The introduction of Boeing 737 Max did not go well as the new generation aircraft experienced technical glitch resulting in two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killing 346 people. Since March 2019, all the 737 Max aircraft have been grounded troubling the Boeing Company, American giant aircraft manufacturer.

The possibility of 737 Max return is delayed by the coronavirus pandemic however, the Boeing Company has started to work on the aircraft for passing safety regulations. The airplane computer system was found faulty which resulted in the two fatal crashes. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) will test the aircraft more carefully than before to ensure safety.

FAA will require the Boeing Company to ready the grounded planes, flight crews and establish a new training regime for pilots. After receiving a go-ahead signal from FAA, Boeing has to conduct various test flights with trained pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers. The aircraft will undergo extensive tests, evaluations, and maintenance to ensure all the systems work well.

As per the information, if Boeing corrects the faulty computer system and gets recertified by the FAA then the airplane may return to service shortly however, the exact time is still unknown. But it is pretty sure that it may take more than a year to do so.


The Boeing Company forecasted that it expects the grounding of its 737 Max would cost more than $18 billion. The company has also decided to lay off 16,000 jobs following the Coronavirus crisis.

Besides, the company is also troubled by the cancellations of 737 Max orders by various airlines. A total of 373 orders have been withdrawn in a period of 6 months. Other 439 orders are set to be canceled including 100 by the Norwegian Air.

Some other airlines including Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have decided to continue with the Max aircraft considering the substantial savings on fuel and maintenance as well as Max’s efficiency. Boeing still has thousands of 737 Max orders but its certainty is unknown due to maximum chances of cancellation.

Some aviation experts have said that the 737 Max would sustain in the aviation industry because it has great value and efficiency for flight operation. Boeing says the Max consumes 14 percent less jet fuel than its other competing aircraft which can result in almost double-digit profits for airlines.

Airlines around the world are losing hundreds of millions of dollars daily. Almost all the aircraft are grounded at the airport resulting in huge financial losses to the airlines. Airline and travel jobs are reducing day by day and it may take more than a year to return back into the pre-COVID state.

The majority of Boeing 737 Max orders could not have been canceled if the Coronavirus Pandemic did not take place. The deadly virus is creating havoc across the globe forcing for lockdown and almost zero air travel. It became the worst nightmare for the Boeing Company.

The 737 MAX family is designed to offer the greatest flexibility, reliability, and efficiency in the single-aisle market. Every airplane will feature the new Boeing Sky Interior, highlighted by modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals, LED lighting that enhances the sense of spaciousness and larger pivoting overhead storage bins.

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