Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK (Explore Alaska Lounge with attractive amenities)


Alaska Airlines is among the top airline companies in the United States with its headquarters in SeaTac, Washington. Anchorage, Seattle/Tacoma, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles are the primary hubs for Alaska. Likewise, the focus cities are San Jose, San Diego and Boise.

Alaska is a member of Oneworld Alliance and also operates flights via codeshare agreements with various other airlines across the globe. Talking about fleet status, the airline operates with more than 320 aircraft including Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and Embraer E175.

In this particular blog, we will discover Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) with a terminal map, arrivals/departures information, gates, parking facility, Alaska Lounge and much more. So, let’s get started.

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Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK

John F. Kennedy International Airport (widely known as New York-JFK) is one of the major international airports serving New York City in the New York Metropolitan area. It is the primary hub for American Airlines and Delta Air Lines and a focus city for JetBlue Airways, Eastern Airlines and Polar Air Cargo.

JFK occupies a total area of 5,200 acres and features four runways with the designation 4L/22R, 4R/22L, 13L/31R and 13R/31L. The airport infrastructure is equipped with six terminals; Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 4, Terminal 5, Terminal 7 and Terminal 8. Terminals 3 and 6 are skipped because they were demolished in 2013 and 2011 respectively.

At present, Alaska Airlines operates from Terminal 7 at JFK Airport. All terminal services and facilities are available at this terminal.

Some major services available at Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal 7

  • TSA Pre-check
  • Alaska Lounge
  • Cargo Services
  • Free Wi-Fi at the airport
  • Family Restroom
  • Power Outlets at the gate

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal Map

JFK Terminal Map (Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK)

As you can observe in the terminal Map above, there are six terminals at JFK arranged in an anti-clockwise direction starting from Terminal 1. Five parking zones named Green Parking, Blue Parking, Yellow Parking, Orange Parking and Red Parking are available near the terminals.

Terminal 7 is located opposite the Orange Parking location and is accessible via shuttle services, bus, AirTrain or private vehicle. Alaska Airlines operates from this terminal at JFK airport.

Alaska Airlines Gates at JFK

Alaska Airlines operates from Gates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 located at JFK Airport Terminal 7. All arrivals and departure flights are handled from these gates. Alaska Ticket Counter is located at Zone C, Terminal 7 and is open daily from 4:30 am to 7:25 pm. The baggage Claim section can be found at Carousel 5 at JFK Terminal 7.

Passengers carrying bags, international travellers or those requiring ticket counter assistance and accessible services are required to reach JFK airport 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time. Those travelling without bags can reach the airport 1.5 hours prior to scheduled departure.

Alaska Airlines JFK Departures

All Alaska Airlines Departure flights are handled from JFK Terminal 7 (Gates 1-9). Airlines in codeshare agreements with Alaska also operate codeshare flights labelled as Alaska Airlines from Terminal 8.

In the case of any changes, you can check your flight status or contact the airline for the exact terminal and gate information.

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal Arrivals

Like Departures, all Alaska Airlines arrivals at JFK are operated from Terminal 7 (Gates 1-9). Terminal 8 is also used by the airlines flying under codeshare agreements labelled as Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines Parking at JFK

You will find five parking locations available at JFK Airport named Green Parking, Blue Parking, Yellow Parking, Orange Parking and Red Parking. Green Parking Zone can be found near Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Blue Parking Zone is opposite Terminal 4, Yellow Parking Zone is near Terminal 5, Orange Parking is opposite Terminal 7 and Red Parking Zone is opposite Terminal 8.

JFK Terminal Parking (Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK)

Since Alaska Airlines operates from Terminal 7 at JFK, you can use the Orange Parking space for quicker access. Besides, you can also choose Yellow Parking and Blue Parking spaces which are close to Terminal 7.

Economy lots, garages, and short-term and long-term parking facilities are available at JFK. Besides, you can book parking spaces online at JFK for your convenience.

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JFK Terminal 7 Alaska Lounge

You will find an Alaska Lounge at JFK Terminal 7 on the mezzanine level just above security. This premium lounge service is available daily from 5 am till 8 pm. Passengers are required to purchase a membership online via the airline’s official website to access the Alaska Lounge.

Alaska Lounge at JFK (Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK)

Amenities Offered by Alaska Lounge at JFK Terminal 7

  • Food and Snacks
  • Beverage and Cocktails
  • Luxurious Lounge stay with free access to PressReader online
  • Concierge Service
  • Soothing Alaska Hospitality
  • Productivity tools include fast Wi-Fi, easy access to outlets and much more.

Alaska Lounge Food Options

Alaska Lounge members can taste varieties of fresh and seasonal food, snacks, beverages and cocktails and satisfy their tastebuds. Furthermore, they can enjoy delicious foods, beverages and cocktails included in the morning and afternoon/evening menus.

Yogurt and GranolaHearty Soups
Steel-cut OatmealSalad
Freshley Made PancakesVeggies
Turkey and Crackers, and more.

Alaska Lounge Members can also enjoy fresh Starbucks coffee including lattes and Cappuccinos. Besides, they can also refreshen with the Teavana tea while waiting for the flight.

On the beverages and cocktails side, passengers can enjoy West Coast wines, local brews and custom-crafted cocktails. Bloody Mary is the famous cocktail available at the Alaska Lounge. Note: Beverages and Cocktails are subject to local restrictions.

JFK Terminal 7 Restaurants and Food

Since Alaska Lounge is only accessible to the members, other passengers can enjoy food, drinks and beverages at various restaurants or food courts located at JFK Terminals.

At the moment, most of the restaurants at JFK Terminal 7 are temporarily closed so, passengers need to travel nearby to Terminal 5 which features various restaurants including Aeronuova, Piquillo, 5IVESTEAK, Re: Vive Bar, The Palm Bar & Grille and New York Sports Grill.


We explored Alaska Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport in detail with a terminal map, gates information, arrivals/departures, Alaska Lounge, Parking facility and much more.

Let’s wrap up our discussion with some key points listed below.

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of the major airports serving New York City.
  • JFK features six terminals; Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 4, Terminal 5, Terminal 7 and Terminal 8.
  • Alaska Airlines operates from Terminal 7 at JFK. All flights depart and arrive from this terminal.
  • Alaska offers the Alaska Lounge facility at JFK Terminal 7.


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