlanta with Airbus A321. You can also get alerts for this flight including departure reminders and arrival updates by submitting your email or phone number.

american airlines flight alerts via email phone aviatechchannel

Track American Airlines Flight using Flight Number

Besides using arrival, departure and flight date details, you can directly input Flight Number and select flight date to check the flight status right away. For that, you can follow the following easy steps.

  • Hop into American Airlines Flight Status site and then select Flight Number in the ‘Search by’ section.
insert flight number aviatechchannel
  • For instance, you are trying to track American Airlines Flight 1449. Insert this number on the Flight Number box and select flight date. After that, click the ‘Search’ button.
on time flight status american airlines aviatechchannel

Once you click the search button, you can see that flight 1449 is on time and is scheduled to depart from Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas at 10:19 AM local time and arrive at Dulles at 2:00 PM local time. The aircraft for flight 1449 is Airbus A319. You can also see the terminal and gate details at the departure airport along with baggage claim details at the arrival airport. 

Furthermore, you can acquire incoming flight information and also get alerts for flight 1449 by submitting your email address or phone number.

get flight alerts aviatechchannel

Learn to check Southwest Airlines flights and track live.

Track American Airlines Flight Live

You can use various flight tracking services to track American Airlines Flight Live. In this example, we will look at FlightAware Flight Tracking service to track American Airlines Flight 9819.


First of all, visit the FlightAware website and then insert AA9819 in the Search box located at the top section. You will find the option for American Airlines 9819 and after selecting this option, you will find all the flight details including live flight tracking.

american airlines flight tracking flightaware aviatechchannel

In this image, you can see that American Airlines Flight 9819 is currently flying midway from Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) to Incheon International Airport (ICN). The flight took off at 06:51 PM CST and is on time. The aircraft Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has gained a total travel time of 1 hour and 7 minutes till now.

Track American Airlines Flight in Realtime

In addition to these details, you can see the real-time flight on the FlightAware map which also shows the altitude and airspeed of the aircraft.

flightaware live flight tracking aviatechchannel

Below the flight tracking map, you can see the aircraft details including aircraft type, registration, airline company, flight data (Speed, Altitude and Distance), Aircraft photos along with past flights records.

flightaware aircraft flight history aviatechchannel

This is how you can track flights live using flight tracking services like FlightAware. Besides, there are various other services offering flight tracking such as RadarBox, FlightRadar24, Variflight and so on.

Find my flight on American Airlines

If you are facing problems finding your flight, you can use the ‘Find your trip’ service provided by American Airlines to easily locate your flight. For that, you need to visit the airlines official site and access the ‘Find your trip’ page.

find my flight american airlines aviatechchannel

The first option is to insert your first name, last name and Confirmation/Record Locator (Confirmation/Record Locator is a 6-letter code that can be found on your boarding pass and confirmation email). After inserting these details, you can click the ‘Find you trip’ button to find your flight on American Airlines. 

With the second option, you can find your American Airlines flight by inserting the ticket number.

How do I check to see if a flight is on time?

You can check the status of your flight on American Airlines by using the Flight Status service. As we discussed above, the flight status service available on the airlines’ official website shows the on-time status.

For instance, if your flight is 2667, you can insert this number on the Flight Status application. Once you click the Search button, you will get the flight status.

american airlines flight 2667 status aviatechchannel

Here, you can see the American Airlines Flight 2667 scheduled to depart at 11:34 AM from Pittsburgh is on time. To stay updated with this flight, you can submit your phone number or email address to get quick alerts.

American Airlines Flight Tracker Map

You can use Flight Tracking Services like FlightAware to access American Airlines Flight Tracker Map. In this example, we will look at the FlightRadar24 flight tracking application.

american airlines radar box aviatechchannel

First of all, go to FlightRadar24 official website and then search for American Airlines in the search box. You will see the list of active flights like AA10, AA14, AA21, AA45 and much more.

american airlines flight tracking radarbox aviatechchannel

Click the flight which you want to track on the map. For instance, if you choose AA49, you can see the American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner heading towards Dallas/Fort Worth from Charles de Gaulle, Paris.

American Airlines Flight Status Record Locator

If you are trying to check or find your flight on American Airlines, you are required to enter your personal details including your First Name, Last name along with Confirmation or Record Locator. Once you enter these details on the website, you can find your flight.

What is the American Airlines Flight Status Record Locator?

The Confirmation or a Record Locator is a 6-letter code that is provided by American Airlines on your flight confirmation email. Besides, the record locator can be found on your boarding pass.


This is how you can track a flight on American Airlines.

To sum up, you can track American Airlines flights or any other flights across the globe using flight tracking services.

If you just want to know the status of your flight with American Airlines, you can use the Flight Status Service however, live and real-time flight tracking requires the use of flight tracking services such as FlightAware, RadarBox Flight Tracker, Variflight, FlightRadar24 and so on.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you track a flight on American Airlines?

Yes, you can track a flight on American Airlines by using the Flight Status service available on the official website. If you want to track real-time or live flights, you can use flight tracking services like FlightAware, RadarBox, Variflight, FlightRadar24 and much more.

How do I watch an American Airlines flight?

You can watch an American Airlines flight live by using flight tracking services like FlightAware, RadarBox, FlightRadar24, Variflight and much more.

Is it possible to track a flight?

Yes, it is possible to track a flight live and in real-time with the use of flight tracking services offered by companies like Variflight, FlightAware, RadarBox and so on.

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