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Kalispell is a city in the U.S. state of Montana that is recognized as a vibrant mountain town. The city believes in boundless adventures and features warm hospitality, amazing hiking trails, lakes, and other natural beauties.

When it comes to traveling to Kalispell, one of the most important considerations is how to get there. As an adventurous city, Kalispell holds some airports offering commercial, and private operations.

In this article, we will look closer at the various airports in Kalispell, what they offer, airlines, destinations, travel tips, and more. So, let’s get started.

What are the major airports in Kalispell?

The City of Kalispell features various airports including commercial, regional, general aviation, and private airfields.

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Airports in Kalispell

Glacier Park International Airport (FCA) is the primary commercial airport in the city that offers regular commercial passenger flights to and from Kalispell.

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Other smaller airports in the city include Kalispell City Airport (S27), and Bigfork Airport (S39). 

Now, let’s explore these airports in detail.

Glacier Park International Airport (FCA)

Glacier Park Int’l Airport (ICAO: KGPI, IATA: FCA, FAA LID: GPI) is the only primary commercial airport in Kalispell offering regular passenger flights. The airport is owned and operated by the Flathead Municipal Airport Authority.

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Located at an elevation of 2,976 ft (907 m) above mean sea level (AMSL), FCA airport serves Kalispell City in the U.S. state of Montana. A total of 6 major commercial airlines operate flights to various domestic destinations from FCA.

FCA Airport Infrastructure

Glacier Park International Airport (FCA) covers a total area of 1,525 acres (617 ha), and features two asphalt runways: RWY 2/20 (9,007 ft. long), and RWY 12/30 (3,510 ft. long).

The airport is equipped with one commercial terminal that offers all facilities, and services for departures, and arrivals. Besides, FCA also offers general aviation services.

The FCA Terminal operates from 4:00 am till the last daily arrival. The following services and amenities are offered throughout the terminal building.

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Services offered by FCA Airport

  • Baggage Services
  • Security Screening
  • Lost & Found
  • Airport Parking
  • Food and Dining Options
  • Ground Transportation
  • Car Rental Services
  • ATM Banking Service
  • Visitor Information Center, and more.

Parking Facility at FCA

Glacier Park International Airport offers on-site parking spaces where visitors, and travelers can park their vehicles by paying hourly, daily, or weekly charges.

The airport features a well-designed spacious parking lot adjoining the terminal. You can easily find those spacious lots as they are well-lighted with clearly marked sectors, and navigational signage.

Parking Rates

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  • First 5-minutes – FREE
  • Every 20-minutes thereafter – $2.00
  • Maximum Daily Charge – $15.00
  • Maximum Weekly Charge – $90.00

Ground Transportation Facility

FCA Airport offers various transportation facilities for inbound travelers. There are 4 major car rental companies including Avis, Budget, Hertz, and National/Alamo located within the terminal. Plus, there are three other off-site rental companies.

Shuttles, Taxis, and Limousine services are also available at the airport. On the other hand, ride-sharing companies including Uber, and Lyft also provide regular transportation services to the airport.

If you are staying in a nearby hotel, there might be airport shuttle services. All travelers are advised to arrange transportation in advance of arriving at the airport.

Food Options at FCA

You can find Leryna Bistro inside airport security which offers classic American fare at a reasonable price. There is another Bistro located near Gate 5 to serve outgoing passengers.

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Travelers can enjoy fresh coffee, and a hot breakfast sandwich in the morning while in the afternoon, a delicious wrap or gyro is available. Furthermore, the bistro also offers a varied drink menu such as soft drinks, specialty coffees, teas, and alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, and spirits.

There are vending machines stocked with snacks and cold beverages for those passengers in a hurry. Such machines can be found in the main airport lobby, and just beyond the security checkpoint.

Shopping Options at FCA

There are two retail shops at FCA Airport: Montana Gift & Art, and Glacier Outfitters.

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Montana Gift & Art offers Montana-themed souvenirs including t-shirts, books, or handcrafted mementos. In addition, the shop also offers a wide selection of snacks and reading materials for your flight.

Glacier Outfitters is the hub for traveler gears as it offers various goods for adventure activities ranging from fishing poles, and coolers to trekking poles, and binoculars.

Airlines Operating at FCA Airport

Seven major commercial airlines including Alaska Airlines, Avelo Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Sun Country Airlines, and United Airlines operate flights to and from Glacier Park International Airport (FCA).

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With their operations extending to Seattle, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Denver, and Las Vegas, these air carriers interconnect explorers to an immeasurable range of destinations across the nation and around the world. 

Apart from routine and periodic services through the central hubs, these multiple airlines offer undeviating seasonal flights to New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Oakland, Phoenix, San Diego, and Portland.

