Boeing 737 MAX 9 is one of the beautiful aircraft that every aviation enthusiast adores. It is the iconic jet built to offer the greatest flexibility, efficiency, and reliability.

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About Boeing 737 MAX 9

Boeing 737 MAX 9 is among the 737 MAX family which also includes MAX 7, MAX 8, and MAX 10. MAX 9 and MAX 10 are the newest addition to the 737 MAX family.

737 MAX 9 features a maximum seating capacity of 220 and can fly up to 3,550 nm (6,570 km). It is the updated version of the 737 MAX 8 jet that features fuel-efficient engines and enhances overall performance.

This efficient aircraft was introduced by the Boeing Company, an American giant aircraft manufacturer, to replace the 737-900.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 First Flight

The 737 MAX 9 flew for the first time on April 13, 2017, as it conducted a test flight at Boeing Field located in Seattle. The test flight operated by Captain Christine Walsh and Captain Ed Wilson took off from Renton Field and stayed in the air for almost 2 hours and 42 minutes.

The aircraft successfully landed at Boeing Field after performing various tests including flight controls, flight systems, and handling qualities.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Length and Wingspan

boeing 737 max 9 length wingspan aviatechchannel

The overall length of 737 MAX 9 is 42.16 m (138 ft and 4 inches) which is 2.74 m more than that of MAX 8. Likewise, the wingspan is the same for all members of the MAX family which is 35.9 m (117 ft and 10 inches). 

LENGTH42.16 m (138 ft 4 in)
WINGSPAN35.9 m (117 ft 10 in)

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Interior

Every member of the 737 MAX family is equipped with an all-new Boeing Sky Interior that features LED lighting, modern sculpted sidewalls, and window reveal. 

The Boeing 737 MAX 9 comes with a large flight deck in the interior section that features glowing panels. 

boeing 737 max 9 flight deck aviatechchannel

Some key features of the interior section include:

Personal Touch

Passengers can use the personal touch feature to control lights and ventilation.

Variable Illumination

One of the interesting and beautiful features of the interior section is the variable color illumination that illustrates the airline’s signature colors, represents the time of day, and also portrays the stage of flight.

Easy Access

The bins are arranged in such a way that they pivot down to allow passengers to settle into their seats quickly. Also, the bins pivot out easily during the flight to assist passengers in easily entering the aisle without bumping their heads.

max 9 seating arrangement aviatechchannel

Pivot Bins and Space Bins

This is an optional arrangement that contains larger bins and allows passengers to stow bags near their seats.

Touchscreen Attendant Control Panel

Flight Attendants can use the interactive touchscreen device that allows running various applications like passenger serving.

Other interesting features include:

  • Dynamic Lighting during Boarding and Deplaning
  • Custom Lighting
  • Overhead Passenger Service Unit (PSU) Monitor (Optional)
  • Overhead Life Vest Stowage (Optional)
  • Centerline Overhead Stowage Unit (Optional)
  • Advanced Lavatory with Optional Spacewall
  • Forward and Aft Galley
Explore the Boeing 737-900ER

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Technical Specifications

All the technical information is illustrated in the table below.

Length42.16 m (138 ft 4 in)
Wingspan35.9 m (117 ft 10 in)
Height12.3 m (40 ft 4 in)
Cabin Width3.76 m
Cabin Height2.50 m
Engine LEAP-1B from CFM International
25,816 liters (6,820 gallons)178 – 193
Maximum Seating Capacity220
Range3,550 nm (6,570 km)
Maximum Flying Altitude41,000 ft
Maximum Cruising Speed839 km/h
Maximum SpeedMach 0.82 (1012 km/h)
Standard Fuel Capacity 25,816 litres (6,820 gallons)
Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW)88,314 kg (194,697 lbs)
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW)74,344 kg (163,899 lbs)

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Engine

The all-new Boeing 737 MAX 9 is powered by a LEAP-1B engine manufactured by CFM International. The leap engines are developed with cutting-edge technology for generating unrivaled performance.

boeing 737 max 9 cfm engine aviatechchannel

As per CFM, the Leap engines support 25-minute gate turnaround times and offer more uptime. Talking about fuel efficiency, these engines are expected to utilize only 66 percent fuel offering up to 15 percent efficiency. 

In addition, Leap engines are built with 99.98 percent dispatch reliability which means aircraft will perform relentlessly for long flights and maintenance time is less.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Speed

The 737 MAX 9 has a maximum cruising speed of 839 km/h (521 mph) whereas the top speed is 1012 km/h ( Mach 0.82).

KM/H (Mach) (TOP SPEED) 1012 km/h (MACH 0.82)

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Extended Range

The 737 MAX 9 is built to replace the Boeing 737-900 which has the Extended Range (ER) variant. MAX 9 doesn’t feature an ER model however, it will fully replace the 737-900ER.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 vs MAX 8

The 737 MAX 9 and MAX 8 are almost identical with some differences in seating capacity and length.

737 max 9 aviatechchannel
737 max 8 aviatechchannel
42.16 m (138 ft 4 in)LENGTH39.52 m (129 ft 8 in)
35.9 m (117 ft 10 in)WINGSPAN35.9 m (117 ft 10 in)
178-193 (220 maximum)SEATING CAPACITY162-178 (210 maximum)
88,314 kg (194,699 lbs)MTOW82,190 kg (181,197 lbs)

Boeing 737 MAX 9 vs Airbus A321 neo

Boeing 737 MAX 9 and Airbus A321 Neo are the closest competitors.

