How to become a Singapore Airlines Pilot in 2023? (Salary, Requirements)


Is becoming a pilot your dream career? Or do you have a childhood ambition of becoming a pilot and flying higher in the sky? Whatever it is, you can make your dream come true with strong determination and willpower.

Almost every airline across the globe offer opportunity for aspiring candidates to become professional airline pilots and so does Singapore Airlines. If you meet the basic qualifications and possess certain skills, you are eligible to apply for the Singapore Airlines Pilot vacancy.

To assist your piloting journey, we have prepared this detailed article related to becoming a Singapore Airlines pilot including requirements, hiring process, salary, training program, benefits and much more.

With that, let’s get started with some basic details about Singapore Airlines.

About Singapore Airlines

IdentityNational Flag Carrier of Singapore
World’s 2nd Best Airline of 2021 (Skytrax World Airline Awards)
HubSingapore Changi Airport (SIN)
FleetOver 150 aircraft
Airbus A350-900
Airbus A380-800
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Boeing 737-8
Boeing 737-800 NG
DestinationOver 137 international destinations in 32 countries across five continents.
Codeshare AgreementsAlaska Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Croatia Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air China, United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, JetBlue, Virgin Australia, Malaysia Airlines and much more.

How to become a Singapore Airlines Pilot?

Singapore Airlines offers opportunities for aspiring aviation enthusiasts and professional pilots to join the flight crew team. You as an applicant must fulfil basic requirements and qualifications to be eligible for applying to the pilot vacancy.

At Singapore Airlines, candidates have choices to apply with three different options.

  • Direct Entry Second Officer
  • Direct Entry First Officer
  • Cadet Pilot Program

Direct Entry Second Officer

The Direct Entry Second Officer is the entry-level pilot position offered by the flag carrier of Singapore to the fresh pilots.

Singapore Airlines Pilot Requirements for Direct Entry Second Officer

To apply for the Second Officer position, you are required to meet the following qualifications.

  • Applicants must hold a valid CPL or Frozen ATPL recognized by CAAS.
  • Must hold a minimum GCE ‘A-Level, Diploma or equivalent level of education in Science Stream including Maths and Physics.
  • Fluency in the English Language along with a minimum of ICAO English Level 6 is mandatory.
  • Must be able to fulfil medical requirements specified by CAAS.
  • A minimum of 200 flight hours is required.
  • Must hold Certificate of Test (Multi-Engine Instrument Rating)

Direct Entry First Officer

If you hold more experience as a pilot, you can apply for the First Officer position at Singapore Airlines. For that, you need to meet all the basic requirements mentioned below.

Requirements for Direct Entry First Officer

  • Applicants must hold a valid CPL Multi-Engine Instrument Rating with frozen ATPL identified by CAAS.
  • A minimum of 1500 total flying hours is required on commercial jet aircraft.
  • Those candidates with flight experience on a commercial jet with glass cockpit technology will be highly preferred.
  • Applicants must obtain a Class 1 Medical certificate validated by CAAS.
  • Minimum ICAO English Level 5 is mandatory.
  • Applicants must have obtained Certificate of Test – Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR)

Singapore Airlines Pilot Hiring Process

singapore airlines pilot hiring process aviatechchannel

Once you verify the requirements and qualifications mentioned above, you are eligible for applying to the Singapore Airlines Pilot vacancy. For that, you need to go through the following processes.

  • First of all, you need to visit the Singapore Airlines Official Careers website and look for the pilot vacancy. If you find any active vacancies for Second Officer or First Officer, you can apply online by submitting an application form including essential documents and information.
  • The airline recruitment team will analyze your online application in-depth and if selected, you will attend the preliminary interview in which your basic introduction and proficiencies are evaluated.
  • After passing the initial interview, you will go through pilot aptitude and psychometric tests where your piloting proficiency is assessed.
  • You will be invited for the final interview with the senior management team at this stage.
  • If you manage to pass the final interview, you will then go through technical exams and simulator tests along with medical tests.
  • Congratulations! You are selected for the Singapore Airlines Pilot position. But before approving you for the commercial operation, the airline will conduct pre-employment checks.

Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Program


Cadet Pilot Program is the most popular and beneficial approach for aspiring students with the aim to become professional pilots. This program is an accelerated path or a systematic approach to becoming a skilled pilot in a short period of time.

Singapore Airlines offers Cadet Pilot Program to those candidates with strong determination and enthusiasm towards aviation. The airline will provide an intensive pilot training course to the selected students and then offer them a rewarding career with Singapore Airlines or subsidiaries including SilkAir or SIA Cargo.

Those applicants selected for the Cadet Pilot Program will receive either an ATPL with Instrument Rating or Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL). After successful completion of the rigorous training, fresh cadets will get the opportunity to kickstart their career at Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or SIA Cargo.

The entire cost of this program exceeds US$150,000 but you don’t need to worry as it is fully sponsored. However, you must agree to work for a period of seven (7) years from the date of appointment as a Singapore Airlines First Officer to become eligible for the Cadet Pilot Program Sponsorship. 

So, what are the requirements for the Cadet Pilot Program? Let’s find out.

  • Applicants must hold a minimum Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent level of education. In addition, at least GCE ‘O’ level in Science Stream with Physics and Mathematics is compulsory.
  • Those applicants without English at GCE ‘O’ level are required to obtain an overall IELTS score of 7 or TOEFL Score of 250 (Computer Based) or 600 (Paper Based).

Singapore Airlines Pilot Uniform

singapore airlines pilot uniform aviatechchannel
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Singapore Airlines Pilot Salary

The pilots at Singapore Airlines can earn an average of SGD170,400 (US$) per year and it can range from SGD7,550(US$) to SGD21,678(US$) per year depending upon various factors like flight hours, destinations, seniority level, experience and so on.

Singapore Airlines Pilot Salary Per Month

Talking about the monthly salary, Singapore Pilots make an average of SGD14,200 (US$10,416) per month. The monthly pay scale can range from SGD7,550 (US$5,538) to SGD21,600 (US$15,845).

Singapore Airlines Pilot Captain Salary

The salary of captains at Singapore Airlines starts from SGD9,870 (US$7,240) per month. In addition, they receive a productivity allowance of almost SGD4,000 (US$2,934) after flying 70 hours a month.

Singapore Airlines Pilot Benefits

Besides basic salary, Singapore Airlines Pilots enjoy various benefits and perks.

  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Competitive Salary Package
  • Flying Hour Allowance
  • Productivity Allowance
  • Travel Perks and Discounts
  • Personal Development and Career Growth Opportunities
  • Financial and Retirement Plan
  • Job Security


Till the end of this article, we covered almost every aspect of becoming a Singapore Airlines pilot. If you have the requirements mentioned above, you must not miss the chance to become a professional pilot for such a reputed company.

For queries or doubts, please don’t hesitate to write in the comment section below or contact us directly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do Singapore Airlines Pilots make?

Singapore Airlines pilots make an average of SGD170,400 (US$) per year and it can range from SGD7,550(US$) to SGD21,678(US$) per year depending upon various factors like flight hours, destinations, seniority level, experience and so on.

How do I become a pilot for Singapore Airlines?

You can directly become Second Officer or First Officer or choose Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Program. For that, you need to fulfil basic requirements and proficiencies then, apply online via the SIA official careers site. You will go through various assessments to get selected for the pilot position. 

Does Singapore Airlines hire foreign pilots?

Yes, Singapore Airlines hire foreign pilots however, non-Singaporeans have to fulfil certain conditions.

How much does it cost to be a pilot in Singapore?

The pilot training cost in Singapore can exceed US$150,000.


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