I thought only birds could fly but…

When I was a child, I used to think only birds could fly but the ability of the human brain reached that level where the dream of flying in the sky hitting the clouds became possible. The aircraft carrying hundreds of passengers with cargo loads flying high continuously for numerous hours have made travel real quick and easy. Here I present my first flight experience on a commercial jet from Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu, Nepal) to Dubai International Airport which was interesting and nervy at the same time.

I had my first chance of flying in an airplane when I was 20, I was really excited since it was my first flight and pretty nervous. The only thing roaming inside my mind was how it feels to be inside the airplane. The moment I got inside the airport with my air ticket standing in the line in front of the counter for approval & baggage check, the ambiance was indescribable. People waiting for their flight schedules, departing away from the families, the rush hours, and everyone’s eyes on the information screen, the environment was heating up.


My first flight from Ktm to Dubai was with Nepal Airlines’ Airbus A320 aircraft. The announcement of the flight begun and minutes before we were taken to the airplane by airport bus, my excitement and fear level increased rapidly. The aircraft I took my first step in the ladder to get inside the airplane and my feelings were like stepping in the moon for the first time. With the greetings from the air hostess, I started searching my seat luckily it was a window seat.



The whole atmosphere inside the plane was normal and the flight attendants were giving flight lessons, safety precautions, and descriptions. I was busy finding out to buckle up the seatbelt and finally, I did it. Then the plane started moving towards the runway for takeoff. I was cheering myself and my emotions were triggered heavily while the airplane started speeding up and finally took off from the runway.

I felt completely different and with my eyes outside the window seat, I was lucky to enjoy the view of Kathmandu Valley. As the airplane took the height, I could see mountain ranges so clearly which was like a dream come true for me. The scenic view of the wonderful beauty of nature made me emotional.


Due to the aircraft reaching cruising height level, I felt some disturbances in my ear as I was hearing a beeping sound only. It became normal after some time and then flight attendant served airplane food which was lite snack and drinks. I took out my dining table and was not confident enough if the food remains stable in that table or not. I grabbed my sandwich while still holding my drink on the next hand to secure the position so, it won’t fall. There were passengers from different countries and some were busy chatting with seat partners, watching movies, reading magazines, taking a nap, whereas I was watching the breathtaking view and enjoying myself.

After a couple of flight hours, it was time for me to go to the lavatory and I was feeling awkward because I had never used the toilet inside the airplane. I was somewhat scared but I collected confidence to go to the toilet. I opened the door slowly and my gosh it is so compact, clean, and maintained. It was the moment when I pushed for flush it took my breath for a second and that horrifying instant sound was too terrific. After returning to my seat, I felt embarrassed myself but didn’t care about it and started enjoying the flight and the view.


Finally, the plane was near to the destination airport and the captain of the flight announced for landing preparation. The flight attendants requested to fasten the seat belt and prepare for landing. The airplane touched the runway for landing and I was too nervous at that time due to my first flight landing. Then the pilots parked the aircraft and I took my stuff and slowly deboarded the airplane waving goodbye to the flight crews.

nac a320 scaled

That was the wonderful experience of my first flight and will always remain in my memory. Now I am a frequent flyer so, my confidence in flying is appreciable.

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Suman Karki
Suman Karki is the founder of the AviaTech Channel blog and YouTube Channel. He is a passionate aviation enthusiast and holds experience working as a Ground Operations Officer for Swissport International. He is currently serving as a Flight Data Feeder for FlightAware (a US-based company for Flight Tracking). Besides, he has worked as an aviation content editor for various aviation media.


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