Wilmington is one of the most populous cities in the United States that is part of New Hanover County in coastal southeastern North Carolina. The city features a humid subtropical climate.

The major economic activities in Wilmington are the clothing industry, food processing, paper products, nuclear fuel, pharmaceuticals, electronic industry, and much more. Among these, tourism is also a vital source of the economy due to the availability of the ocean and mesmerizing nightlife. 

Talking about transportation facilities, there are airports, interstate highways, shuttle services, trolleys, and so on. In today’s article, we will find out all the airports in Wilmington NC along with their technical information, operating airlines, destinations, flight services, and much more.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Major Airports in Wilmington NC

There are three major airports in Wilmington NC which can be used to reach the city.

Wilmington International Airport6.4 miles14 minutes
Cape Fear Regional Jetport32.3 miles 44 minutes
Albert J. Ellis Airport 56.4 miles58 minutes
Myrtle Beach International Airport83.2 miles1 hour 37 minutes
Note: The distance mentioned in the table above is taken from Google Maps considering the fastest route with the usual traffic.

With that, let’s explore more about the airports in Wilmington NC.

Wilmington International Airport (Closest Airport in Wilmington NC)

Wilmington International Airport (ICAO: KILM, IATA: ILM, FAA LID: LIM) is one of the major airports in Wilmington NC serving Wilmington city in North Carolina. The airport resides at an elevation of 32 ft (10m) AMSL.

Wilmington Int’l Airport (Airports in Wilmington NC)

ILM is just 6.4 miles away from the main Wilmington City and the estimated driving time is simply 14 minutes.

ILM Runway and Terminal Information

Wilmington International Airport is equipped with two asphalt runways; Runway 6/24 and Runway 17/35.

6/248,016 ft by 150 ft (8,016 m by 46 m)Asphalt
17/357,754 ft by 150 ft (2,363 m by 46 m)Asphalt

The airport features a single-passenger terminal with eight gates. All the facilities including the baggage claim area, baggage handling, check-in, security screening, food court, airline ticketing, and so on are available at the terminal section.

Furthermore, the airport management authority is constantly working to enhance the airport terminal and infrastructure.

Airlines and Destination

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and regional carriers including American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express operate flights to and from the Wilmington Int’l Airport to various cities in the United States.

American AirlinesDallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte
Delta Air LinesAtlanta
American EagleWashington DC, Dallas/Fort Worth, Philadelphia, New York-LaGuardia, Charlotte
Seasonal flights to Chicago-O’Hare and Boston
Delta ConnectionNew York-LaGuardia, Atlanta
United Express Newark

ILM Technical Information

AREA1,800 acres (728 ha)
RUNWAY6/24 (8,016 ft by 150 ft) – Asphalt Surface
17/35 (7,754 ft by 150 ft) – Asphalt Surface

Albert J. Ellis Airport

albert j ellis airport aviatechchannel
Albert J.Ellis Airport (Airports in Wilmington NC)

Albert J. Ellis Airport (ICAO: KOAJ, IATA: OAJ, FAA LID: OAJ) is also among the airports in Wilmington NC located in Onslow County, North Carolina. The airport situated at an elevation of 94 ft (29 m) serves the Jacksonville region in NC.

OAJ Runway and Terminal Information

The airport covers a total area of 775 acres and features one asphalt runway 5/23 with a dimension of 7,100 ft by 150 ft (2,164 m by 46 m).

Albert J. Ellis Airport is equipped with a new terminal building that offers passenger loading bridges, new concessions, additional space for new airlines, expanded passenger areas, and much more.

Airlines and Destinations

Regional Carriers including American Eagle, Delta Connection, and Xtra Airways operate flights to and from OAJ.

American EagleCharlotte
Delta ConnectionAtlanta
Xtra AirwaysCharter flights to Atlantic City

OAJ Technical Information 

ELEVATION94 ft (29 m) AMSL
AREA775 acres (314 ha)
RUNWAY5/23 (7,100 ft by 150 ft) – Asphalt Surface

Myrtle Beach International Airport

myrtle beach international airport aviatechchannel
Myrtle Beach Int’l Airport (Airports in Wilmington NC)

Myrtle Beach International Airport (ICAO: KMYR, IATA: MYR, FAA LID: MYR) is another closest international airport to Wilmington NC as it is located 83.2 miles away from the city. The airport is owned and operated by Horry County and serves the Myrtle Beach region in South Carolina.

The airport is situated at an elevation of 25 ft (8 m) AMSL and is categorized as a small-hub primary commercial aviation facility.

MYR Runway and Terminal Information

Myrtle Beach Int’l Airport is equipped with a single asphalt/concrete runway 18/36 with a dimension of 9,503 ft by 150 ft (2,897 m by 46 m).