Alaska AirlinesSeattle
Seasonal Routes: Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego
Avelo AirlinesBurbank (Begins May 22, 2023)
Allegiant AirLas Vegas, and Phoenix
Seasonal Routes: Oakland, and Los Angeles
United AirlinesDenver
Seasonal Routes: Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Houston
Delta Air Lines 
(Delta Connection service operated by SkyWest Airlines)
Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis
Sun Country AirlinesSeasonal Routes: Minneapolis/St. Paul
American AirlinesSeasonal Routes: Dallas, Chicago, and New York (LGA)

Glacier Airport Travel Tips

The following travel tips are useful for your seamless travel experience at Glacier Park International Airport.

  • Passengers are recommended to arrive at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure time. The arrival time can be increased during peak travel periods.
  • Do not exceed baggage limitation. Verify the number of checked, and carry-on bags allowed by your airline. Also, verify the weight, and size restrictions.
  • If you check in online, or through your airline’s website/app, you will enjoy your travel experience.
  • Ticket counters are open two hours prior to departure and may close as early as 45 minutes prior to departure. Bags and passengers must be checked in / boarding passes printed prior to ticket counter closing.
  • Always carry a valid government-issued photo ID and any necessary travel documents, such as your passport or visa, depending on your destination.
  • If you have extra time before your flight, don’t forget to take advantage of the airport’s amenities such as shops, and restaurants.

If you are traveling with your pets, make sure you are following the pet travel policies of the respective airlines. For detailed information on pet travel policies, you can refer to the following articles.

Kalispell City Airport (S27)

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Kalispell City Airport is also one of the airports in Kalispell, Montana however, it is a small general aviation airport that has been in its present location for 83+ years. That’s why it is recognized as one of the oldest general aviation airports in the State of Montana.

The airport sits at an elevation of 2,932 ft (894 m) AMSL, and is owned/operated by the City of Kalispell. It covers a total area of 134 acres (54 ha), and features a single asphalt runway RWY 13/31 with a dimension of 3,600 ft by 60 ft (1,097 m by 18 m).

Kalispell City Airport primarily serves general aviation operations, and private aircraft.

What airports are near Kalispell Montana?

In addition to the airports we discussed above, there are other nearby domestic, local, and international airports to Kalispell City offering commercial operations. Missoula International Airport (MSO), and Great Falls International Airport (GTF) are the major closest airport to the city.

Besides, there are some location airports including Polson Airport, and Hot Springs Airport.

Missoula International Airport (MSO)111 miles2 hours 10 minutes
Great Falls International Airport (GTF)228 miles3 hours 52 minutes
Note: The distance, and driving time are calculated by Google Maps based on the fastest route available.

Conclusion on Airports in Kalispell

As we come to the end of this blog, we explored all airports in Kalispell, Montana including the primary international airport and other smaller nearby airports. We also discovered some major nearby airports in the city.

Kalispell is home to two airports serving the Flathead Valley, and the surrounding area. Glacier Park International Airport (FCA) is the primary commercial airport in the city offering regular non-stop commercial flights served by 6 airlines. The second airport in the city is Kalispell City Airport (S27) which primarily serves general aviation operations.

If you’re planning to travel to a vibrant city in the U.S. state of Montana, the Glacier Park International Airport is the right choice for you. From parking and ground transportation to dining and shopping options, this airport strives to provide a comfortable and convenient travel experience. 

FAQs on Airports in Kalispell

What airport do you fly into for Kalispell Montana?

Glacier Park International Airport (FCA) is the only primary commercial airport in the city of Kalispell. The airport offers a range of commercial flights from 6 major airlines, including direct flights to and from major cities such as Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. Plus, there are seasonal flights to New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Oakland, Phoenix, San Diego, and Portland.

Are GPI and FCA the same airport?

Yes, Glacier Park International Airport (GPI) and FCA (the airport code) refer to the same airport located in Kalispell, Montana. GPIA is the official name of the airport whereas GPI is the FAA Location Identifier Code. FCA is the three-letter code assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is commonly used by airlines and travelers to identify the airport.

What is the closest southwest airport to Kalispell?

The closest southwest airport to Kalispell is Spokane International Airport (GEG) which is almost 244 miles from Kalispell. Spokane is still a considerable distance from Kalispell, and travelers will need to make additional travel arrangements to reach their final destination.

Where can you fly directly from Glacier Airport Kalispell?

Glacier Park International Airport (FCA) offers direct flights to several destinations throughout the United States including Denver (DEN), Las Vegas (LAS), Minneapolis (MSP), Salt Lake City (SLC), and Seattle (SEA). Seasonal Direct Routes include New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Oakland, Phoenix, San Diego, and Portland.

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