737 max 9 aviatechchannel
airbus a321 neo aviatechchannel
42.16 m (138 ft 4 in)LENGTH44.51 m (146 ft)
35.92 m (117 ft 10 in)WINGSPAN35.80 m (117 ft 5 in)
3,550 nm (6,570 km)RANGE3,699 nm (6,850 km)
839 km/h (453 knots)MAXIMUM CRUISING SPEED833 km/h (449 knots)
178-193 (220 Maximum)SEATING CAPACITY206 (240 Maximum)
88,314 kg (194,697 lbs)MTOW93,500 kg (206,000 lbs)

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Price

The all-new Boeing 737 MAX 9 is priced at US$128.9 million and this price can increase depending upon the addition of features and other customizations.

737 MAX 9US$128.9 million

Boeing 737 MAX 9 First Class

The First Class configuration of Boeing 737 MAX 9 varies with the airline. For instance, MAX 9 owned by United Airlines features 20 First Class recliner seats. 

Boeing 737 MAX 9 First Class Seats

The First Class seats on MAX 9 jets feature a decent recline allowing passengers to slide forward. 

boeing 737 max 9 first class aviatechchannel

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Business Class

The Business Class configuration on MAX 9 also depends upon the airline’s requirements and customizations. For example, Copa Air features 16 seats in its Dreams Business Class.

The seats are designed with a pitch of 60 inches and a width of 21 inches. Also, the seats recline 180 degrees.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of 737 MAX 9 is 178 to 193 in 2-class configurations whereas it can carry a maximum of 220 passengers.

2-Class Configurations Seats178 – 193
Maximum Seats220

Boeing 737 MAX 9 Seating Chart

boeing 737 max 9 seat map aviatechchannel

Boeing 737 MAX 9 best seats

The best seats on MAX 9 jets can vary according to your requirements as window view, nearby exits, comfort, and so on.

You can take the example of United Airlines 737 MAX 9 for the best seating arrangements. As per the review on the website The Points Guy, the writer has recommended avoiding the bulkhead row on the United First-Class seats due to the unavailability of the seat belt.

Also, the writer has suggested not to use the Row 5 seating in the First Class because you might end up in front of the economy cabin and lavatory.

Is Boeing 737 MAX 9 safe to fly?

Following tragic crashes on 737 MAX jets, the Boeing Company has been going through various advancements and updates to bring the jet back to the sky. The MAX series aircraft are slowly starting to operate flights worldwide with approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other aviation regulatory bodies.

The 737 MAX aircraft encountered problems with the MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) software due to which two deadly crashes occurred killing numerous people.

Boeing has made significant changes to the MAX jets in cooperation with airline safety agencies, global regulators,l and airlines.

Some considerable updates include:

  • MCAS has been updated and with that, it now relies on two sensors and activates only once and never overrides pilots’ ability to control the aircraft.
  • Wirings have been modified to meet FAA requirements.
  • Two additional software updates have been installed.
  • Numerous test flights have been conducted and the results are successful.

With these latest changes, the 737 MAX family jets are considered safe to fly in the skies however, some critics are still unconvinced.

Are Boeing 737 MAX 9 still grounded?

737 MAX jets remained grounded for a long period due to the technical glitches discovered after the two fatal crashes. The aviation regulatory body banned the jet from flying which resulted in the grounding of over 2 years. 

Boeing was highly hit by the situation and was instructed to make significant changes for re-approval. With that, the company made changes to wirings and MCAS software. Also, pilots and engineers were provided with updated training.

Lots of test flights were conducted after making updates and those flights became successful. After two years of the hard moment, 737 MAX jets finally received a green signal to return to the skies.

Having said that, 737 MAX jets are not fully back in operation due to restrictions from foreign countries. For instance, China is still prohibiting planes from flying but test flights are going on. Recently, China Southern Airlines conducted a test flight with Boeing 737 MAX so, we can expect positive news.

Does Boeing 737 MAX 9 have TVs?


The 737 MAX 9 features seat-back TV screens on every seat with on-demand entertainment features.

Does Boeing 737 MAX 9 have outlets?

MAX 9 jets also feature power outlets on every seat with which passengers can charge their phones and laptops. In addition, the aircraft is also equipped with USB charging.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Boeing 737 MAX 9 safe?

Boeing has made changes to MCAS software, wiring, and various other updates to the 737 MAX jets. Also, the aircraft has already acquired a green signal to return to the skies.

What is the Boeing 737 MAX 9?

Boeing 737 MAX 9 is the upgraded version of the 737 MAX 8. It is among the 737 MAX family that features a seating capacity of up to 220 passengers.

What is the difference between 737 MAX 8 and 9?

The main difference between 737 MAX 8 and 9 is the length and seating capacity. The length of MAX 8 is 39.52 m whereas that of MAX 9 is 42.16 m. Likewise, MAX 8 has a seating capacity of 162 to 178 passengers and MAX 9 has a capacity of 178 to 193 passengers.

Is Boeing 737-900 the same as Max?

No, the Boeing 737-900 is not as same as the MAX as it is the older version. 737 MAX 9 is manufactured to replace the 737-900 aircraft.

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