Talking about the terminal facilities, the airport features a passenger terminal named ‘Dr. W.L. Harrelson Terminal Building’. This name is kept for Myrtle Beach’s first mayor Dr Wilford Leroy Harrelson.

Airlines and Destinations

The big airlines of the United States including Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Avelo Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Porter Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, and United Airlines connect Myrtle Beach to various other domestic destinations.

Allegiant AirAlbany, Allentown, Clarksburg, Cincinnati, Fort Wayne, Hagerstown, Huntington, Indianapolis, Lexington, Harrisburg/Hershey, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Knoxville, Newburgh/Stewart, Syracuse, Belleville, Columbus, Portsmouth
American AirlinesCharlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Washington DC
Avelo AirlinesNew Haven
Delta Air LinesMinneapolis-St. Paul, Boston, New York, Detroit, Atlanta
Frontier AirlinesMiami, Philadelphia, Islip/Long Island, Trenton, Denver, Providence, Portland, Buffalo
Porter AirlinesToronto (Canada)
Southwest AirlinesKansas City, Nashville, St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh
Spirit AirlinesAtlantic City, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Charleston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Latrobe, Baltimore, Columbus, Orlando, Hartford, Kansas City, Akron-Canton, Manchester, Miami, Niagara Fallas, Rochester, Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Houston, Louisville, St. Louis and Milwaukee
Sun Country AirlinesMinneapolis-St. Paul
United AirlinesChicago, Milwaukee, Newark, Cleveland, St. Louis, Washington DC

MYR Technical Information

AREA3,795 acres (1,536 ha)
RUNWAY18/36 (9,503 ft by 150 ft) – Asphalt/Concrete Surface

Cape Fear Regional Jetport

cafe fear regional jet port airports in wilmington nc aviatechchannel
Cape Fear Regional Jetport (Airports in Wilmington NC)

Cape Fear Regional Jetport (ICAO: KSUT, FAA LID: SUT) is a public-use airport located in Oak Island, North Carolina. It is one of the nearest airports in Wilmington NC residing at an elevation of 26 ft (8m) AMSL.

The airport covers a total area of 185 acres (75 ha) and features one concrete runway with designation 5/23. The dimension of the runway is 5,505 ft by 100 ft (1,678 m by 30 m).

Cape Fear Jetport is categorized as a general aviation airport and mostly facilitates private and recreational flights.

AREA185 acres (75 ha)
RUNWAY5/23 (5,505 ft by 150 ft) – Concrete Surface

Conclusion on Airports in Wilmington NC

Till the end of this article, we explored four airports in Wilmington NC. Wilmington International Airport is the closest airport in the city so, you can land at this airport to access the city area.

Cape Fear Regional Airport does not offer commercial service. That’s why you need to choose either Wilmington International Airport (ILM), Albert J. Ellis Airport (OAJ), or Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR). MYR is almost 83.2 miles away from the city and it can take up to 2 hours drive. 

If you prefer driving on the highway, you can go for MYR or OAJ and enjoy 2 hours drive to Wilmington NC otherwise, land at ILM to reach the city quickly.


As your journey through the major airports of Wilmington, North Carolina comes to an end, you’re undoubtedly left with a sense of wonder and excitement for the adventures that lie ahead. The unique blend of coastal charm and modern amenities in this picturesque region is mirrored in the airports that serve as your starting points and homecomings. But before you embark on your next flight, here are a few travel tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pack a Bit of Patience: While Wilmington’s airports are well-equipped to handle travelers efficiently, remember that unexpected delays can occur. Give yourself some extra time to account for any unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Weather Awareness: Coastal weather can be unpredictable. Check the weather forecast for your destination and any layovers to ensure you’re prepared for any changes in climate.
  3. Local Delights: Take advantage of your time in Wilmington by indulging in local cuisine, exploring nearby attractions, and soaking in the vibrant culture of the area. Make the most of layovers by venturing into the city or nearby areas.
  4. Stay Connected: Stay connected with airport websites and apps for real-time flight updates, gate changes, and other important information. This will help you navigate any last-minute alterations seamlessly.

FAQs on Airports in Wilmington NC

What airport do I fly into for Wilmington NC?

The nearest airport to Wilmington NC is Wilmington International Airport (ILM). Major US airlines operate commercial flights to and from this airport.

How many airports are in Wilmington NC?

There is one major international airport in Wilmington NC which is Wilmington International Airport (ILM). There are other nearby airports including Cape Fear Regional Jetport and Myrtle Beach International Airport.

What airlines operate out of Wilmington NC?

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines operate out of Wilmington NC.

What cities have direct flights to Wilmington NC?

Major Cities including Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare, and much more have direct flights to Wilmington NC.

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