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Frontier Airlines is one of the major ultra-low-cost airlines in the United States with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The airline flies to more than 100 domestic destinations and 31 international routes across the globe.

At present, Frontier operates with over 110 aircraft including Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo and Airbus A321-200.

Denver International Airport (DIA) is the primary hub for Frontier Airlines. Miami, Atlanta, Chicago-O’Hare, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Tampa and Trenton are the focus cities for Frontier.

Today, we are going to explore Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal with arrivals/departures information, terminal facilities, parking, terminal map, amenities and much more.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal (Miami International Airport)

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the major international airport located in the Miami area, Florida that serves Greater Miami. It is a primary hub for various airlines including American Airlines, Atlas Air, UPS Airlines, World Atlantic Airlines, IBC Airways, FedEx Express and others.

Talking about the terminal infrastructure, MIA is equipped with three passenger terminals namely North, Central and South Terminal. Besides, there are 6 Concourses with a total of 131 gates.

North Terminal holds Concourse D with Gates D21 – D60, Central Terminal accommodates Concourses E, F and G with Gates E2 – E11, E 20 – E33, F3 – F23 and G1 – G19 whereas Concourse J and H are located in the South Terminal including Gates J2 – J18 and Gates H3 – H17.

Frontier Airlines operates from the Central Terminal and South at Miami International Airport (MIA). The airline uses Gates J at MIA located in the South Terminal. Ticket Counter and Baggage Claim service are available at Gates H in the South Terminal.

Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal Map

MIA Terminal Map (Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal)

Frontier Airlines operates its flights at MIA from the Central Terminal and South Terminal.

As you can see in the Terminal Map above, the Red-colored terminal is the South Terminal that holds Concourses H and J and the yellow one is Central Terminal that accommodates Concourses E, F and G.

Frontier Departure Terminal Miami

All Frontier Airlines Departure Flights are operated from the Central Terminal (Concourse F) at Miami Airport, however, baggage claim and ticket counter services are available in the South Terminal (Concourse H).

Passengers can check their flight status online or keep in touch with the airlines for any terminal changes.

Frontier Arrival Terminal Miami

Like Departures, all arrival flights are handled from the Central Terminal (Concourse F) at MIA. Baggage claim and ticket counter are located in the South Terminal (Concourse H).

Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal Parking 

There are five parking spaces available at Miami Airport; South Parking, Flamingo Parking, Dolphin Parking and two parking lots in the Central Terminal. For your convenience, you can use South Parking, Flamingo Parking or Central Terminal Parking.

Visitors and passengers can pre-pay for parking spaces at MIA. The airport parking features a guidance system that assists in locating open parking lots inside the parking garages.

miami airport parking aviatechchannel
Miami Airport Parking (Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal)

You can find Garage Parking, Valet Parking Service, Accessible Parking spots, Cell Phone Waiting Lots and Electric Vehicles parking zone with charging facilities.

Frontier Airlines Lounge Access at Miami Airport

Frontier Airlines doesn’t operate its own lounge so, you won’t find lounge amenities at Miami Airport. However, you can enjoy delicious foods and beverages offered by various restaurants located in the Central and South Terminal.

restaurants at miami airport aviatechchannel
Restaurant at MIA (Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal)
Pizza HutNear Gate F-12, Concourse F (Central Terminal)
Budweiser Brew HouseNear Gate F-12, Concourse F (Central Terminal)
Guava and JavaNear Gate F-15, Concourse F (Central Terminal)
Halfmoon EmpanadasNear Gate F-11, Concourse F (Central Terminal)
Sbarro’s PizzaConcourse F Entry Section (Central Terminal)
Dunkin DonutsConcourse F Entry Section (Central Terminal)
Villa Italian KitchenEntry to the Concourse G (Central Terminal)
Au Bon PainEntry to the Concourse G (Central Terminal)
Chili’s TooNear Gate G-2, Concourse G (Central Terminal)
Bud Light LoungeNear Gate H-12, Concourse H (South Terminal)
Pizza HutNear Gate H-12, Concourse H (South Terminal)
Nathan’s FamousNear Gate H-9, Concourse H (South Terminal)
Heineken BarNear Gate H-4, Concourse H (South Terminal)
StarbucksNear Gate H-5 and Gate J-7, Concourse H (South Terminal)
Little Havana to GoGilbert’s Food BarMcDonald’sIsland Chicken GrillFamous FamigliaLa PausaNear Food Court (South Terminal)
Earl of SandwichNear Gate J-4 (South Terminal)
Corona Beach House Near Gate J-15 (South Terminal)


We have come to the end section of this informative blog where we discovered Frontier Airlines Miami Terminal including the terminal map, arrivals/departures, parking facility, amenities and other important terminal guides.

Let’s conclude this discussion with some key points listed below.

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the major international airports located in the Miami area, Florida and serves Greater Miami.
  • There are three main terminals at MIA; the NorthTerminal, South Terminal and Central Terminal.
  • Frontier Airlines operates from the Central Terminal and South Terminal at MIA.
  • All arrivals and departure flights are handled from Concourse F (Central Terminal) whereas baggage claim and ticket counter services are available at Concourse H (South Terminal).


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