Are you dreaming of becoming a Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant?

Becoming a flight attendant is not that difficult however, you need to fulfill certain requirements and qualifications and must go through various intensive assessments.

You must be wondering about the requirements, processes, salary, training, and other information on becoming a cabin crew for Spirit Airlines.

To assist you, we have created this informative blog explaining everything. So, let’s begin with Spirit Airlines’ introduction.

About Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier that operates flights to various destinations across the United States. The airline has its headquarters in Florida and operates flights from eight hubs located in different airports.

Here are Spirit Airlines operating bases.

  • Atlantic City International Airport, New Jersey
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Illinois
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Michigan
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida
  • Harry Reid International Airport, Las Vegas
  • Orlando International Airport, Florida

Spirit Airlines operates with 31 Airbus A319-100, 64 Airbus A320-200, 48 Airbus A320neo and 30 Airbus A321-200. Besides, the airline has orders for 31 Airbus A319neo, 80 Airbus A320neo, and 30 Airbus A321-200.

How to become a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines publishes vacancies for various positions including flight attendants on its official website. You can find requirements, qualifications, and other information related to the job in the website’s career section.

Now, let’s explore the basic requirements to become a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements

Here are the basic requirements for applying Spirit Airlines flight attendant post.

  • The minimum required age is 21 years.
  • High School Diploma, GED, or College Degree is required as an educational qualification.
  • At least 2 years of experience in the Guest Service, Hospitality, and/or Merchandising industry.
  • The airline also requires applicants to have at least 2 years of customer service, hospitality, guest service, or sales/merchandising industry.
  • Applicants must also be able to reach aircraft overhead bins and storage areas.
  • Must hold a genuine passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  • Applicants must be able to obtain authorization to work without sponsorship and travel in and out of the United States.
  • Ability to work in close quarters with service animals, and all snack items.
  • You must be a team player, energetic, enthusiastic, dependable, outgoing, and hold impressive interpersonal skills.
  • You must be able to illustrate leadership capabilities.
  • Applicants must agree to relocate bases as per airline requirements.
  • Must have the ability to work flexible hours, days, and holiday periods.
  • Fluency in the English language is mandatory whereas having multiple language proficiencies, especially Spanish is a plus point.
  • Applicants must be able to present professionally at all times.
  • Having a Driver’s license is also preferred.


  • The minimum height requirement is 5 feet without shoes.
  • Applicants must be able to lift 50 lbs from the floor to above shoulder level.
  • Without using extension devices, applicants must be able to fasten a four-point jump seat harness.
  • Able to assist Guests with carry-on luggage, lift and open emergency exit doors, push beverage carts, and stand for long periods of time.

Spirit Airlines Tattoo and Body Piercing Policy

The airline prohibits visible tattoos and body piercings. Applicants must comply with the no visible tattoo and piercing policy. 

Flight Attendants at Spirit Airlines are allowed two matching earrings in the earlobe section only. Besides, cuffs and earlobe gauges are prohibited.


Processes to become a flight attendant at Spirit Airlines

spirit airlines flight attendant hiring process aviatechchannel
  • First of all, you need to visit Spirit Airlines’ official website and locate the careers section. You can find vacancies there.
  • Apply online if you find vacancies for flight attendants. You are required to log in to the portal using your email.
  • After accessing the job portal, you are required to create your online profile. Create your profile as instructed by the website.
  • The next step is to submit your information and you can do it in two different ways. The first one is you can upload your resume and the career site will parse it and fill required fields. Another alternative is to fill out an online form and provide information to the system manually.
  • After successfully filling in the details and submitting an application, the airline recruitment officer will carefully analyze your details and approve the application status if conditions are met.
  • After approval, you may be asked to undertake a recorded video interview in order to be selected for the Spirit Airlines flight attendant job.
  • The recorded video interview will be the final step of your application process which will decide your final result.
  • If you manage to pass the video interview, you are eligible for the 4-week initial Flight Attendant training 

Find more information here.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Training

Spirit Airlines provides initial flight attendant training to the selected candidates. This training is conducted for 4 weeks and flight attendants must compulsorily attend and pass the training course.

spirit airlines flight attendant training aviatechchannel

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Training covers various topics including customer service, Federal Aviation Regulations, Airline policies, Emergency handling, Aircraft Evacuation, Aircraft Familiarization, Aviation Product Knowledge, and much more.

  • A fun, immersive training program, designed so you succeed at becoming a Spirit Flight Attendant.
  • Working closely with peers and instructors during teamwork-based, interactive activities and drills.
  • Experience the Spirit culture and create genuine bonds as you study, practice, engage, and observe the Spirit Way.
  • The rewarding feeling of graduating and flying once you’ve successfully completed our Flight Attendant training program.

Talking about the incentives, trainees will receive a preloaded care card with $1,305 that can be utilized for meals and expenses at the beginning of training. This care card has a daily limitation of $75 and trainees can’t exceed this amount. Besides, the airline will provide an additional $305 during the third week of training.

