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Do you have a dream to build your career in the aviation field? If yes, you can join the global aviation industry featuring various jobs including technical, ground handling, flying, engineering, and much more.

Among various jobs offered by the industry, being a flight attendant is one of the most interesting and wonderful posts.

Flight Attendant is a primary role for every commercial passenger airline company. You have a chance to apply for a flight attendant on several airlines around the world however, we will be focusing on how to become a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant in this informative article.

Let us find out some basic information about the airlines before acknowledging the requirements, processes, salary, and other information on becoming a Delta Airlines Flight attendant.

About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a legacy carrier and one of the primary airlines of the United States with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline flights to 325 destinations across the globe in support of regional affiliates including Delta Connection and other subsidiaries.

The airline features nine operating hubs at different across the United States. It is also ranked as the world’s second-largest airline in terms of fleet size, revenue passenger-kilometres flown and the number of scheduled passengers carried.

How to become a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant?

The major hubs of Delta Air Lines are listed below.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Los Angeles International Airport

Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport

John F.Kennedy International Airport

LaGuardia Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Talking about the fleet size, Delta Air Lines operates over 50 aircraft manufactured by Boeing and Airbus company. It is the largest airline in the world to operate Boeing 767, Boeing 747 and Boeing 717. Besides, the airline is also the largest operator of Airbus A330 in the United States.

How to become a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant?

You need to fulfill the airline’s requirements to become a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant and apply for the job whenever vacancies open. 

There are several requirements including age, education, experience, physical appearance, personality, and much more which you have to possess to be eligible to apply.

In this informational article, we will be talking about all the requirements, processes, and tips to become an Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant. So, stay till the end to obtain the overall information.

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements

The minimum requirements for applying for Delta Airlines Flight Attendant are listed below.

  • Eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • Be at least 21 years of age 
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including nights, weekends, holidays, and extended hours when needed
  • Ability to speak, read, write, and understand English and Language of Destination (LOD) fluently
  • Ability to obtain and keep current a passport and travel documents to freely enter and exit places where Delta flies
  • Complete a pre-employment Department of Transportation (DOT) drug test, and comprehensive background check, including a government-required fingerprint-based criminal history record check
  • Ability to work in a physically demanding role that requires frequent standing, walking, bending, stooping, pushing, pulling, reaching, and lifting (i.e., pushing/pulling beverage or food carts and lifting and opening emergency aircraft doors)
  • Ability to sit in an assigned jump seat with seatbelt and shoulder harness fastened
  • Ability to open emergency exits and close aircraft doors weighing up to 60 pounds and use of a food/beverage cart requiring 32lbs of force when pushing or pulling
  • Ability to retrieve and store items in the overhead bins which can be as high as 74″ from the floor
  • Willingness to accept an assignment to any Flight Attendant base after graduation from training, as dictated by the needs of the operation
  • Must be willing to relocate to or commute (i.e. standby travel) to and from your assigned base location
  • Must be willing to change and adapt to meet the demands of the job, including dealing with scheduling changes on short notice
  • Must be willing to fly both International and Domestic routes
  • Where permitted by applicable law, must have received or been willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by the date of hire to be considered for a U.S.-based job, if not currently employed by Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Besides these mentioned requirements, you will stand among other candidates if you have the following qualifications.

  • Completion of a degree beyond high school or GED preferred 
  • 1 plus year of experience in jobs with responsibilities similar to those of a flight attendant.
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How to become a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant?

Processes to apply for Delta Airlines Flight Attendant

You as a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Candidate must go through various processes to finally succeed.

  • First of all, you need to find vacancies via the Delta Air Lines official website and submit applications if there are active vacancies published.
  • After reviewing applications, the Human Resources (HR) department will shortlist candidates and contact them for further processes that includes assessment tests, phone/video interview, one-on-one interview, drug test/background check, and much more.
  • After passing all the tests and being selected, you will be eligible for complete six weeks of initial flight attendant training offered by Delta Air Lines.

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Training

Delta Air Lines provides complete six weeks of initial flight attendant training to the selected flight attendants at its World Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The main aim of the initial flight attendant training program is to provide aircraft familiarization, food and beverage service, emergency procedures, and first-aid training.

As per the Delta Air Lines policy, flight attendant trainees receive a training wage and some meals along with lodging facilities. Those who do not live within 2 hours of the training facility are eligible for lodging facilities.

