How to become an American Airline Flight Attendant? (Salary, Requirements)


Are you an aviation enthusiast and want to pursue a career in this field? If yes, then there are lots of fields where you can join as an aviation professional and flight attendant is one of them.

You can apply for a flight attendant on various airlines around the world however, we will be dealing with how to become an American Airline Flight Attendant in this informative article.

Before knowing the requirements, processes, salary, and other information on becoming an American Airline Flight attendant, let us explore some basic information about the airlines.

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About American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines founded in 1930. The airline operates over 6,700 daily flights to 350 destinations in 50 countries across the globe. American Eagle, Envoy Air, Piedmont Airlines, and PSA Airlines work with American Airlines under a codeshare and service agreement. With that, more than 3,400 daily flights are operated to almost 240 destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

American Airlines has its headquarter in Fort Worth, Texas and it is also the founder of the world’s third-largest airline alliance known as the Oneworld Alliance. The airline is also among the world’s largest in terms of schedule passenger carried, fleet size and revenue passenger mile.

The airline operates 891 aircraft manufactured by the Boeing and Airbus company. The famous Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 series aircraft cover almost 80 per cent of the airline’s fleet.


American Airlines Hub Airport includes:

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Miami International Airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport

LaGuardia Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Explore the Top 16 busiest airports in the United States

We have discovered some basic information on American Airlines. Now, let’s find out how to become an American Airline Flight Attendant.

How to become an American Airline Flight Attendant?

It is one of the prestigious opportunities to work as an American Airline Flight Attendant. You require educational qualification, physical demands, product knowledge and much more to enrol as an active flight attendant.

You must be wondering about the requirements, processes, salary, work schedule, and every information regarding flight attendant jobs at American Airlines. Don’t worry as we got you covered with all the information in this article so, stay till the end.

Basic Requirements to apply for American Airline Flight Attendant

  • Must possess High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • College-level education or 2 years of customer service experience is preferred
  • Applicants must be able to dispatch emergency orders, and make announcements
  • Communication in the English language is a must
  • Age must be minimum of 20 years
  • Valid United States or Foreign Passport is mandatory with applicable VISAs
  • Applicants must hold the legal right to travel unrestricted to/from all states and countries wher American Airlines operates
  • Travel documents must be valid throughout the training and employment period
  • Must obtain legal rights to work in the United States
  • Applicants must be able to attend 6.5 weeks of unpaid training in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas
  • If selected, applicants must be able to be on call and available to report for duty in the assigned flight attendant base

Physical Requirement

  • Applicants must be able to perform physical activities that include pulling, reaching, pushing, walking, bending, and lifting
  • Standing and Speaking for longer periods
  • Applicants must be aware of the noisy and hazardous situations during airport ramp operations
  • Applicants must be able to bear extensive travel and spend consecutive nights away from home and endure all climates
  • Must be able to push or pull heavy moveable carts
  • Must be able to lift things like galley stowage bins and carry-on baggage

Skills and Working Conditions

  • Applicants must be skilled in problem-solving, complaint resolution, conflict de-escalation, and handling difficult situations
  • Profound communication and interpersonal skills along with friendly reception to every customer are required
  • Applicants must be able to represent the American Airlines brand in the airline’s uniform in a professional manner
  • Must cope up with varying work schedules that include evenings and weekends
  • Must work in different climates and locations around the world
  • Must be able to work variable shifts in varying time zones

All applicants must be willing to work from any of the American Airlines bases mentioned below.

  • Boston Logan International Airport-BOS (Boston, MA)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport-ORD (Chicago, IL)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport-DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)
  • Los Angeles International Airport-LAX (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Miami International Airport-MIA (Miami, FL)
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport-CLT (Charlotte, NC)
  • San Francisco International Airport-SFO (San Francisco, CA)
  • John F Kennedy International Airport-JFK/LGA (New York City, NY)
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport-DCA (Washington, DC)
  • Philadelphia International Airport-PHL (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport-PHX (Phoenix, AZ)

American Airlines also offers opportunities for Flight Attendant jobs with designated language. For instance, if you have Dutch, Hebrew, Hindi, and Greek language skills along with the English language then, you have a plus point.

If you get selected for a designated language then you get some benefits that include:

  • Premium Pay
  • Opportunity to travel more frequently to destinations where your second language is spoken

At present, American Airlines is hiring flight attendant trainees in following designated language requirements.

  • Dutch and English Bilingual
  • Hebrew and English Bilingual
  • Hindi and English Bilingual
  • Greek and English Bilingual

Processes to apply for an American Airline Flight Attendant Job

  • You need to find the vacancy for the American Airline Flight Attendant job on the official website
  • If there is availability, apply for the position and complete the online assessment conducted by the airlines
  • After completing the application review and online assessment, the HR department will email you with a link to participate in a virtual group interview. This is the first formal interview you will be attending to become an American Airline Flight Attendant.
  • If you manage to pass the virtual group interview, you will be invited to meet the airline’s team and join in the world-class training facility for an in-person interview
  • Passing the in-person interview provides you with the opportunity to join Flight Attendant training
  • American Airlines Flight Training division will conduct 6 weeks course where you will join a fast-paced classroom, online and hands-on training. This training period is unpaid however, you will receive food and lodging facility.
  • You need to show strong enthusiasm and pass the tests during the training phase. If selected, you will be ready to embark on your journey as an American Airline Flight Attendant.

American Airline Flight Attendant Work Schedule

After being selected as an American Airline Flight Attendant and successfully completing the initial flight attendant training, you will be deployed on straight reserve for twelve months.

Talking about the average workday, a flight attendant at American Airlines can be scheduled on duty for up to eighteen hours depending upon domestic or international flights.

American Airline Flight Attendant Salary

As per the airline policy, a new or a first-year Flight Attendant’s average base salary is US$27,000 which makes it $2,250 every month. Also, you will get the possibility to earn more depending upon the individual performance and desire to work additional trips.

American Airlines claims the salary provided is the highest for fresher Flight Attendants in the aviation industry.

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American Airline Flight Attendant Job Benefit

Besides attractive salary, American Airline Flight Attendant get various benefits including:

Travel Perks-Offers privileges for flight attendant, their family and friends across the American global network

Health Benefits-You will get medical service, prescription, dental, vision, and much more.

401(k) Program-Assists you in starting saving for your future

American Airline Flight Attendant Basic Information

  • After passing all the tests and receiving the conditional job offer, flight attendants need to undergo pre-employment clearance to confirm the initial flight training date.
  • Flight Attendant is an entry-level position at American Airlines so, you will have an opportunity for career growth both personally and professionally.
  • Flight Attendants can submit a base transfer request after the graduation date depending upon the vacancies available at their preferred base. As per the airline policy, transfers are provided according to seniority.


How much do AA flight attendants make?

American Airlines Flight Attendants make $27,000 per year that makes $2,250 every month. This is just the base salary and flight attendants can make more depending upon the individual desire to work additional trips.

Does American Airlines pay for training?

American Airlines initial flight training is unpaid however, you will get lodging and food for free.

Is American Airlines good for flight attendants?

Yes, American Airlines is good for flight attendants because it provides attractive salaries, benefits like travel perks, health services, saving assistance, and much more.

Is American Airlines flight attendant training hard?

If you are enthusiastic and laborious, flight attendant training is not that difficult. Though the training features complex topics and study methods, you will get through if you have a strong desire.


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