The Airline industry is adversely affected due to restrictions on regular flights and the airports have been shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this situation, many people are stuck in different places in the world who wants to get back to their home country. Since Airlines are grounded for the past two months having no international flights; they are struggling to survive the current scenario.

The flights are not conducted and the airplanes are parked in the hangar they need regular maintenance to return back to normal operation. In this harsh situation, there are lots of questions arising from different perspectives by individuals, aviation critics regarding the operations and methods that would be followed by the Airlines Company for coming back to safe operation.

We all know that most of the International Airports are shut down by the governments of their respective countries to prevent the mobilization of viruses from one place to another which results in more affected people and high chances of transferring the virus to others.

So, we can expect the Airline to start their usual operations slowly in a safe manner in the coming days during which the toughest task is to maintain social distancing inside the airplane while traveling and sanitizing the entire cabin foremost to prevent the virus. There are many other measures that can be undertaken like the protected uniform for the cabin crew members, Face mask and gloves for the passengers, and so on.

It is important to reduce the excess crowd of travelers either inside the airport or in the airplane to protect ourselves from infected by the Virus.

Will airlines offer cheap flights?

BRITISH AIRWAYS AIRBUS A380’s parked in France

The airline companies will increase their flight rates and comparatively, it will be expensive than before. Most of the Airline Companies are facing a financial crisis and some are on the verge of closing which is the major factor in increased airfare.

The maintenance on the other hand is the crucial part of the Airline, while the planes are grounded the regular maintenance should be carried out for proper functioning of the aircraft; therefore no revenue is generated and excess capital is used for maintaining the airplanes making the Airlines companies difficult to sustain.

Most of the flights later conducted are repatriation flights which are special charter flights organized by governments in order to bring citizens back to their country where the airfares are regardless cheap and some extent free air transport conducted by the respective governments.

Generally, the airfares could be found cheap before as of early bookings, offseason, and premium traveler, lengthy transit, etc. Now the Airliners have to conduct the specific flight and it is still unknown when it’s having so there are no early bookings which fairly increase in rates of flight tickets. Also, the fights are conducted carrying fewer passengers for maintaining distancing and may few people from that particular place to travel to their homeland where the airline companies are compelled to charge higher flight rates to cover their routes charge.

Unfortunately, you would not be able to redeem miles to cover the cost of a government-chartered repatriation flight (or earn miles either). In addition, evacuees are responsible for getting themselves rescued but for many people stuck abroad, they are eager to get home, no matter the price.

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