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Job Description

How to become a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant?
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of Delta Air Lines customers and provide exceptional customer service, at an altitude of at least 8,000 feet
  • Provide assistance lifting and stowing luggage into overhead bins and soliciting assistance when needed
  • Demonstrate the use of safety and emergency equipment and ensure safety requirements are met
  • Prepare, serve, and sell beverages (including alcohol) and meals (which may include beef, pork, seafood, peanuts, etc.)
  • Answer questions and assist passengers when necessary, particularly those with special needs
  • Willingness to comply with airlines’ uniform and appearance guidelines, including tattoos and piercings restrictions 
  • Actively seek to ensure the safety and comfort of customers when an aircraft experiences delays or hits turbulence
  • Administer and coordinate emergency procedures or provide emergency care (e.g., performing CPR and basic first aid) when needed
  • Respond to and provide clear and accurate directions (verbally or non-verbally) to passengers in the event of an emergency
  • Make decisions to address issues keeping in line with Delta policies, procedures, and core values
  • Work both independently and as part of a team to accomplish work tasks
  • Meet deadlines and manage unexpected changes in a time-sensitive and stressful environment
  • Practice safety-conscious behaviours in all operational processes and procedures

How much do Delta Flight Attendants make?

Fresh flight attendants at Delta Air Lines earn between $33,000 and $45,000 yearly however this amount changes after getting ample experience and seniority. Senior flight attendants at Delta Airlines are expected to earn over $118,000 yearly.

Talking about the hourly rate, the average is $35 per hour however, the rate ranges from $7 to $108 per hour depending upon your level.

Besides the normal salary, you will receive various other benefits from the company. Some key benefits offered by Delta Airlines to its flight attendants are listed below.

Travel and Perks

Employees are eligible to travel to any Delta Air Lines destinations with worldwide pass travel privileges, discounted Delta Vacation perks. In addition, you will benefit from the reduced fares on other airlines.

Compensation and benefits

Delta Air Lines offers its employee an appealing total compensation and benefits that include 401(k) contributions, competitive base pay, profit sharing and wellbeing programs.

Growth and Development

Employees at Delta Air Lines can access business resource groups, mentorship programs, e-learning to enhance their level.

Delta Wellbeing

Employees are provided with financial resiliency, work/life responsibilities, physical and mental health support.

Is Delta Airlines hiring flight attendants now?

Delta Air Lines publishes vacancies on its official career website. Currently, there are some vacancies for Delta Airlines flight attendants available on the website. You can visit and apply if you meet the requirements.

The latest Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Vacancies are listed below.

  • Flight Attendant, Language of Destination (LOD)-Japanese (Applicants must be bilingual in English and Japanese)
  • Flight Attendant, Language of Destination (LOD)-Hebrew (Applicants must be bilingual in English and Hebrew)
  • Flight Attendant, Language of Destination (LOD)-Dutch (Applicants must be bilingual in English and Dutch)
  • Flight Attendant, Language of Destination (LOD)-Greek (Applicants must be bilingual in English and Greek)
  • Flight Attendant, Language of Destination (LOD)-Italian (Applicants must be bilingual in English and Italian)

These listed vacancies are available at the Delta Air Lines career website. You can find all the information regarding requirements, eligibility, roles, responsibilities, and processes to apply for the Flight Attendant post.

How much do Delta Flight Attendants make?

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant make around $44,743 per year which is 35 per cent above the United States national average income.

How do I become a Delta Flight Attendant?

You need to fulfil all the minimum requirements including age, education, physical appearance, soft skills, language, personality and much more to apply for the Delta Airlines Flight Attendant position. The airline will conduction an application review, assessment, phone/video interview, one-on-one interview and various other tests to select you for the post.

Is it hard to become a Delta Flight Attendant?

If you are passionate and enthusiastic about the aspiring flight attendant job, it is not that difficult to pursue your career as a flight attendant. Having said that, you need to work hard and smart to pass all the examinations.

How long does it take to become a Delta Flight Attendant?

After applying for Delta Airlines Flight Attendant, you need to go through various phases including application review, assessment, phone/video interview, personal interview and so on which takes more than 2 months. After getting selected, you are required to take complete 6 weeks of initial flight attendant training.

How hard is Delta FA training?

At Delta, everyone understands that becoming a flight attendant involves more than just a passion for travel. It demands technical knowledge, such as memorizing the configurations of nine distinct planes and mastering the operation of 16 different door and window variations, along with a commitment to customer care.

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