Furthermore, Spirit Airlines offers a graduation one-time bonus of $1,250 to the graduated flight attendants. 

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform

spirit airlines flight attendant uniform aviatechchannel

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Bases

Flight Attendants at Spirit Airlines are required to work and relocate on any of the airline’s current and future bases.

At present, flight attendants may be asked to work from the bases listed below.

  • Atlantic City International Airport (ACY)
  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • Orlando International Airport (MCO)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Salary

Spirit Airlines offers a competitive salary to its flight attendants. On average, flight attendants at Spirit are expected to earn almost $38,146 which is somewhat equal to the United States national average.

Talking about the hourly rate, flight attendants can make an average of $22 per hour. The hourly rate can range from $8 to $55 depending upon the experience and seniority level.

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Benefits

Besides basic salary, flight attendants at Spirit Airlines can enjoy various benefits and perks.

Healthcare Benefits – Flight Attendants, and their dependents receive access to top-of-the-line care with Spirit’s healthcare plan options.

Dental Benefits – Team Members enrolled in any Spirit Medical Plan get rich dental plan benefits with premium-free options.

Life Insurance – Flight Attendants are eligible to purchase supplemental coverage for themselves, and their dependent coverage for their spouse/domestic partner, and children.

Vision Benefits – Spirit offers a large network of vision service providers, and financial allowances via its low-cost vision plan option.

Short-Term & Long-Term Disability – Spirit also offers a life, and disability program to flight attendants.

Accidental Health & Dismemberment Insurance – Flight Attendants are automatically enrolled in Accidental Health & Dismemberment Insurance at no cost.

Vacation Time – The amount of vacation time granted to Flight Attendants at Spirit Airlines is determined by their length of service and increases gradually with time, beginning at 56 hours.

Employee Assitance Program (EAP) – Spirit Airlines offers a thorough Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that is completely confidential and free of charge. The EAP is designed to support Flight Attendants at any point in their life’s journey, providing around-the-clock emotional wellness assistance. In addition, both Team members and their household dependents can access Talkspace message therapy benefits and self-guided journeys using the Sanvello Self-support App.

Active & Fit Direct Membership – Flight Attendants can choose from 11,500+ top-rated gyms for just $25/month. They also get the option to join 4,500+ premium exercise studios with up to 70% discounts on most memberships. Plus, they can work out anytime, and anywhere with 6,500+ on-demand workout videos.

Physical Wellbeing – Spirit Airlines offers access to Exclusive Team Member rates through partnerships with several groups. With that, Flight Attendants enjoy significant discounts on a range of benefits such as gym memberships, healthy meal deliveries, and more.

Sick Time – Flight Attendants can accumulate sick time and use it after their 90-day introductory period.

Travel Perks & Savings – Lowest fares on hotels, cruises, rental cars, and more.

Other Benefits include:

  • Standby Travel
  • Buddy Passes
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Flex Spending Accounts
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Growth Opportunities

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Here are some common interview questions you can prepare to succeed in interview assessments.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why do you want to become a flight attendant?
  • What actually is a flight attendant job or how can you describe it?
  • What can you tell us about Spirit Airlines?
  • Why did you choose to apply for Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant?
  • What is your greatest strength and weakness?
  • Why do you think we should hire you for this post?
  • What does the Spirit Airlines brand mean to you?
  • Are you willing to relocate bases as per our requirements?
  • Have you ever dealt with an angry or upset customer? If yes, how did you handle it?
  • What are your language proficiencies?

Conclusion on Becoming a Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant

Becoming a Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant can be an exciting and fulfilling career choice for those who are passionate about travel and customer service. The application and training process may be rigorous, but it is worth it to join a dynamic team that values safety, teamwork, and fun.

By following the steps outlined in this article, aspiring Flight Attendants can increase their chances of success and embark on a rewarding career in the aviation industry.

How much does a Spirit Flight Attendant?

Flight Attendants at Spirit Airlines are expected to earn approximately $38,000 yearly which is almost equal to the United States national average. Talking about the hourly rate, you can make an average of $22 per hour.

How do you become a Spirit Flight Attendant?

First of all, you need to fulfill all basic and physical requirements. After that, you need to apply online through Spirit Airlines’ official website’s career section. You may be required to go through a recorded video interview assessment that will be the final selection procedure.

Where are Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant bases?

Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant bases are located in Atlanta, Texas, Florida, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

How long is Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant training?

The initial Flight Attendant training provided by Spirit Airlines is conducted for 4 weeks.

Is Spirit Airlines a good airline to be a flight attendant on?

Determining whether Spirit Airlines is a good airline to work as a flight attendant depends on individual preferences and priorities. Factors such as company culture, work schedule, benefits, and overall job satisfaction can vary from person to person.

Prospective flight attendants should consider researching reviews, talking to current or former employees, and evaluating their own career goals and lifestyles to determine if Spirit Airlines aligns with their preferences and expectations.

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