Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world and is certified as a 5-star airline. More than 150 international destinations are covered by the airline across Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Talking about the fleet size, Qatar Airways operates over 200 aircraft manufactured by the Boeing Company and Airbus Industries.

The national flag carrier of Qatar offers various privileges including Frequent Flyer, Privilege Club Member, Airline Loyalty Programme and so on. Qatar Airways Student Club is one of the attractive benefits offered for students.

If you are a student, you must be wondering what actually is the Qatar Airways Student Club. We have prepared this detailed article explaining the student club, requirements, benefits and much more.

Without further delay, let’s get started.

What is Qatar Airways Student Club?

Qatar Airways Student Club is introduced to provide students with beneficial offers such as special fares, additional baggage allowance, companion pass, privilege club, complimentary Super Wi-Fi and much more.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club manages the Student Club which is an exclusive programme for students. With that, students joining the Student Club will automatically become a member of the Qatar Airways Privilege.

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To enjoy the Student Club Perks and Benefits, you as a student must fulfil various requirements and agree to the airlines’ terms and conditions.

With that, let’s find out the requirements to join the Student Club.

Qatar Airways Student Club Requirements

Here are the basic requirements you need to meet before applying for the Student Club.

  • The age of the student must be between 18 and 30 years.
  • Students must be studying for a degree at a recognised higher education institute that may be a college or university.
  • Students must hold a valid student ID or a university acceptance letter or a student visa.

Qatar Airways Student Club Benefits

The member of the Qatar Airways Student Club receives various benefits and perks. Some major benefits include:

  • Students can get special offers on fares via with the use of promo codes.
  • Students who book Qatar Airways flights for the first time will receive a 10% discount on the published fare.
  • Those with the second booking will enjoy a 15% discount on the published flight fare.
  • Likewise, the third booking will allow Student Club members to receive a 20% discount.
  • Students who made bookings using the promo code at receive one complimentary date change.
  • When Student Club members book their flights from, they can enjoy a complimentary Super Wi-Fi onboard facility.
  • Students enrolled in the Burgundy Level Student Club receive an additional baggage allowance of 10kg or an additional piece of baggage where applicable.
  • After completion of a university or college degree, students are eligible to upgrade to the next tier in Qatar Airways Privilege Club.
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Qatar Airways Student Club Card


There are no physical membership cards for Qatar Airways Student Club. The airline will issue digital cards to the members of the Student Club that includes Silver, Gold and Platinum Tiers.

How to use Qatar Airways Student Club Discount?

To enjoy discounts offered by Qatar Airways, students must go through the following processes.

  • First of all, students must successfully join the Student Club with valid documentation.
  • After joining the Student Club, Qatar Airways will provide a unique promo code to book and receive discounts for the first ticket.
  • Once you complete your first flight with Qatar Airways as a member of the Student Club, you will be provided with another promo code to activate the next applicable discount.
  • The third discount scheme will be activated after the completion of the second flight with Qatar Airways.

This is how a member of the Qatar Airways Student Club avail of the exclusive fares.

Qatar Airways Student Club Age Limit

The age limit to join the Student Club at Qatar Airways is between 18 and 30 years. 

What if a Student Club member continues with the Privilege Club and exceeds the age limit? 

Well, in that scenario, the student exceeding the age limit of 30 years or completing the college/university degree will be automatically converted to a standard Privilege Club member.

Qatar Airways Student Club Lounge Access

The members of the Student Club at Qatar Airways enjoy various perks and benefits. One of them is the Lounge Access.

As you successfully join the Student Club, you will get an opportunity to explore the Lounge and unlock further amenities based on your flying journey.

Qatar Airways Student Club Member

To become a member of the Qatar Airways Student Club, you must first fulfil the basic requirements mentioned above. After that, you can apply to the club by submitting an online form available at the airline’s official site.

You are required to submit your email address, mobile number, password, personal details, country of residence, college/university detail and college/university while filling up the application form.

Qatar Airways Student Club Super Wifi

A complimentary super Wi-Fi is one of the attractive benefits provided by the Student Club and is 10 times faster than standard Wi-Fi. 

What is Qatar Super Wi-Fi?

qatar airways super wi fi aviatechchannel

Super Wi-Fi is a high-speed broadband onboard internet facility introduced by Qatar Airways for its valuable customers. It is expected to perform 10x better than the standard Wi-Fi technology.

Passengers travelling on Qatari Flight can enjoy this high-speed Wi-Fi however, they must purchase it at a discounted price of US$8 when bookings are made from the airlines’ official site. If you purchase it during the flight, it will cost you US$10.

On the other hand, members of the Student Club enjoy the Super Wi-Fi for free. There is one condition to acquire this free offer and that is, members must book their flights via 

Some Important Information on Student Club

There are certain terms and conditions on becoming a member of the Qatar Airways Student Club. As an applicant, you must adhere to the following points before joining the club.

  • Students must have enrolled in a University or College that is highly recognised or reputable.
  • Students must include the expected graduation date during form submission.
  • The maximum duration of the Qatar Airways Student Club is 7 years.
  • Only Burgundy Level Privilege Club Members get the additional baggage allowance offer.
  • Students must be able to show valid identification (digital Student Club card, Student ID or acceptance letter) to confirm the Student Club membership during check-in. 


If you are an eligible student for the Qatar Airways Student Club, you can take advantage of various benefits and perks. With that, let’s sum up the information we discussed above.

  • Qatar Airways Student Club provides benefits and perks to the student members.
  • The age requirement is 18 to 30 years and you need valid student documentation.
  • You can apply to the Student Club by submitting an online application form available at the airline’s official site.

Qatar Airways Student Club FAQ

Is Qatar Airways Student Club Free?

If you meet all the requirements of the Qatar Airways Student Club, you can join for free.

Does Qatar have a student discount?

Yes, Qatar Airways offers a 10% discount for the first flight as a member of the Student Club, 15% on the second flight and 20% on the third flight. For enjoying the discounts, students must book their flights via

How can I use Qatar Airways Student Club?

You can submit an online form with an email address, personal details, college/university ID or acceptance letter and apply for the Student Club. You will receive a digital Student Club membership card which you can use to enjoy various perks and benefits.

How do I get a digital Student Club card on Qatar Airways?

You need to submit an online application form including your email address, personal details, college/university ID or acceptance letter, country information and others via the Qatar Airways’ official website. If you manage to join the Club, the airline will issue a digital Student Membership card.

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