Air France offers opportunities to aspiring pilots to strengthen the airline’s mission for the highest level of flight safety, technical expertise and customer satisfaction. As an applicant, you must show strong determination and possess technical skills to apply for the pilot vacancy.

If you are planning to apply for Air France Pilot vacancy, this informative article is important for you. We have included every piece of information including requirements, recruitment process, cadet program, salary, benefits and much more.

Without further ado, let’s get started by exploring some basic details on Air France. 

About Air France

IdentityNational Flag Carrier of France
World’s 10th Best Airline of 2021 (Skytrax World Airline Awards)
HubParis Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
Paris Orly Airport (ORY)
FleetOver 200 aircraft
Airbus A350-900
Airbus A330-200
Airbus A318/319/320
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Boeing 737-700/800/900
Boeing 777-200 Cargo
Bombardier CRJ 700/1000
Embraer 170/190
DestinationOver 190 international destinations in 60 countries.
Codeshare AgreementsAir New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Swiss International Air Lines and much more.

How to become an Air France Pilot?

Air France publishes vacancies for pilot positions on its official careers website. As an applicant, you must fulfil basic requirements and qualifications to become eligible.

At Air France, there are two opportunities to join the Pilot job.

  • Apply for First Officer (FO) Position
  • Join Air France Cadet Pilot Program

Now, let’s explore both opportunities in detail.

Apply for First Officer (FO) Position

If you are already a licensed pilot and hold certain hours of flying experience, you can directly apply to the First Officer vacancy at Air France. To become eligible, you must meet the following requirements.

Air France Pilot Requirements 

Here are the basic qualifications for Air France First Officer Vacancy.

  • Applicants must hold a valid ATPL or a Valid CPL/IRME.
  • Applicants must have passed ATPL Theory subjects with ATO certified from a Member State of the European Union.
  • Applicants must have obtained a Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • Nationality conditions depend upon the vacancy requirements.
  • Fluency in the English and French languages is a must.
  • Applicants other than French nationality must hold FCL 055 Level 6 in the French Language.
  • Applicants must hold a certificate of satisfactory attendance for a multi-crew cooperation training course (MCC).
  • Must have obtained at least ICAO English Language Level 5.
  • Must have scored TOEIS of 850 or above including Listening and Reading.

Air France Pilot Recruitment Process

air france pilot hiring process aviatechchannel
  • As an eligible candidate, you must strongly meet all the basic requirements for Air France FO vacancy. After that, you need to go through the following recruitment processes to get selected for the post.
  • At first, you need to visit the Air France Careers website and search for pilot vacancies. If you find a vacancy for First Officer, you can create a candidate page and submit an online application with the required documents and information.
  • The airline hiring team will review your online application and if selected, you will undergo online pre-selection that includes reasoning, psycho technical and logic tests.
  • If you manage to pass the online pre-selection, you will be selected for further psycho-technical tests and personality inventories conducted at ENAC (the leading pilot training school in Europe).
  • The next selection processes are group tests and interviews. And the final assessment is the Flight Simulator Test that evaluates your technical flying, situational awareness and various flying skills.
  • Congratulations! You are finally selected for the First Officer position at Air France. Before offering a contract, you have to go through pre-employment checks that include medical tests, criminal record checks, drug tests and so on.

Air France Cadet Pilot Program

Do you have little or no experience as a Pilot? And are you strongly motivated to pursue your career as an airline pilot? If yes, Air France Cadet Pilot Programme is for you!

You can apply for this program whenever vacancies are published on the Air France official website. To become eligible, you need to strongly meet all the qualifications listed below.

  • There is no age limit.
  • Applicants must be a national of a country in the European Economic Area or of Swiss nationality.
  • Must have Baccalaureat level qualifications or have completed BAC +2 in Science Stream.
  • Applicants currently in the second year of a preparatory class for the Grandes Ecoles are also accepted.
  • Those candidates with the recent completion of Master Study Programme (BAC +4/+5) in a University or Engineering School are also welcomed.
  • Fluency in English and French Languages is a must.
  • Must have obtained a Class 2 Medical Certificate issued by an EASA/DGAC approved physician.
  • Applicants must not have been disqualified and/or eliminated twice from the previous Air France pilot selection.
  • Applicants must not have been eliminated during an Air France or Transavia Pilot Training Course.

How to apply for the Air France Cadet Pilot Programme?


You can apply to the Cadet Pilot Programme online through the Air France Careers website. After review, you will go through online pre-selection, psycho technical tests, psychomotor tests, personality inventories, group tests and interviews.

If you manage to pass all the assessments, you will be recruited as the Air France Cadet Pilot. Talking about the training, cadets will undergo almost 24 months of intensive training at the Air France Training Center.

The 24-months of training course covers Airline Pilot’s License Certificates (ATPL Theory), Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL), Flight Instrument Rating (IR), Multi-Engine Qualifications (ME/MEP) and Crew Coordination Qualification (CMC).

Cadets will receive compensation ranging from 80% to 100% of the minimum wage during the cadet pilot training period.

After successful completion of the Cadet Pilot Program, cadets will be assigned to Air France or Transavia where they will gain aircraft type qualification (QT) on Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 jets.

Before being appointed as a pilot for Air France or Transavia, cadets have to undergo flight adaptation phase for several weeks after acquiring the aircraft type qualification.

Air France Pilot Uniform

air france pilot uniform aviatechchannel
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Air France Pilot Salary

Pilots at Air France make an average of €100,000 (US$110,054) per year and it can range from €28,863 (US$31,765) to €247,563 (US$272,454) per year depending upon the flying hours, destination, aircraft type, seniority level and experience gained.

Air France Pilot Salary Per Month

As per the monthly rate, Air France pilots earn an average of €8,333 (US$9,170) per month. The monthly salary can range from €2,495 (US$2,745) to €20,630 (US$22,704).

Air France Pilot Benefits

In addition to the basic salary, Air France pilots receive various benefits and perks.

  • Health and Wellness facilities.
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Financial and Retirement Plan
  • Travel Discounts
  • Career Growth and Personal Development
  • Paid Vacation
  • Flexible Schedule


This is how you can become an Air France Pilot and advance your career as a professional airline pilot.

Among the two options available, you can choose to apply directly for the First Officer position if you are already an airline pilot. If not, you can join the Air France Cadet Pilot Program and become a professional pilot in a systematic way.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do Air France Pilots make?

Pilots at Air France earn an average of €100,000 (US$110,054) per year and it can range from €28,863 (US$31,765) to €247,563 (US$272,454) per year.

How do I become an Air France Pilot?

You must fulfil basic qualifications and apply online via Air France Careers website. After that, you need to go through various assessments and tests to get selected for the Air France Pilot vacancy.

Do you need to speak French to work for Air France?

Fluency in the French language is strictly required to work for Air France.

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